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2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike Review Specs Price

The 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike is a bare-bones European motorcycle with the recognizable boxer-style motor that BMW is known for. A cast aluminum single-sided swingarm gets 105 lb-ft of torque from the 1254cc engine. To keep everything under control, dual 320mm Brembo front brakes with BMW Motorrad Integral ABS are available. With BMW Motorrad connectivity, a stylish 6.5” TFT screen connects seamlessly to your phone and provides access to riding modes, navigation, and sand media.

With the option 719 package, the 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike joins the ranks of other 2022 models. It’s all about factory customization, from unique paint to machined pieces to forged wheels.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike – Features and Price

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike

Boxer Engine

The redesigned engine of 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike produces more power, with a maximum torque of 136 horsepower. All the while, enjoy the effortless rush of the ride and the distinctive punch of a boxer engine.

ShiftCam Model

The new Boxer engine’s variable camshaft control, which ensures better performance, smoother operation, and efficiency, is evident inside.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tank covers and radiator covers can be used to create a stunning and high-quality accent of 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike. As an optional extra, a stainless steel engine spoiler is offered.

High-Resolution TFT Color Display

Bluetooth connects your smartphone to your 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike. The 6.5-inch TFT display provides information about your bike and additional capabilities such as navigation, music and phone when used with a smartphone app.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike

Style Exclusive

Premium materials and surfaces are featured in an exclusive style package with expressive Mineral Gray metallic paint. High-quality hardware components and golden brake calipers complete the fashionable look.

Ride Modes Pro

Hill Start Control Pro with automatic brake activation on inclines and Dynamic Brake Assistant are now included in Ride Modes Pro (DBC).

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike – Ride Review

All five of BMW’s boxer motorcycle models, powered by liquid-cooled flat-opposed twins, were redesigned for the 2019 model year in response to stiff competition and the implementation of stricter Euro 5 emissions, noise and durability standards in 2020.

The DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder boxers had their displacement increased from 1,170cc to 1,254cc with a larger bore and longer stroke. They also got a variant of Variable Valve Timing (VVT) that boosts power, widens the powerband, improves fuel efficiency, and lowers emissions while lowering the required fuel AKI from 89 to 87.

The 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike and 2022 BMW R 1250 RS have recently been released as 2022 models, even though all five liquid-cooled boxers were updated. VVT is more prevalent in the automobile industry because of cost and space constraints on motorcycles. Still, it has recently been implemented in a small number of Japanese and Italian motorcycle models to allow more intake valve openings or higher engine speeds. But intake valve lift and duration can be increased.

With its unique ability to slide or “shift” the boxer engine’s intake cams to engage part- or full-load cam lobes at low speeds or under specific loads at 5,000 rpm, BMW’s Shift Cam VVT is a unique innovation. The noticeable improvement in smooth grunt at low rpm and more power at the top comes from the transition, which happens in milliseconds and thus goes undetected.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike

Like the 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike’s engine here, the Shift cam R 1250 we last tested in 2019 produced 121.5 horsepower at 7,800 rpm and 92.5 lb-ft of torque at 6,600, up nearly 14 percent on both counts. There is a significant increase. The R 1200 engine we last ran on the Jett Tuning dyno.

The R 1250 R is a comfortable long-distance companion due to its reasonable seat height and comfortable seating, while the windshield will come in handy at more sustained speeds.

The R 1250 R is the lightest of the five R 1250 variants (a reported 527 pounds wet for the standard model, or 545 pounds added with extras like our test bike for $4,645), but the Shift Cam engine’s increased output And the wider powerband significantly improves the enjoyment factor of the bike.

From perfect idle, acceleration is sharp, power builds steadily and is easy to control at low speeds in any gear or riding style. The urge starts to feel urgent once the revs break at 5,250 rpm, and it continues until the engine explodes near its 9,000 rpm redline. Solid and efficient mids or screaming top-end power is never outdone by downshifts, whether two-up touring or solo sport riding.

At 5,000 rpm or so, the shift cam works without any discernible flat spots or surges. Instead, there’s plenty of smooth torque and a terrific exhaust note that can range from a kitten to a racing twin. The engine’s high revs cause some vibration to enter the clutch, but this is a low-frequency, twin-cylinder type that isn’t bothersome, especially since you’ll need to shift quickly.

The 1,254cc opposed twins shift cam VVT technology reduces emissions, improves fuel efficiency, widens the powerband, and cooks cookies. Ah, I was just inspecting to see if you’re listening.

Our R 1250 R tester included the $2,950 Select Package, which provides hardware options including a center stand, heated grips, TPMS, keyless ride, cruise control, saddlebag mounts, GPS setup, and a unique chrome exhaust.

Option 719 seat and color included. A quick-shifter that shifts smoothly and quickly between most ratios, except first and second, where shifts are quick enough to be made without using the clutch lever, is also included.

It’s called Gear Shift Assist Pro. BMW’s Paralever shaft transfers final drive power to the rear, reducing maintenance requirements and saving the rear suspension from throttle adjustments.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike

With my weight on board, it’s not hard to find footpeg feelers, but the R 1250 R handles curve surprisingly well. The main reason to admire BMW’s biggest roadster is its uncomplicated adaptability.

The 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike has a medium seat height that can be lowered further with the low seat option. Its seating position is sporty yet comfortable for long rides, with just the right amount of forwarding lean to counter the wind. Its slightly wider handlebars and sport-standard running gear make it suitable for almost any type of riding, from commuting to sport riding (with the addition of a windscreen and saddlebag).

Premium MetzelerRoadtec Z8 17-inch radial tires on our test bike increase agility and improve traction. The bike responds quickly and neutrally to all steering inputs.

The fact that the car has potent triple-disc brakes, USD front suspension, and single-shock rear suspension helps a lot (even on the base bike, in our experience, with a single fork and adjustable spring preload and rebound damping). Only in the rear.)

$250 can be spent on Option 719, a black/dark brown seat.

ASC, or essential traction control, integral ABS (connected ABS brake), and hill start control are all included as standard equipment. Hill Start Control stops the bike for you at a stop to make starting easier. ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control, which work both in lean corners and on straights, are software upgrades in the Select Package.

Additionally, Select includes Ride Modes Pro, which provides automatic Hill Start Control Pro, Dynamic Brake Control, which prevents throttle application when rear braking, and Dynamic and Dynamic Pro riding modes.

The 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike’s appearance is a stylish blend of vintage BMW and contemporary bare-bones sport touring vehicles, and it drives just as well as it looks. Suffice it to say that I’ve tested most of this equipment, and it all works admirably, especially ABS Pro, which prevents the bike from stalling while braking hard in turns.

Puts Electronic Suspension Adjustment, or Dynamic ESA, which BMW has simplified on 2020 Boxer models to select a road or dynamic damping settings that can be changed on the fly, and auto, max or min rear. Preload, which must be changed at the stop. The best feature of the Select package.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike

Of course, many riders choose the sexier, more comprehensive GS, RS, and RT models over the 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike.

However, even without using the bells and whistles of the Select package (if you can find a bike without it), the 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike can be a more straightforward, better option for many riders who don’t need the extra weight and complexity in their lives. Is. Not many of us, are we?

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike – Price

The new 2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Motorcycle is available for $14,995 only.

2022 BMW R1250R Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid-cooled, longitudinal flat opposed twin
Displacement 1,254cc
Bore x Stroke 102.5 x 76.0mm
Compression Ratio 12.5:1
Valve Train DOHC w/ VVT, four valves per cyl.
Valve Adj. Interval 6,000 miles
Fuel Delivery BMS-X EFI
Lubrication System Wet sump, 4.2 qt. Cap.


Gear Box 6-speed, hydraulically actuated wet clutch
Final Drive Shaft, 2.75:1


Ignition Digital electronic
Charging Output 508 watts max
Battery 12V 12AH

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike


Frame Tubular-steel bridge frame w/ engine as stressed member & Paralever cast aluminum single-sided swingarm
Wheelbase 59.6 in.
Rake/Trail 27.7 degrees/4.9 in.
Seat Height 32.3 in.
Suspension, Front USD 45mm fork w/ Dynamic ESA & 5.5-in. travel
Rear Single shock w/ Dynamic ESA & 5.5-in. travel
Brakes, Front Dual discs w/ 320mm floating rotors, opposed 4-piston calipers & Integral ABS
Rear Single disc w/ 276mm rotor, 2-piston floating caliper & ABS
Wheel, Front Cast, 3.5 x 17 in.
Wheel, Rear Cast, 5.5 x 17 in.
Tire, Front 120/70-ZR17
Tire, Rear 180/55-ZR17

Dimension and Weight

Wet Weight 545 lbs. (as tested)
Load Capacity 469 lbs. (as tested)
GVWR 1,014 lbs.

2022 BMW R 1250 R Sports Bike


Fuel Capacity 4.8 gals., last 1.0 gal. Warning light on
MPG 87 AKI Min (avg) 42.0
Estimated Range 202 miles
Indicated RPM at 60 MPH 3,250

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