Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle Review

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

There’s no denying the allure of classic bikes. Initial settlers. Often, they are the most beautiful people in any given community. Aside from that, their technology is always subpar. Because of this, the Triumph lineup is genuinely remarkable. The British firm has stayed true to itself and updated its emblems to reflect the modern era by making them into two-wheeled vehicles. One such example is the Bonneville T120. Based on the original Bonneville, which debuted in 1959, the T120 has a similar and beautiful retro look to its forerunner but is packed with modern motorcycle technology. Recently, I borrowed a bike from Triumph Motorcycles Philippines, and I rode it around the rainy south of the country on the weekend. The bike was a Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle. What is the status? What I have found out is as follows.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle – Features and Specs


The classic aesthetic of the Bonneville T120 is instantly recognizable. The big round headlamp, the twin instrument panel, the more rounded side lights, and the massive gasoline tank all contribute to the bike’s vintage appearance. The protruding signal lamps on both ends emphasize the motorcycle’s vintage style.

Additionally, the color design of this Gold Line Edition is very appealing. The contrast of the Silver Ice and black parts of the bike complements the Competition Green paint job and gold pin striping on the tank. The dual tailpipes give the underbelly a sophisticated metal sheen. While I’m not a massive fan of the exhaust’s aesthetic, I appreciate how the shine brings out the design elements.

But even if I were the proud owner of one of these, I’d probably never take it out of the building. Part of the cycle’s appeal is found in how simple it is to complete. I could fit a couple of backpacks, but that’s about it. I don’t have many complaints about the design, so please don’t change it. I’m confident some sage souls will agree with me, but that could be my inner tito speaking.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

The Saddle

The T120 has a seat that, in addition to looking great, is also reasonably comfortable to sit on. As it is large and cushioned, I was able to quickly find a comfortable seating position whenever I hopped on it. It was easier to ride because my cycling stance wasn’t disrupted by being unable to flatfoot the bike.

Unlike the other Triumph cycle I tested lately, the Bonneville T120 isn’t a terrifying ride for the rider (looking at you, Street Scrambler 900). That’s important to keep in mind. Although the back of the seat is more comprehensive and the cushioning is firmer than the front, I still find it to be an improvement over the vast majority of motorcycle seats I’ve tried. The slightly raised rear foot pegs also encourage a relaxed riding stance for the companion.

One legitimate criticism is the absence of a grab rail or other mechanism to secure the pillion rider. The BMW R nineT gave me the same trouble. Average bike fare, I guess.

Engine Performance

The Triumph Bonneville T120 is powered by a 1,200cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with a single overhead valve (SOHC). The SOHC configuration is almost certainly responsible for the engine’s 105Nm torque apex occurring at just 3,500rpm. The bike’s highest horsepower figure of 78.9 at 6,550 rpm is decent, but you won’t notice that the massive 1.2-liter engine is doing all the work.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

I’m not complaining about how sluggish the motor is. The Bonneville T120 exudes an authentic retro cruiser feel. It is home on the freeway, where it can cruise comfortably at 100 kph while maintaining modest engine revs. The best part of operating a motorcycle is hearing the deep, bassy tailpipe sound generated at lower rpms.

The engine is very efficient for its small size. After mostly riding on the highway and a few kilometers through the city, I averaged about 25 km/L, which is quite good. I struggle to get 30km/L on bikes with half the volume of the T120. However, I didn’t push my riding to the limit on the Bonneville, so I can’t comment on how the fuel economy holds up under heavy acceleration.

Ride and Handling

Unfortunately, the Bonneville T120 isn’t equipped to handle even mild trails. The bike does not perform like a sport bike, so it is unsuitable for tracks or even twisty roads. This bike, as I alluded to earlier, was made for cruising long, deserted streets. That is how I applied it, too.

This Triumph took me on many long rides over the weekend, and it never let me down. The chassis is somewhat firm, but it did not cause any problems on smooth freeways. In addition, there was no issue with exhaustion due to the low effort required to cycle this apparatus.

You can still have a great time pedaling this bike on mountainous terrain; for instance, it will do very well on the Marilaque. And don’t count on it negotiating tight turns; it’s not agile enough for that.

It’s possible that the stock Pirelli tires are partially to blame for that. Tire sizes 100/90-18 up front and 150/70-17 in the rear provided outstanding steadiness, and I never had any problems with the car’s driving, even in inclement weather. When I say “severe,” I mean “a lot of rain,” and that’s precisely what I got for 90 percent of my weekend. But that shows how easy it is to ride the T120 on its pedals.

Stopping power is not an issue thanks to the bike’s twin 310mm disc brakes up front with the Brembo two-piston caliper and the 255mm disc brake at the back with the Nissin caliper. You can halt suddenly and with confidence, thanks to the anti-lock brakes (ABS) installed on both wheels.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

It can be challenging on a cycle of this size and weight, especially when taking patient, deliberate steps. Due to the engine’s propensity to get hot in slow-moving traffic, I got burn marks on my weather apparel. At least, unlike some other bikes I’ve tried, this one’s brake and gear change controls aren’t so stiff that I had to groan in pain as I maneuvered through some underground congestion.

Extra Features

You may recall that I stated that even though it is an old computer, it is fitted with cutting-edge gadgets. It turns out that this source is surprisingly rich in data. The T120 initially features speed regulation. The one-button motion might appear complicated initially, but it’s relatively easy to use. In my experience, this is a feature I often use pretty often. It further supports my claim that the T120 isn’t optimized for use on rugged terrain or at high speeds.

Triumph deserves praise for including an accurate petrol gauge and a mileage indicator. The two instruments themselves are only analog to keep the retro look. Still, the small digital displays integrated into them display all the data you’ll need to use them effectively.

The T120 provides passengers with a wide range of convenient transportation choices. You probably guessed correctly that I spent more time in Rain mode than in the more typical Road mode, but at least I now know how to use it effectively in an emergency.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle – Price

The Triumph Bonneville T120 is perhaps the best-equipped classic motorbike presently available, and it also happens to be one of the most appealingly pleasing. Built with the same sturdy and powerful motor, cutting-edge technology, and elegant design as the original, this replica bears Triumph’s most recognized name.

Although the P945, 000 price tag on the Gold Line Edition may seem steep initially, it offers remarkable value when considering everything you get for under a million pesos. Triumph’s Bonneville T120 is spot-on, and it’s the best option for anyone shopping for a casual two-wheeler.

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle

Triumph 2022 Bonneville T120 Gold Line Edition Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine & Transmission

Type Liquid-cooled, eight valves, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin
Capacity 1200 cc
Bore 97.6
Stroke 80
Compression 11.0:1
Max Power EC 64.1 HP @ 7400 RPM
Max Torque EC 59 LB-FT @ 3750 rpm
System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Brushed stainless steel two into two exhaust system with twin silencers
Final Drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate torque assist clutch
Gearbox Five-speed


Frame Tubular steel, twin cradle frame
Swingarm Twin-sided fabrication
Front Wheel Aluminium rimmed 32 spoke 2.75” x 18”
Rear Wheel Aluminium rimmed 32 spoke, 4.25” x 17”
Front Tire 100/90-18
Rear Tire 150/70 R17
Front Suspension Ø41mm cartridge forks
Rear Suspension Twin RSU’s with pre-load adjustment
Front Brakes Single Ø310mm floating disc, Brembo 2 piston axial caliper, ABS
Rear Brakes Single Ø255mm disc, Nissin 2 piston floating caliper, ABS
Instrument Display and Functions Twin dial analog speedometer and tachometer, including LCD multi-functional displays

Dimensions & Weights

Width Handlebars 30.7 in (780 mm)
Height Without Mirror 43.7 in (1100 mm)
Seat Height 31.1 in (790 mm)
Wheelbase 57.1 in (1450 mm)
Rake 25.5 º
Trail 4.1 in (105.2 mm)
Tank Capacity 3.8 US gal (14.5 liters)
Wet Weight 520 lb (236 kg)

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption 60.1 mpg (4.7 l/100km)
CO2 Figures 107 g/km