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2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike Review Specs Price

I’d like to begin with the extraordinary capabilities of the 2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike. The Africa Twin Adventure Sports has a six-speed DCT, a new and better shorter screen, Showa EERATM suspension options, a large fuel tank, and vibrant Cracked Terrain color options that pay homage to the original Africa Twin. It is the ideal bike for lengthy rides.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike

Since more than three decades have passed, and the first Honda XRV650 Africa Twin motorcycle arrived in Europe. Still, the CRF1000L Africa Twin, the motorcycle that now bears the moniker, has fully absorbed the spirit and soul of what made the original so popular.

In 2022, the Africa Twin had yet another significant change when a 1084cc engine with a higher displacement and longer stroke was introduced. An increased focus on off-road functionality and a more aggressive, compact rally design characterize the reimagined CRF1100L Africa Twin. Modern Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERATM) suspension was chosen for the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports to boost touring comfort, technology, and capability.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike – Features and Specs

Styling & Equipment

Long-distance riders will like the Africa Twin Adventure Sports’ spacious front fairing and the 5-position adjustable windscreen, which are shorter by 110 millimeters for 2022. They share the same 850-870mm seat height as the Africa Twin, and the 1182mm handlebars provide an upright, high-visibility riding posture and easy control in any position.

The vehicle’s seat and rear end are so thin that they can easily reach the ground and move quickly back and forth. The 24.8-liter gasoline tank and the fuel economy of 4.9 liters per hundred kilometers (20.4 kilometers per liter) for the manual transmission and 4.8 liters per hundred kilometers (20.8 kilometers per liter) for the automatic transmission allow for a potential range of almost 500 kilometers (WMTC mode). A large aluminum engine sump guard and a rear carrier are included in the standard.

The high-mounted twin LED headlights provide a penetrating beam in all conditions, and the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) automatically adjust to the illumination level. The CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports’ cornering lights have three settings and adapt the illuminated area based on the vehicle’s speed and lean angle (regulated by the IMU).

Large Knuckle Guards are Standard

Each of the Africa Twin’s riding modes can be accessed from the top left of the bike’s 6.5-inch TFT touchscreen full-color Multi-Information Display (MID), putting the rider in complete control at all times. The MID may be used with gloves and provides varying degrees of detail depending on the mode of riding chosen.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike

It also cares Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for compatible touchscreen smartphones. A Bluetooth headset installed in a helmet may be used to make and receive calls, as well as display and use navigation apps. The smartphone is hooked into a USB charging port on the right side of the MID. All inputs are made via the left-hand switchgear, and there is also a Bluetooth wireless connection for hands-free use.

Both the front and rear lights are equipped with an emergency stop button. When slowing to less than 30 mph (50 km/h), the hazard lights will illuminate to warn oncoming traffic of an emergency stop. The indicators include an automatic shutoff function that, instead of a simple timer, calculates when it is appropriate to turn off the lights based on the relative speeds of the vehicle’s front and back wheels. The auto-cancellation feature may be turned off by using the MID. The convenience of built-in cruise control is especially appreciated on long highway trips.


The 20YM improvement boosted displacement from 998 to 1,084 cc while maintaining the core concept of the SOHC 8-valve parallel-twin engine. Consequently, the peak torque improved from 99Nm to 105Nm at 6,250 rpm, and the peak power increased from 70kW to 75kW at 7,500 rpm. Visible increases in both power and torque were there from around 2,500 rpm all the way to redline.

The compression ratio was raised to 10.1:1, while the bore remained at 92 mm in size, resulting in a stroke lengthening from 75.1 mm to 81.5 mm. Aluminum cylinder sleeves were more lightweight. When compared to the old 998cc power unit, the 1084cc engine saves 2.5 kg in both the manual and DCT transmission versions. The cylinder head was completely redesigned, and new 46mm throttle bodies were also installed. Bore and cylinder pitch adjustments were made to provide a smooth air intake profile. The ECU setting was modified to transmit a more direct spray into redesigned twin-spark combustion chambers.

When developing the 20YM, we reduced the diameter of the clutch and relaxed the spring tension to make the lever seem lighter. The “assist” cams in the clutch’s aluminum pressure plate and center help with upshifts, while “slipper” cams help with downshifting and braking. The six-speed manual transmission has the same shift-cam design as the CRF450R to provide smooth shifts. By adjusting the Quick shifter’s settings for 2022, gear changes in the lower ratios will be even more seamless.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike


The secret to the Africa Twin Adventure Sports’ superior on- and off-road performance is a Bosch MM7.10 six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) buried in the machine’s center, which measures roll angle/rate, pitch angle/rate, and yaw angle/rate in real-time. It has Rear Lift Control, which prevents the vehicle from lifting its rear wheels; Cornering ABS, which adjusts the grip of the front brakes; and Wheelie Control, which prevents the front wheels from lifting. It regulates rear-wheel traction through Torque-Balanced-Wheels and Hill-Start Traction Control.

For the 2020 update, Honda’s development experts reevaluated the vehicle’s strength and stiffness balance of the steel semi-double cradle frame in conjunction with the addition of IMU control, improving its general on-road and off-road characteristics. To boost stiffness around the steering head and enhance the feel of the front-end grip, the front cross pipe was removed, and the main spars were made slimmer and straighter. The original design’s steel structure was entirely swapped out for a bolt-on aluminum subframe, narrowing the vehicle by 40 mm to a more practical 195 mm. It is mainly due to the CRF450R’s aluminum swing arm, which has enhanced rigidity to improve rear-wheel traction and rider feel while reducing weight.

You can tailor the Africa Twin Adventure Sports’ front and rear damping force and spring preload to your load and riding conditions with the optional Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment TM (Showa EERATM). Showa EERATM adjusts the damping force following the selected riding mode, providing high-quality suspension responsiveness in many circumstances, including riding comfort at lower speeds and stability at higher ones.

For data, we use stroke sensors and an IMU (inertial measurement unit) (IMU). The three categories of roadways are as follows: Since a low damping force is necessary for a mild reaction, SOFT is the least resilient. HARD, on the other hand, is designed for more spirited riding thanks to its highest dampening force throughout a wide range of low-to-high stroke speeds.

The Africa Twin Adventure Sports may also be equipped with the standard Showa suspension. Long-travel bump absorption is provided by the 45mm cartridge-type inverted front fork with a 230mm stroke length, and improved performance is achieved by revised internal settings. Each of the two types of damping—rebound and compression—is independently adjustable. An all-new cast aluminum top and forged bottom yoke, together with a hollow aluminum stem shaft, hold the fork legs in place.

To maintain consistent damping adjustment when riding through rough terrain, the Showa rear shock includes a 46mm cylinder and a remote reservoir, giving it 220mm of axle travel to match the front suspension. Spring preload, rebound, and compression damping are utterly adjustable through a dial on the shock body.

600MPa high-strength steel is used for the inner plates of the swing arm’s pivot points, and the top cross tube linking them also acts as the upper mount for the rear shock (through a pillow-ball joint), which together improve the impression of traction at the back.

The rate of front and rear tire slide, as well as the lean angle, are all factors that the IMU considers when adjusting the braking force used by the anti-lock brake system. The braking power is carefully modulated to maintain stability if the system detects an unexpected rear-wheel lift. When driving off-road, it is possible to turn off the rear ABS brakes temporarily.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike

The vehicle has a rake and trail angle of 27.5 degrees and 113 millimeters and a ground clearance of 250 millimeters. Both the dry and wet weights of DCT are 248 kg. Showa EERATM models with Manual or DCT transmission have an extra 2 kg weight.

2022 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type SOHC liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve parallel twin including 270-degree crank & Uni-cam
Displacement 1084 cc
Bore & Stroke 92 mm x 81.5 mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Maximum Power Output 75kW at 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque 105Nm at 6250 rpm
Oil Capacity 4.8/4.3 (5.2/4.7DCT)

Fuel System

Carburation PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 24.8L
CO2 Emissions 112g/km MT
110g/km DCT
Fuel Consumption 4.9L/100km (20.4km/L) MT
4.8L/100km (20.8km/L) DCT

Electrical System

Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V-6Ah Li-ion battery (20hr)
ACG Output 0.49kW/5000rpm


Clutch Type Wet, multi-plate including coil springs, aluminum cam assist & slipper clutch
DCT – 2 wet multi-plate clutches with coil springs
Transmission Type 6-speed manual (6-speed DCT)


Type Semi-double cradle


Dimensions (L´W´H) 2330mm x 960mm x 1490mm
Wheelbase 1575mm
Caster Angle 27.5-degree
Trail 113 mm
Seat Height 850/870 mm
Ground Clearance 250 mm
Curb Weight 238kg (DCT 248kg)
With Showa EERATM 240kg MT (DCT 250kg)


Type Front Showa 45mm cartridge-type inverted telescopic fork including dial-style preload adjuster and damping adjustment, 230 mm of stroke
EERATM – Showa Telescopic inverted fork including an inner tube diameter of about 45 mm, and Showa EERATM including compression and rebound damping adjustments, 230 mm of stroke
Type Rear Monoblock aluminum swing arm Pro-Link including Showa gas-charged damper, hydraulic dial-style preload adjuster & rebound damping adjustments, 220 mm of rear wheel travel.
EERATM – Monoblock aluminum swing arm with Pro-Link with Showa gas-charged damper, hydraulic remote control preload adjuster and electric control unit with compression and rebound damping adjustments, 220 mm of rear wheel travel


Type Front 21M/C x MT2.15 wire spoke with aluminum rim
Type Rear 18M/C x MT4.00 wire spoke with aluminum rim
Rim Size Front 21″
Rim Size Rear 18″
Tires Front 90/90-21M/C 54H (tubeless type)
Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross Tourer AX41T, Metzler Karoo Street
Tires Rear 150/70R18M/C 70H (tubeless type)
Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross Tourer AX41T, Metzler Karoo Street


ABS Type Two channels with IMU
Selectable ABS MODE with on-road and off-road settings
Type Front 310 mm of dual wave floating hydraulic disc including aluminum hub and radial fit 4-piston calipers & sintered metal pads
Type Rear 256 mm of wave hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper and sintered metal pads. 2-Channel with rear ABS off mode.

Instruments & Electrics

Instruments LCD Meter, TFT 6.5inch touch panel multi-information display
Security System Immobiliser, security alarm (optional)
Headlight All-new LED
Taillight All-new LED
Electrics Daytime running lights, Bluetooth audio and Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto, USB socket, cruise control, auto turn signal cancel, emergency stop signal, IMU, HSTC, cornering lights, wheelie control

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