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2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The new 2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle is among those motorcycles that people love. This high-performance bobber blends old-school spirit and contemporary design with a torquey V Twin engine.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle – Features and Price

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle

Top Features

The Bolt® R-Spec is the epitome of the “Urban Performance Bobber” appearance, with little chrome. The 58 cubic inches (942cc), air-cooled, 60° V-twin engine is boldly displayed in the bike’s small frame. The Bolt R-Spec uses Yamaha technology to provide a riding experience that is better than that of other bikes of comparable size. This bike’s fuel injection and ignition timing maps were designed to deliver class-leading performance with powerful low- and mid-range torque that will put a grin on every rider’s face.

The motorcycle’s nimble agility and steady handling are aided by its compact body and low seat configuration. The upright riding position helps the rider to feel the wind, hear the noises, and feel the machine’s pulse. The owner’s creativity only limits the Bolt R-choices specs for riders who appreciate customization. Bolt R-Spec is the most excellent illustration of modification as the ideal canvas for personalization. The Sport Heritage range is distinguished by the 3.4-gallon gasoline tank, belt drive, front and rear wheels, digital meter, and steel fenders.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle


The air-cooled SOHC 60° V-twin engine with four valves per cylinder, a pent-roof-shaped combustion chamber, and a 9.0:1 compression ratio measures 58 cubic inches (942cc). The engine is built to produce a lot of power and has a lot of low-end torque. To reduce friction loss to a minimum, improve longevity, and assist the engine in attaining optimum performance characteristics, unique roller-type rocker arms with needle bearings are utilized.

For more efficient combustion and optimum power, the combustion chamber’s pent-roof design was carefully developed to guide the fuel/air charge to the core of the piston. Ceramic-composite coated cylinders have a high heat dissipation rate and use less oil. The lightweight, high-strength, compact design of high-quality forged aluminum pistons leads to decreased vibration and improved longevity. On the Bolt R-Spec, a sophisticated twin-bore fuel injection system is utilized to provide maximum urban riding pleasure and powerful acceleration. In the mid-and low-speed ranges, 3D maps for ignition timing and fuel injection provide excellent acceleration.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle

The stainless steel air cleaner cover has a “raw metal” appearance that complements the Bolt R-unique Spec’s design. Furthermore, the air cleaner’s design improves intake efficiency and torque characteristics. The machine’s dynamic performance and appearance are aided by a 2-into-1 exhaust pipe arrangement on the right side of the engine. The throaty and pleasant exhaust sound comes from the minimalist-style exhaust system.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle


Because the engine is connected to the frame using a robust mount system that offers accurate handling, a double-cradle structure improves city riding pleasure. The low-set seat is just 27.2 inches from the ground, allowing most riders to comfortably place both feet on the road at a stop while still enjoying the excellent riding posture provided by the seat.

The short 61.8-inch wheelbase of the Bolt R-Spec adds to the bike’s excellent handling, allowing for accurate, tight bends in city riding as well as solid handling on the broad road. The front 41mm fork tubes give outstanding suspension performance. At the same time, the dual rear shocks, which use piggyback type gas chambers, have been adjusted to provide good comfort and handling while also contributing to the machine’s compact profile. The drive belt, just 21mm broad, adds to the rear end’s tight and clean appearance. The carbon-fiber core of the strap provides strength and durability for long-term use.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle

Cast alloy wheels with 12 spokes are utilized to offer strength and hardness. Bridgestone® tubeless front and rear tires in sizes 100/90-19 and 150/80-16 assist in providing outstanding road grip. Wave rotors are used on both the 298mm front disc brake and the 298mm rear disc brake, often seen on sportbikes. A floating mount is used on the front brake, contributing to an excellent braking performance by reducing heat distortion. The 3.4-gallon gasoline tank is designed in a classic teardrop form, with a thin profile that features flattened top and side surfaces, as well as a flangeless construction for even cleaner lines that complement the Bolt R-appearance.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle

Additional Features

The LED rear taillight is stylish and contributes to the bobber’s contemporary charm. This compact digital LCD meter component provides a clean design and great visibility. Steel front and rear fenders are excellent for paint and customization. The solo rider saddle complements the superficial appearance of the bobber while still offering support on extended rides.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle – Price

The new 2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle is available at $8,499 in Raven color option.

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 58-cubic-inch (942cc) air-cooled SOHC V-twin; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke 85mm x 83mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel injection
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission 5-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Belt

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle Specs


Front Suspension Telescopic fork, 4.7-in travel
Rear Suspension Dual piggyback shocks, 2.8-in travel
Front Brakes Hydraulic single disc, 298mm
Rear Brakes Hydraulic single disc, 298mm
Front Tires 100/90-19
Rear Tires 150/80-16

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle Specs


L x W x H 90.2 inches x 37.2 inches x 44.1 inches
Seat Height 27.2 inches
Wheelbase 61.8 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 29-degree
Trail 5.1 inches
Ground Clearance 5.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gallons
Fuel Economy 51 mpg
Wet Weight 542 lb

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle


The new 2021 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Naked Motorcycle is the best and most impressive motorcycle with a mighty engine. The motorcycle has got a high-performing engine that is supported by a lightweight but attractive and robust chassis. The comfortable seat helps the rider to enjoy the long rides.

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