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2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer Review Specs Price

The new 2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer is a fantastic touring motorcycle that most of the people love. Fitted with a scope of touring gear, this Leaning Multi Wheeler 2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer brings included significant distance usefulness and solace. Following is the full review of 2019 Niken GT with its price and specifications.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer – Features and Price

Top Features

The NIKEN GT LMW case is a select motorcycle control framework that gives unmatched rider certainty over a broad scope of street conditions. With two front tires inclining as one, the NIKEN copies the measure of accessible grasp for extraordinary halting force. It corners certainty, rider comfort, and flawless street habits—all while keeping up typical controlling feel.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

The new 2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer joins the growing LMW body with a scope of extravagance touring assistants to making a definitive cornering bundle. NIKEN GT doesn’t appear as though anything out and about. Smooth bends feature the mass-forward structure to flaunt the interesting LMW framework, consolidating modern innovation with streaming, natural style.

Gotten from the honor winning MT-09, the progressed CP3 inline 3-chamber engine utilizes Yamaha’s full scope of execution innovation to create uncommon force with direct force conveyance. These outcomes in an adaptable, responsive powerplant. It joins the best parts of both 2-and 4-chamber engines while staying light, thin and conservative.


Gotten from the honor winning MT-09, the NIKEN GT highlights a new 847cc fluid cooled inline 3-chamber engine pressing a scope of cutting-edge innovations. With DOHC heads, an oversquare 78mm x 59.1mm bore and stroke and 11.5:1 pressure proportion. 2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer conveys an energizing, torquey character, refined with extra driving rod inactivity for smooth beginnings.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

By using the usually smooth terminating request and force attributes of the 3-chamber engine. Yamaha’s CP3 motor creates a straightforward force with an incredible sentiment of association between the chokehold and motor. To support refinement and improve rider and traveler comfort, the engine includes an outfitted counterbalancer to limit motor vibration. This outcome in a responsive powerplant that consolidates the best parts of both 2-and 4-chamber engines while still light, thin, and minimized.

The CP3 motor uses produced ‘break split’ interfacing poles. The considerable end ring of an associating bar is part of two to make a progressively exact mating surface when they have blasted together again around the driving rod. The chamber square is counterbalanced towards the front wheel, to decrease cylinder power against the chamber dividers, improving proficiency. Also, the chamber pigs are plated with an earthenware composite for phenomenal strength and warmth move.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

To give an expansive spread of force and a one of a kind admission sound, the airbox consumption pipes have been planned with three lopsided lengths. It consolidates with the fuel infusion framework and chamber head configuration to convey a force, adaptable motor character. Yamaha’s help and shoe grasp give the rider smoother, increasingly sure downshifts when entering corners forcefully, just as a lighter draw exertion at the level in everyday riding.

The transmission saddles, the low-to-mid-run force, and magnificent reaction qualities of the inline 3-chamber motor to give riders perfect intending proportions for a riding. The 6-speed transmission additionally includes stunned info shafts in a triangular design, to lessen generally motor measure and further concentrate mass.

The 2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer uses a reduced three-into-one fumes framework with a midship suppressor. Not exclusively does this design bring together mass for more keen taking care of. The headers highlight SixONy, a hard-wearing clay nano-film covering that looks extraordinary while opposing both fume’s heat and the components. Highlighting a short, cut fumes outlet, the NIKEN GT yells with a sweet 3-chamber exhaust note, as well.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer


The ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) framework detects the smallest choke contribution by the rider, transfers the information to the ECU. It momentarily computes the perfect choke valve opening dependent on motor rpm and choke opening. Afterward, it sends orders to a servo-engine actuator that moves the choke valve, which effectively controls the admission wind current volume. This innovation adds to the rider’s inclination of force and controllability from the 3-chamber motor.

The NIKEN GT highlights Yamaha’s D-Mode framework to permit the rider to pick the ideal motor character for their riding circumstance and inclinations. The rider can look over three choke valve control maps for various choke reaction attributes at the press of a catch. The NIKEN GT incorporates a cruise control controlled by the YCC-T. Utilizing the left handlebar switchgear, the rider can without much of a stretch choose or change a set speed to ease significant distance touring on the expressway, improving rider comfort.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer comes standard with Yamaha’s Quick Shift System QSS, which permits on-choke upshifting without the grasp, for smooth, quick moves with negligible loss of drive. A high agreement all-LCD show gives an away from motor and street speed, electronic frameworks, for example, footing control and D-Mode, fuel hold trip meter, economy, and then some.

Chassis / Suspension

The extreme front finish of the NIKEN GT utilizes combined fork tubes for each front haggle linkages to give perfect directing geometry and natural controlling feel. The framework turns and inclines like a traditional motorcycle, yet with double the front tire hold. Furthermore, like other Yamaha sportbikes, this framework gives customizable pressure and bounce back damping for a profoundly tunable ride.

The front-wheel track is just 16.1 inches, making NIKEN GT no more extensive than customary motorcycles. It is perfect for blocked, urban riding conditions, with the most extreme lean edge at a noteworthy 45 degrees. With a rider on board, NIKEN offers an ideal 50/50 weight circulation for nonpartisan taking care. Furthermore, the seat configuration, fuel tank width, and different measurements are good to go to work with the characteristics of the minimized 3-chamber motor.

Associating the LMW framework to the back wheel is an all-new half breed outline. It uses steel castings and cylinders with a lightweight aluminum swingarm turn territory and swingarm. Adjusted for unbending nature and directing reaction, the NIKEN GT case gives excellent taking care of and familiar guiding feel. The back suspension includes a linkage-type Monocross stun, mounted beneath the seat with a practical level arrangement. This remarkable situating adds to mass centralization and a slimmer body plan.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer utilizes combined 15-inch lightweight permit wheels with LMW-explicit 120/70R15 tires. Created working together with the suspension, these tires include sport bike-style profiles and development, for elevated levels of hold, wear opposition, and wet-street ability. Outback, the back wheel mounts a large 190/55R17 rear tires for a mix of style and footing. Installed outside of each front wheel are plate brakes with four-cylinder spiral calipers, coordinated to a vast back circle brake, total with Yamaha’s responsive ABS.

Extra Features

The NIKEN GT joins the progressive LMW skeleton with a scope of extravagance touring highlights to make a definitive cornering bundle. The GT model comes standard with a more full, taller touring screen, plusher rider and traveler saddles. The coordinated warmed holds for improved assurance and solace while it incorporates a couple of locking, speedy discharge saddlebags.

The NIKEN GT fuel tank is smoothly bent to give a limited midriff, and utilizations a similar lightweight compound found in the YZF-R1 and R6 fuel tanks for decreased weight. Paint and surface completions are chosen to feature the specialized idea of the LMW suspension just as for enduring sturdiness. A traveler snatch rail prepared to mount extra gear and a couple of 12-volt DC outlets for charging adornments. At last, a center stand facilitates upkeep and stacking.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

With upright ergonomics and a somewhat forward lean, the NIKEN GT rider is prepared to assault corners or voyage down the thruway with equivalent solace. The tightened aluminum handlebar, arrangement of the seat and footpegs, and limited midriff make the phenomenal rider feel. Redesigned comfort saddles on the NIKEN GT support both rider and traveler comfort, as well, perfect for more extended visits.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer – Price

The new Niken 2019 GT is available at $17,299 in Matte Phantom Blue.

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 847cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline 3-cylinder; 12 valves
Bore x Stroke 78.0mm x 59.1mm
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection with YCC-T
Transmission 6-speed; multi-plate assist and wet slipper clutch
Final Drive Chain

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer Specs


Suspension / Front 43 mm/41 mm LMW dual tube fork, adjustable rebound, and compression damping; 4.3 inches travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock, adjustable preload (including remote adjuster) and rebound damping; 4.9 inches travel
Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc, 298 mm, ABS
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 282 mm, ABS
Tires / Front Dual 120/70R15
Tires / Rear 190/55R17

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer


L x W x H 84.6 inches x 34.8 inches x 56.1 inches
Seat Height 32.9 inches
Wheelbase 59.4 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 20.0°
Trail 2.9 inches
Wheel Track 16.1 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 5.9 inches
Maximum Lean Angle 45.0°
Fuel Capacity 4.8 gallons
Fuel Economy 42.3 mpg
Wet Weight TBD

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer


2019 Niken GT Yamaha Sports Tourer highlights a total scope of innovations to help rider certainty and execution, and It includes Yamaha’s ride-by-wire choke framework, movable choke planning, footing control, and ABS. Riders likewise appreciate the accommodation of a processing plant quick shifter and coordinated cruiser control.

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