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2014 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle First Ride

There exists a little number of bike manufacturing companies that have made quite big enough paces in least time than ZERO. When the first generation bike were being ridden back in the year 2007 there were a kind of unfinished and there was a lot of room for improvement and the improvements were done dramatically indeed. Although the riders were impressed by the model of 2013 named as s model yet with an improved speed, acceleration and quality this bike is in the top-of-the-line in 2014 Zero SR.

Zero SR
The newest Zero SR 2014 bike includes the Z-Force permanent magnet; the brushless cruise in the bike has original magnets which are capable to survive higher heat for enhanced persistent show and presentation. The SR model comes to the market enduring about 4 kWh lithium-ion battery bundles, whilst our bike was prepared with the voluntary Power Tank at about $2,495. The power tank adds an additional 2.8 kilo Watt Hour. With the typical three-prong twine bunged into a conformist 110-volt wall passage, a complete charge naturally takes at about 10 hours. To speed up such a process is said to be quite expensive. This particular accomplice, on the other hand, will set you flip side another of about $1,799.99 while the charging stations are still little and far between.

Electric Motorcycle 2014

Price of 2014 Zero SR:

With the most innovative features the prices for Zero SR 2014 have jumped to a snooty $21,290. With such an amount of money you can easily grab any of the BMW K1600GT or Ducati Panigale.

2014 Zero SR First Ride:

Around the city, the drive of the SR is a fun and speedy traveler. From Stoplight to the stoplight, the SR will be on fire just about any sedan, and we adore its furtive manner.
The bike Zero SR 2014 gives out an Off-the-line acceleration while being in the Sport mode (any one of the three, together with Eco and Custom which are all supervised through smart phones) is rock-solid, with 0-to-60 time of 4.3 seconds recorded at its best. The framework performance for the Zero SR 2014 has enhanced spectacularly, as well. The  inverted fork which is about 43mm and the shock of bike have requirements for density and recoil damping modification, while the stun within the bike also has a thread like preload lapel.
When we rambled off the lattice to hunt for a proper back-road enjoyment, the SR has proved to be a lively spot carver. Aftershock got dialed in an additional preload and recoil damping, we were reasonably contented with framework performance of the bike.
What about the gripes for SR then? The frontage brake of the bike without any uncertainty requires an up gradation. The particular caliper of twin-piston Nissin is scarcely up to the mission of dawdling the Zero SR 2014 from speed, conveying a wooden lever feel to the boot.  While the realistically stumpy seat put up good with the short riders, Company is going to take  even more spume for enhanced soothe.

zero sr Electric Motorcycle

2014 Zero SR Review:

Few years ago, if a question would be raised about Zero that whether this could lock the breach of this bike to the “real” motorcycles, we would have been anxious to say yes. But today the answer to the same question would a powerful yes for all that anxiety is gone, although Zero still requires spotlighting the factor of improvement and costing diminution. One thing to be noticed here is that the other motorcycles dwindling within the price range of SR’s come with an additional ABS, electronic postponement, incorporated direction-finding, first-rate brakes along with the LED headlights, which are unfortunately not to be found on this Zero.
Reviewed solely on its own qualities, however, the SR display cases what is achievable from an electric motorbike powertrain. The next step of the Zero’s is to construct a bike that can go head to head with the rivalry along with having no apologies, in spite of what kind of power plant is concealed under the cowl. From the fact what Zero has revealed us till now; it doesn’t seem that it will be too far rotten in the upcoming constructions.

Electric Motorcycle zero sr

Zero SR Specs:

Zero SR Price $19,490
Power Pack Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent
Motor High-temperature magnet and brushless
Battery Capacity 14.2 KWH
Height Of seat 31.8 inches
Time to charge 9.9 hours
Weight Claimed 525 lb.
Maximum Speed 153 km/h
Speed Sustained 129km/h
Maximum Torque 92Nm
Maximum power 40 KW
Nominal Capacity 7.5 to 12.5 kW/h
Acceleration 4.8 to 5.2 seconds
Charge Type 1.3 kW Integrated
Maximum Capacity 8.5 to 14.2 kW/h
Efficiency 420 amps
Transmission Direct Drive(Clutchless)
Charge Time 5.5 hours to 9.3 hours
Front Brake 313×4 mm floating disc
Back Brake 313×4 mm floating disc
Rake 24.0°
Trail 3.2 inches or 80 mm
Front suspension voyage 6.25 in (159 mm)
Back suspension voyage 6.35 in (161 mm)
Front tire 110/70-17
Rear tire 140/70-17
Front wheel 3.00×17
Rear wheel 3.50×17
Wheel base 55.5 inches or 1,410 mm
Seat height 31.8 inches or 807 mm
Standard motorcycle warranty 2 years
Power pack warranty 5 years / 100,000 miles

Highlights of Zero SR:

Electric Motorcycle 2014

  • New Power Tank Technology
  • Evolutionary Z-Force® Motor
  • Frame and Bodywork (Great in look and feel, exciting to ride on)
  • Wheels and Brakes (Powerful, Precise and Control.)
  • Suspension (Magical ride)
  • Dash and Controls (The dash and controls are quite Impressive with exciting information which are Elegantly Displayed.)


One of the greatest bikes under test at www.bikescatalog.com is Zero SR.  Be the first to grab the bike to feel the pleasure while riding. Low seat height and highest level of comfort endured within bike makes it one of the most demanding one in the Bikes market.


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