Star Motorcycle Bolt 2015 First Look Review and Price

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Again in bikes world,  invites you to have a detailed and elaborated review of the newest bike i.e. Star Bolt 2015.  It is another exciting bike with amazing features that provides you with an incredible ride. The Star bolt has been discussed in detail here. Keeping in view the interest and ease for the crazy bike lovers we have tried to pick up each and every detail starting from the color of the bike to the engine specifications and price. It would make it very easy to decide if the bike fulfills your requirements or not.  Moreover is the new Star bolt 2015 affordable, reliable, feasible, and truthful to you or not.

star bolt 2015

Star Bolt 2015:

The slogan for this motorcycle says “Old School Just got schooled”. This time the bolt comes up with more style, fashion and performance. It in facts inculcate everything thing you are requiring for.  Like the slim bobber style design along with the raw metal kind of an aesthetic look. And with all the new gadgets involved in it the old school has just got left behind. This motorcycle comes up in two eye-catching colors of blue and red and with an affordable price of about $7990.  This is going to be an amazing bike and with almost incredible ride.

star bolt 2015 blue

Star Bolt 2015 Features:

The major features of this motorcycle include the following:

  • The Bolt of the motorcycle has beautifully used the up-to-date machinery to generate such a riding familiarity which advanced to other equally sized equipment. When we talk about the fuel injection and the timings for ignition timing maps, both of them have been selected cautiously particularly for this bike in order to distribute out class performance with a strong low- and mid-range tuning effect, and it is certain that this will pass a smile to everyone of every age riding the motorcycle.
  • The Bolt appeared within the motorcycle is exposed downward and deprived of chrome parts and characterize the stunning look of a “Built-up Performance Bobber”. The dense framework pompously displays an engine of a 58 cubic inch or 942 cc, 60° V-twin, air-cooled and is sitting at the spirit (core) of the motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle consist of components like a fuel tank which is of 3.2 gallon capacity, digital meter, front and back wheels, steel fenders and belt drive.  All of the components unite to generate a diverse gaze in the schedule of Star Motorcycles.
  • The motorbike is typically great for the riders who give an extra importance to personalization, for them the choices for the Bolt only by the owner’s mind are partial. The Star motors say that they have built it and the customers have made it their own. And as an ideal picture for configuration, the Bolt is said to be the eventual example of that attitude.
  • Moreover, the thin motor body and low seat blueprint merges to offer the light in weight maneuverability and a constant control sensation to the motorcycle. The standing riding position assists the rider to sense the breeze, listen to the sounds, and knowledge the beat of the motorbike.

star bolt ridig

Which is New for 2015?

  • The motorbike gives a sturdier look, with an improved design and style for being ornamented with Black mirrors for the year 2015.
  • For providing a lucid and clear vision even in sunlight the meter of the bike is revised.

2015 star bolt red


  • The engine of this motorcycle is very reliable as it consists of about 58 cubic inch (942 cc) engine, air-cooled SOHC 60º V-twin along with the four valves for each cylinder. Moreover it includes a pent-roof wrought ignition compartment with the compression ratio of about 9.0:1. The engine is intended to offer exceptional control and advanced low-end torque.
  • The shape of the ignition compartment was exactly engineered to straighten the fuel and air accuse to the hub of the piston for combustion of additional competency and highest power. The cylinders coated with the Ceramic-composite offers exceptional heat rakishness and condensed oil utilization.
  • The cover of the air cleaner which is made of the stainless steel supplies a “raw metal” sense that emphasizes on the distinctive style of bolt. Along with this the air cleaner is designed in a way where it helps to offer immense intake competence and improved torque distinctiveness.
  • To maintain the friction trouncing to the least and to provide help to the engine in achieving the supreme performance distinctiveness. This time the star has used particular roller-type rocker arms by means of spine bearings. These not only benefited in reducing friction but have helped a lot to lessen top-end weight for exceptional mass centralization.
  • Stylish and classy fuel inoculation is used in the star Bolt bike in order to convey the finest built-up riding excitement with burly hastening. The bike has created the 3D maps for the ignition timing. While the fuel injection have been urbanized as well and these configuration conveys an exceptional acceleration in the average and low-speed ranges.
  • On the right side of the engine of the bolt bike we have A2-imto-! Exhaust pipe layout which has added a vigorous performance and classy looks of the bike. The exhaust system of the bike which is of minimalist-style conveys a husky and pleasant tire out memo.

star bolt 2015 photo


  • The drive belt which is just about 21mm wide gives a slim and clean look of the back end of the motorbike. The drive belt of the bike is made of a carbon-fiber core which adds power and toughness for prolonged existence.
  • The Bolt’s wheel base being short of about only 61.8-inch gives the motorbike an energetic control, on condition for taking tight turns in city riding and hard conduct on the road.
  • 12-spoke shed wheels are used in the motorcycle in order to supply power and robustness.
  • A double-cradle casing of the star bolt has succeeded in improving the city riding pleasure. The engine is accumulated to the casing as a frazzled member with a stiff build up structure that offers accurate conduct.
  • The front disc brake of the bolt is 298mm while the rear disc brake is of 298mm and both uses wave rotors, the typical technique frequently set up on sport bikes. The front brake is responsible to use the floating-mount for huge heat-distortion confrontation while in directly contributes to outstanding braking routine.
  • The fuel tank of 3.2 gallon capacity is a conventional droplet method, with a thin shape that takes in trodden top and side surfaces to improve the Bolt fashion.

star bolt 2015

Additional Features:

  1. LED rear back light appeared quite breezy and appends to the up to date bobber petition.
  2. Steel fenders both rear and front are perfect for personalization, counting the smear and configuration.
  3. The minimalist bobber look of the motorbike is due to the solo rider encumber.

Star Bolt 2015 Price and Release Date:

$7,990  for Glacier Blue which will be available from July 2014 and
$7,990 for Candy Red which will be available from July 2014.

2015 star bolt color

Star Bolt 2015 Specs:

Engine Type 4-stroke, V-twin, 58-cubic-inch or 942 cc , air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve
Bore x Stroke 85.0 x 83.0
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Fuel deliverance Fuel Injected
Ignition TCI that stands for Transistor Controlled Ignition
Diffusion 5-speed multiplate wet clutch
Final Drive Belt Drive
Front Suspension 4.7-in travel, Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension 2.8-in travel, Dual shocks
Front Brakes Wave-type disc, 298mm
Rear Brakes Wave-type disc, 298mm
Front Tires 100/90-19M/C 57H
Rear  Tires 150/80-16M/C 71H
Length x Width x Height 90.2 X 37.2 x 44.1 in
Seat Height 27.2 inches
Wheelbase 61.8 inches
Ground Clearance 5.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.2 gallons
Fuel Economy 51 mpg
Wet Weight 540 lb
Service contract (Warranty) 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

star motorcycle bolt 2015


The new Star Bolt 2015 has commendable features that have amazed the reviewers and the riders.  The star Bolt is said to be more advanced and highly up-to-dated one with modern technologies induced for more efficiency and effectiveness. The star has added additional features to the Bolt which has improved different areas of the motorcycle and indeed the performance as a whole. In fact the motorbike is very reliable to use and it comes up the price of $7990. So be the one to grab the motorbike first and enjoy the exciting riding experience

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