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2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike Review Specs

Select a location on the map, pin one, and hit the road. The 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike is designed to cover the most challenging terrain with unmatched capability and class-leading performance. It leaves us with only one result: Unknown Territory Warning! KTM 1290 Super Adventure R Ready to set up shop anywhere on earth.

The brand new 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike liter-class is the second model in the new line of KTM adventure motorcycles. This bike was designed to pass through challenging terrain and can carry passengers everywhere.

The 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike has been created from the ground up with a comprehensive list of revolutionary additions, making it ready to fly its flag anywhere on earth.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike – Features and Specs

Agility in All Regions

The development goal for the completely redesigned 2021 version is to make the 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike pass through the most challenging terrain easily and naturally. For better agility, less center of gravity, and even better feeling in all riding conditions, a brand new bodywork with excellent ergonomics and the ability to keep gasoline in the tank as low as possible.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike

A faster cornering experience has been achieved by moving the front of the engine and installing a slightly longer new die-cast open-lattice swing arm to go deeper into the sense of speed. KTM engineers reviewed and trimmed every centimeter of the new bodywork to ensure proper thickness and contact of the rider’s bike.

Engine & Exhaust


A 6-speed PANKL gearbox with redesigned, lightweight aluminum shifting drum supports the Tracks KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R in multiple ways for faster, smoother gear changes. Changing forks are also wrapped in copper to reduce wear and tear. It also speeds up Quick shifter+ ‘s commitment to rapid, fluid gear changes.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike

Cylinder heads

The 75-degree V-State of the Art Twin 4-valve DOHC cylinder heads plays a vital role in the smooth power transmission. They feature twin-plug ignition, flow-optimized ports, and an extremely low-friction valve drive system, with cameras on each cylinder’s dual overhead camshaft to drive the rider’s cam followers.


Besides being free of the throttle cable, the smooth throttle response is what you get, so the ride-by-wire technology of the 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike is beautiful. It provides the correct dose of easily accessible and full power. At the same time, the automatic rider converts the throttle inputs into throttle valve settings that are suitable for a number of riding conditions.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike


The 2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike has a wholly modified exhaust system that offers bark for cutting. Exhaust flow is carried to the hydroformed collecting chamber with two new catalytic converters through two new headers. These, along with three new Lambda sensors, maintain emissions under the latest EURO 5 guidelines. Meanwhile, a newly designed stainless steel silencer delivers the classic V-Twin tone at the end of the business.


The proven V-twin LC8 engine has emerged as the most compact, lightweight, and best-performing engine in the field with 160 horsepower sled hammer hit and ground rotating 138 Nm of tremendous torque. It is also environmentally friendly, meets all EURO5 standards and provides mile after mile of travel after 15,000 km of service intervals and low fuel consumption.



Special equipment is required to search for serious off-road. The spoke wheels of the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R are manufactured by ALPINA for KTM and feature innovative and robust aluminum rims with improved sealing methods to make them 100% tubeless. In addition, the wheels have an O-ring seal on each nipple to prevent air from escaping through the nipples by sealing the rim instead of the traditional rubber band.


The high-performance WP XPLOR suspension for the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R was developed with test rider Quinn Cody. At the front, a WP XPLOR fork with 48mm inner tubes takes care of the business. Derived from successful KTM off-road models, it has all new settings for split fork technology and even more off-road performance. The rear features a high-end PDS mono-shock with spring preload, rebound and compression as well as external hand wheel adjustment for high and low-speed compression damping.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike

Steering Damper

Deviations from the designated route often result in some challenging roads. Thankfully, a WP steering damper comes standard to keep things under control. The steering damper attached between the frame and the triple clamp keeps things clean when there is no road.


The bike has Precise, powerful, and permanent, precisely what you would expect from a pair of BREMBO brakes. On the front is twin 320mm diameter radio-mounted discs, as well as 4-piston fixed calipers. The massive 267mm diameter disc at the rear handles the extra speed. In an emergency, Bosch’s two channels, 9M+ ABS, come to the rescue.


On the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R, a new, redesigned, and lightweight chrome-molybdenum stainless steel trail frame with laser-cut tubes combines forged parts for a powerful component. The steering head has been relocated 15mm rear to reduce the overall structure for better turning behavior. In contrast, the front engine attachments have been moved 2-degree forward to support marvelous acceleration, while the front end should be strongly planted on the ground.

Ergonomics & Comfort


The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R has a small, adjustable rally-inspired windscreen that is tuned to the wind tunnel to provide maximum protection from the wind, as well as allow for riding flexibility when They stand on stilts and deal with rugged terrain. Adjustment is totally effortless due to the handwheels on the left and right, which change the screen’s height to 55mm.


The high-strength tapered aluminum handlebars aim to give riders more control and uncompromising comfort. They are comprehensive, adjustable and ready for long hours in the saddle. Handguards that are newly created and strengthened are also intended for ideal aerodynamic performance in rapid stability.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike


The brand new set of KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R is designed to provide maximum comfort due to the high-quality foam cushioning, where you will spend most of your time. It is 880 mm from the one-step, stepped seat deck and enables fluid rider movement while navigating challenging terrain. The seat clip is also removed at the stroke of a button, making it easier to access the area under the seat.


Two footpeg settings, stock or 10mm up and back (diagonal), allow riders to customize their comfort level according to their height and ride choice, making a big difference in long adventure trips.

Software & Electronics

USB Phone Pocket

Is there a bar-mounted smartphone cradle? No problem. A handy box keeps your smartphone safe while driving. It also charges due to the built-in USB port. Optional incoming calls and audio functionality connect the phone to TFT via Bluetooth, making you spend less time watching at the screen and more time looking ahead.

Off-road Ride Mode

When the trams run out, the real adventure begins. Off-road mode is here to help you. When enabled, the ride-through wire smoothes the throttle response and limits peak power output to better fit off-road conditions. It means riders can lock the rear wheel with rear brakes – essential for severe off-road rides and well-run slides – while some still allow the wheels to spin out of turns. Above all, the rider can lift the front wheel over obstacles. The user can also use the off-road ABS feature to get the best control in off-road conditions while remaining completely safe.


A brand new scratch-resistant 7-inch TFT display is on the helm. With unparalleled aesthetics and readability, searchers can find information on the go quickly and easily without having to navigate complex menus. It is made possible by the 6-way switch cube on the handlebar, as well as the new Fast Choice and Favorite buttons. KTM My Ride, which links via Bluetooth for alternate navigation, music, and even answering calls, ensures connectivity. Are you still glowing? TFT screen tilt angle can be adjusted.

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike

2021 1290 Super Adventure R KTM Bike – Technical Specifications


Torque 138Nm
Transmission 6-speed
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Power in KW 118kW
Starter Electric starter
Stroke 71mm
Bore 108mm
Clutch PASC (TM) slipper clutch, hydraulically actuated
CO2 emissions 134g/km
Displacement 1301cm³
EMS Keihin EMS with RBW and cruise control, double ignition
Design 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V 75°
Fuel consumption 5.7l/100 km
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with three oil pumps


Tank capacity (approx.) 23l
ABS Bosch 10.3ME Combined-ABS (incl. Cornering-ABS and offroad mode)
Front brake disc diameter 320mm
Rear brake disc diameter 267mm
Chain 525 X-Ring
dry weight 221kg
Frame design Chrome-moly tubular space frame, powder-coated
Front suspension WP XPLOR-USD, Ø 48 mm
Ground clearance 242mm
Rear suspension WP Xplor PDS shock absorber
Seat height 880mm
Steering head angle 64.7°
Suspension travel (front) 220mm
Suspension travel (rear) 220mm

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