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2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

For MY22, Honda is introducing a revised version of the CB300R, one of its naked sports motorcycles. The new generation is surprisingly high-tech for a bike aimed at beginners; it comes standard with lean-sensitive ABS protection, has updated Showa handlebars, and utilizes a slipper-type clutch to provide additional rear contact patch security. The fresh color and decals on this tiny CB are courtesy of Honda’s BNG division.

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs


The CB300R is propelled by a liquid-cooled thumper engine with a mediocre compression ratio of 10.7-to-1, an average capacity of 286 ccs (76 mm diameter x 63 mm stroke), and a weight of 165 pounds. A 38 mm throttle body controls airflow into the power plant, and the tailored straight-through intake path reduces the volumetric efficiency-reducing loss of intake velocity due to friction.

A pair of overhead cams time the four valves in the head, and they are operated by rolling rocker arms that are adjusted for play using shims. As for the bottom end, a counter-balancer dampens some of the mill’s vibrations to provide for relatively seamless power delivery; still, this is a one-lunger, so keep that in mind.

The power is transmitted through a novel slipper-type clutch that cushions the back contact area and is accessible on the handle. The ultimate motor is a robust chain connected to a six-speed gearing.

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle

At 8,500 rpm, the horsepower maxes out at 30.7, while at 7,500 rpm, the torque maxes out at 20.2 lb.-ft. The CB300R can reach a maximum speed of roughly 100 mph when in top gear and has the highest end-drive ratio. The plant employs low-friction parts to safeguard this production, which may also positively affect the gasoline economy in the long term.


The CB300R, a middle-tier offering from Honda, shares this layout. To differentiate itself from the conventional/naked-sport style, it incorporates café-fantastic elements with a contemporary spin.

A curved spoiler-style front mudguard directs airflow and stops it from rushing into the inner elbow tube. The cyclops headlamp essentially connects to the past while also providing excellent vision in both directions thanks to the strength of its LED projection. When the LCD gauge display is integrated into the tip of the headlamp, the front fascia maintains a compact silhouette. Hanging bar-end mirrors rather than those standoffs would be preferable for tidiness’s sake, but at least the mirrors aren’t too tall.

Mounted safely above the can, the LED front turn signs are out of harm’s way. That seems like a crucial addition to a bike that novice riders will likely use. If you accidentally leave your blinkers at Neo-Sports Café, you won’t destroy the establishment in the parking lot or at a halt.

The 2.7-gallon gasoline tank has a narrow connection with the frame and the saddle, and its robust flange form allows for body English. In addition to the low 31.5-inch saddle height, this bike is a good fit for users with shorter limbs.

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle

Want to have a buddy along for the ride? Pillion pads, grip bars, and foldable foot pegs are standard equipment on all Honda motorcycles. Everything else in the back attaches to the fender except for a tiny LED taillight that sits at the very point of the tail. The back tire spews control is finished off by a hugger mounted on the swing arm.

Steel pressed-plate frameworks and tube sections support the CB300R’s redesigned foundation. The engine is a strained unit component and part of the framework and swing arm hinge hubs.

It has strong fore and aft stiffness and is calibrated for the proper horizontal flexibility for excellent turning input and behavior. The cornering-optimized, designed swing arm is a yoke-style assembly of pressed steel sheathing.

Although seemingly insignificant, this item is a “training cycle” for cyclists preparing to graduate to more powerful bikes. Getting familiar with swing arm bend is a good idea for new motorcyclists because it will become more crucial to them in the future.

With a slope angle of 24.7 degrees and 3.7 inches of trail, the turning head and triple tree place the vehicle firmly in maneuverability despite its relatively short length of 53.3 inches. Because of its light 317-pound damp weight and 49.6 percent front/50.4 percent back balance, it is very anxious and elegant in the bends. It’s ideal for all you budding peg draggers.

The brand-new USD Showa forks have a robust 41 mm inner fork frame and a comfortable 5.1 inches of suspension travel, and they also feature the SFF-BP upgrades. The back end is handled by a Pro-Link mono-shock setup with a 4.2-inch length to absorb impact, but the only suspension adjustment is the standard spring-preload knob. Nevertheless, the shock’s gradual reaction to shocks ensures a more comfortable journey than everyday gear.

Since this is a relatively lightweight bicycle, a single front brake is all that is needed for safe stopping. In the show, a Nissin four-bore anchor grips a 296 mm disc, and in the rear, a single-pot binder and 220 mm disc do the job. Mixed ABS, unusual at this size, provides overlapping braking for heightened steadiness. Even though this is ideal for a beginner, I still think it’s essential to gain experience on a standard bicycle before venturing out on the road.

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle – Price

The Retail base price of a 2022 Honda CB300R is $4,949. Even though the manufacturer is bragging about their brand-new paint, it appears that the only hue offered in the United States for the current model year is Dull Pearl Blue. Prices for a used Honda CB300R are similar to those of the discontinued CB300F.

CB300R Honda vs Yamaha MT-03

While the Tuning Fork Company’s cars are more blacked-out than the Honda’s, their bright blue rims detract from the otherwise stealthy appearance. Yamaha’s minimal exterior consists of a belly pan and air inlet vents that double as shoulders up front, and this is done for reasons other than aesthetics. That brings the total weight to a staggering 373 pounds when saturated, significantly heavier than the featherweight CB-R.

There is a uniformity in the use of LED illumination and the cyclops headlamp, but the 37 mm inner-tube diameter of the Yamaha’s front frames makes it feel slightly flimsy. The use of anti-lock brake systems (ABS) is also widespread, but Yamaha falls short by not matching the Combined Brake capabilities of the Red Rider platform.

Yamaha makes up the difference with a 321 cc capacity, which the manufacturer turns into a clear power edge with 41 horsepower and 21.8 pound-feet of torque compared to Honda’s 30.7 horsepower and 20.2 pound-feet of torque. The MT-03 doesn’t have a sliding clutch like some other models. Even though new motorcyclists must master the art of the traditional grip, it’s equally important to ensure they can keep their first bike upright and filthy for as long as possible.

With a price tag of $4,799, Yamaha has released its “Dark Side” engine. As a result, the CB300R’s lower engine capacity remains under constant market pressure.

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type Liquid-cooled, single cylinder
Displacement 286 cc
Bore & Stroke 76.0 mm x 63.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Valve Train Chain-driven DOHC, four valves per cylinder
Fuel Delivery PGM-FI electronic fuel injection including 38 mm throttle body
Transmission Six-speed
Final Drive #520 O-ring-sealed chain (14T/36T)

Chassis & Suspension

Front Suspension 41 mm telescopic fork; 118 mm (4.6 in.) travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® single shock with 7-stage spring preload adjustment; 132 mm (5.2 in.) travel
Tires Front: 110/70-17 Rear: 150/60-17
Brakes Front: 296 mm disc with radial-mount 4-piston caliper
Rear: 220 mm disc with single-piston caliper
ABS: 2-channel ABS with IMU

2022 CB300R Honda Sports Motorcycle


Seat Height 800 mm (31.5 in.)
Wheelbase 1,351 mm (53.2 in.)
Curb Weight 143 kg (315 lb.), including required fluids and full tank of gas–ready to ride
Fuel Capacity 9.8 liters
Color Black


Warranty 12 months, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty; extended coverage available with Honda Plus

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