2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Price Specs Review

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Price Specs Review
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The all-new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer is one of the best tourer bikes of Yamaha Brand. This bike has the powerful engine with the best chassis. The color combination of the bike is fantastic. This bike offers maximum stability and handling during the ride. The suspension and braking systems are excellent. This bike is splendid for a long trip as well as for highway. The review of 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer along with specification and price are written below.

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer – Specification and Price


The all-new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer comes with the powerful engine of 58 cubic inches (942 ccs) air-cooled SOHC V-twin. This engine has the four valves per cylinder with the pent-roof shaped combustion chamber with the best compression ratio of 9, 0:1. This engine is very carefully designed to deliver the maximum power along with the excellent acceleration. There is a first small roller-type rocker arm with the needle bearing that helps in the reduction of friction and achieving the ideal performance. It also helps in mass centralization. The shape of the combustion chamber is redesigned to offer the right fuel air charge into the center of the piston for maximum power and faster combustion. The Ceramic composite-plated cylinders not only provides the excellent dissipation of heat but it reduces the oil consumption. The engine has the high quality forged piston with the lightweight and high strength design that contributed to the reduction of vibration. This engine has the excellent bore and stroke ratio. It has twin bore injection; each cylinder is fed by its injector spraying into the twin throttle bodies of 35 mm while the computer controlled system provide the perfect amount of air and fuel mixture to the engine for the ideal performance. This combination makes the engine deliver better output in all condition. This bike has the five-speed transmission that offers the smooth shifting and has the best gear ratio. It results in the better torque characteristics and superb cruising at the highway speeds. The power is efficiently delivered to the rear wheel by using the simple, quiet belt drive which is maintenance free. The bike has the forged connecting rods with the single crankpin for the exceptional sound and power. The engine has the great detailing with the polished cylinders fins, and beautifully chrome plated cylinder head covers for the best appearance.

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

Chassis and Suspension

The all-new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer comes with the best and durable frame. The Chassis consist up of steel double cradle frame which is long and flat. The overall length of the frame is 95.9 inches (2435 mm) and wheelbase of 66.3 inches. The suspension system ensures the maximum stability. It consists up of 41 mm of big front forks that contain the tubes of 41 mm with the stainless cover. The rear suspension has the bottom link-type motocross shock with the adjustable spring preload. This system can be calibrated to offer maximum handling and comfort over the bumps in the road. The new 2017 Yamaha V Star Tourer has the seat height of 26.6 inches that provides maximum comfort and excellent riding position. This bike has outstanding front and rear fender of rear steel. They offer the better and quality look. The fuel tank is kept small and has grand style and comfort. The fuel tank has the fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons. It has the big wheels that offer exceptional grip. The front wheel has the 18 inch that offers better handling characteristics. It has the low profile 130/70-18 tire which is attached with the 8 spoke lightweight aluminum wheel. The 170/70-16 rear tire gives an incredible look. The braking system offers better stopping power. This system consists up of large 320 mm of a front and 298 mm of rear discs that provide strong braking performance. The wet weight of the bike has 657 pounds i.e. when the bike is full of fuel and fluids.

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

Additional Features

The all-new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer comes with the number of functions that makes this bike best for touring. It contains the large-diameter meter which is attached to the fuel tank. Meter includes speedometer, fuel level warning light, oil level warning light and odometer, fuel trip meter, and clock display. The LCD illumination can be adjusted just by using the switch on the right side of the handlebar. This bike has the lockable, quick release windshield, leather-wrapped hard side bags, and the rapid release passenger backrest. This bike has the star quality paint and detailing; the fenders are steel, not plastic. The 3D tank emblem design gives the modern classic look. The overall design of the new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer is quite similar to the 2016 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer.

Unique Key Features

  • Quick Release Windshield and Backrest
  • Total Touring Cruiser Package
  • Stylish, High-Tech Motor
  • Ideally Tuned Chassis
  • Ready to Travel
  • Real Steel Fenders

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer – Price

The all-new Yamaha 2017 V Star 950 Tourer will be available from October 2016 and has the excellent Black Cherry color. This bike has the price of $9,999.

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer – Specs


Engine Type 58 cubic inch (942 ccs) air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke V-twin, eight valves
Bore x Stroke 85.0 mm x 83.0 mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel injection
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission 5-speed, multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Belt

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Specs


Front Suspension 9.0:1
Rear Suspension Single shock, 4.3 inches travel
Front Brakes Hydraulic disc, 320 mm
Rear Brakes Hydraulic disc, 298 mm
Front Tires 130/70-18
Rear Tires 170/70-16

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Specs


L xWx H 95.9 inches x39.4 inches 52.8 inches
Seat Height 26.6 inches
Wheelbase 66.3 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 32.2°
Trail 5.7 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 5.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gallons
Fuel Economy 47 mpg
Wet Weight 657 lb

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer


The all-new 2017 Yamaha V Star 950 Tourer is recently launched touring bike of Yamaha Brand. It offers maximum riding pleasure with more comfort and stability. The bike has the best chassis that has the best color combination. Each and every detail of this bike shows the legacy of Yamaha Brand. This bike is equally best for the city traffic and long ride on highways.

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