Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

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After Spyder RS, first model of the line of these astonishing 3-wheels initiated in 2007, then the RT, the version large-tourism arrived in 2010, BRP proposes ST to us, an innovation which places pile hair between the two. And hit the bull’s eye like good compromise comfort/pleasure.

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

Three models in 5 years, one can say that at BRP, one is not unemployed. And that the Canadian firm (which also manufactures snowmobiles, jet skis, quads and has the Rotax engines and Evinrude, inter alia) very takes its range “road” with the serious one.
She is frankly not wrong besides, taking into account success this singular machine throughout the world, and particularly in France, where Spyder carries out its best European scores. Up to that point, the amateur ready to launch out on a Can-Am was to choose between sport (the RS) or large-tourism (the RT), two extremes separated by a ditch now filled by ST, for Touring Sport.

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000


Can-Am Spyder ST approaches more than one RS in its technical standard. It shares the way of it before (width, geometry), all the back frame, as well as the engine-transmission unit. But Can-Am Spyder ST is equipped with an elegant front careenage, much less bulky than on the RT, equipped with an adjustable bubble (manually) on 10 cm, and with deflectors in Plexiglas around the rear view mirrors.
The position is also re-examined in the direction of the comfort of rolling. The footrests are thus advanced of 12 cm, the handlebar moved back of 10 and rose of 8 cm.

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

Let’s go!

As of the startup, the large twin makes its voice heard through the new exhaust and thunders under the careenage, maim… A flick on the pallet of selection to the left control unit induced one “crack” sound which alerts passage in first. Gently, and with the injunction of the right wrist on the throttle linkage “by wire wrinkles” super-soft (too much!), Can-Am springs on the broad avenues of the suburbs of Washington (the USA).
It is quickly necessary to take the “thing” over: in spite of a position of motorcycle, this 3-wheel imposes a very particular control; when one turns, the body leaves contrary to the turn! It is thus necessary to accompany Spyder in “returning” the body inside the curve, way controls moto GP, even to 15 km/h!
The long arteries without life of Harbor National swallowed, one attacks the small country roads of Maryland. The reports are drawn, the turns are accentuated and Can-Am Spyder ST reveals it’s at the very least particular nature.
The new frame, reinforced on the level of anchoring of triangles of nose gear, and assemble them pneumatic of 15 inches (instead of 14 before) indeed ensure a guidance worthy of a sport scar, while the twin sends its 100 horses through a sequential box short and staged well, but with the passages speeds sullied with jolts which cut the dash to rise each of report.
After one hour with the handlebar of this singular machine, one starts to hold it well. The attack is of exit, and with it, the much assistance…
Anti-skid, control of stability, ABS link concert to block your inclinations of pilot of rally! Well in the absolute (nobody wants really to put the hut on the dog…) but too intrusive for the amateurs of slips and other steering into the skid. But with final, “more” gain the setting vis-a-vis “less”, Can-Am Spyder ST being astonishing to roll over minor roads as pleasant to take along on motorways.

Can-Am Spyder ST: case

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

Always practical, the front trunk! It makes it possible to place bag, helmets, rain wears and other knick-knacks (like an anti-puncture kit, always useful…). It is unbolted with the key with the principal contractor and accommodates also the boxes with fuses, the battery and the level of liquid of cooling. Small baize of protection would be however not to stripe its helmet…

Can-Am Spyder ST: version “sport more”

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

The ST-S is the version “sport more” of ST aerodynamic Mudguards accommodating the side-lights to diodes, completion carbon on many elements and a yellow bursting which flap!

Can-Am Spyder ST: on board

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

More complete, that does not exist… Meter, rev counters analogical and multifunction TFT window in the center. The whole is controlled via a power station on the left control unit, but before making “toy” with the buttons, reading of the obligatory instructions! Note the deflectors of air around the rear view mirrors, effective with use.

Can-Am Spyder ST: Fairing

Test Can-Am Spyder ST 1000

“More” of Can-Am ST, it is its careenage, less massive than that of the RT. Thanks to its dimensions contained for it keeps a sporting pace. The bubble is regulated on 10 cm (with the hand, damage) and protection is excellent. Note the indicators with diodes integrated into the rear view mirrors.


Funny! A “Spyder” distils feelings that no other travelling machine can get. And besides its originality he proposes comfort, protection and good aptitudes for the duet (what is clearly the case of this model ST), it would be a shame to pass beside this delicious experiment.

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