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Reviews of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R

Yamaha Company is improving each and every aspect of its bikes. 2016 Yamaha FZ6R is one of the best bike Yamaha Company has ever made. Reviews of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R bike has discussed here. This bike is amazing regarding its power, handling, smooth ride, accessories, aerodynamic design and speed.

2016 Yamaha FZ6R
The new 2016 Yamaha FZ6R bike has the fantastic stylish look with a powerful engine.FZ6R series of Yamaha Company is very famous in peoples especially due to its power and sleek look. It has amazing grip on the road. Suspension and wheels have the right combination which makes the ride charming and less fatigue. The seat and handlebars of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R can be adjustable according to the height of rider to make the ride comfortable. The engineers of Yamaha worked hard on the design and built the bike have a minimum air drag so that bike quickly achieve its maximum speed.

Reviews of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R – specs

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R front view


The newly launched 2016 Yamaha FZ6R is famous for its powerful 600 cc liquid cooled four stroke engine. The engine has an inline four cylinder engine which produces an epic speed on the open road. The compression ratio is 12.2:1 which is excellent for any sports bike. It also performs well in city traffic. 2016 Yamaha FZ6R comes with a four into two into one midship exhaust with tubeless radial tires and hydraulic disc brakes for both front and rear wheel. The bike has a high exhaust system which includes 3-way catalytic converter technology to reduce exhaust emission. The fuel injection of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R has been redesigned according to the demand and desire of peoples. The engine has a smooth response and stable performance to the throttle. The maximum output achieved by 2016 Yamaha FZ6R is 10,000 RPM, and maximum torque is obtained at 8,500 RPM. The engine has a lightweight piston made up of aluminum which is a perfect metal for pistons. The disk is made by the unique casting technique which gives the strength to the cylinder. The engine has a powerful 32-bit ECU, which controls the four holes, two directions and high dynamic range type of fuel injectors for superior injection control. One of the best features of the engine is that it delivers the precise fuel and air mixture needed for different conditions which make the bike an economic one.

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R ride

Chassis and Suspension

The new 2016 Yamaha FZ6R comes with a seat which has a separate front and rears sections with a particular feature that the height of seat can be adjusted according to a rider. The seat can be fixed 20 mm higher for the taller rider, and the position of the handlebar can also be improved 20 mm forward for the comfort of the rider. The rigidity of chassis has been redesigned to provide excellent handling and comfort for the long ride. The front end of the bike has a caster angle of 26 degrees and trail of 103 mm, which gives fantastic look and comfort and makes the rider more charming. The front suspension has a sturdy 41 mm inner tubes which are matched to the die-cast aluminum upper triple clamp. The wheel travel has a generous of 5.1 inches which is helpful to soak up the bumps in the road. The rear suspension of the bike contributes to mass centralization while mono cross suspension provides impressive wheel travel. The great road-hugging performance is only possible with optimally designed damping force valves and oil channels. Yamaha FZ6R has hydraulic disc brakes for both front and rear wheel. Front wheel has a dual 298 mm diameter discs while rear wheel has 245 mm diameter discs. The braking system performs amazingly in every condition. The amazing handling of Yamaha FZ6R is only possible by mount tubeless radial tires on cast aluminum wheels.

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R suspension

Other features

The new 2016 Yamaha FZ6R has a specially designed meter panel which provides the plenty of feedback to the rider, these feedback includes a digital display speedometer along with the tachometer, odometer water coolant gauge and a fuel gauge. The bike has an excellent combination of performance, handling, and its 600 cc engine provides an epic speed to the bike. Seats and handlebars are adjustable which makes the bike easy to ride and is fit for variety of rider. Engine delivers power smoothly according to the want and need of rider, from maximum acceleration to minimum acceleration. The bike is fuel efficient and has excellent rpm which makes this bike a practical one. With the diamond shaped frame and high tensile pipes of engine one can ride anywhere on the twisted road with no fear all this is possible only because of excellent suspension of Yamaha FZ6R.

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R handling

Unique features

  • Casting technique used in engine.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar.
  • Excellent suspension.
  • Powerful 32-bit ECU control.
  • Economically efficient by delivering precise amount of fuel and air mixture.
  • Aerodynamic and sports design.
  • Dual disc brakes on both front and rear wheel.

2016 Yamaha FZ6R

Reviews of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R price

With all above feature, the new 2016 Yamaha FZ6R comes with a reasonable price of $7,790.

Reviews of 2016 Yamaha FZ6R – specs

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R specs


Year 2016
Manufacturer Yamaha
Model FZ6R
Engine Type Four-stroke, DOHC; 16 valves
Engine Displacement 600cc
Bore Stroke 65.5 mm x 44.5 mm
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Compression Ratio 12.2:1
Fuel System Fuel injection
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Starting System Electric

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R wheels


Transmission 6-speed gearbox; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive O-ring chain
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork, 5.1 inches travel
Rear Suspension Single shock, 5.1 inches travel


Rake Trail 26.0° / 4.1 inches
Seat Height 30.9 inches
Wheelbase 56.7 inches
Front Brake Dual hydraulic disc, 298 mm
Rear Brake Hydraulic disc, 245 mm
Front Tire 120/70ZR17
Rear Tire 160/60ZR17
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal.
Dry Weight 467 lbs. / CA model 470 pounds (Wet)


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

Yamaha 2016 YZ6R ride view


The newly launched review 2016 Yamaha FZ6R is covered under www.bikescatalog.com today. This article provides complete information about it. It an excellent bike with great features, so be the first to purchase it and enjoy its ride with your friends and be here to have more details in the shape of review.

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