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Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

A motorcycle that gives you a mixture of feeling all at once and especially freedom, it makes you realize that you’re committed, enjoying the outdoors and balancing gravity in your wheels. Why should you prefer vintage bikes over the new ones? It’s because their maintenance is easy, and it gives you a sense of style that only a vintage motorcycle can provide. Apart from these facts, the price is comparatively pretty less than the new ones in the market. This guide gives you the Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000.

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000 – Top Rated

10. BSA Rocket (1968-1972)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

Birmingham Small Arms started manufacturing motorcycles during the 30s which was easy for them as they produced weapons for the British army. I owned a DBD34 Gold Star Clubman but I saw several BSA Road Rockets on the road. You can still get the last ones of “Beezus” Rocket 3 for 10k as they are now collector items. The BSA and Triumph for survival banded together in the late ’60s. So then the BSA Rocket 3 and Triumph Trident were styled by Triumph in England, Meriden, and BSA built both in a Small Health Factory it owned. The Rocket 3 developed 60 horsepower and was a 740cc transverse triple with “ray gun” sporting signature mufflers.

9. Kawasaki Z1/Z1-B/KZ-900(1972-1976)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

Z1 was the most powerful Japanese four-stroke, four-cylinder bikes in the market when it was introduced in 1972. It helped Kawasaki to become a versatile manufacturer by winning almost every award for motorcycles. The Z1 and the other two models mentioned here were capable of outstanding acceleration and 130 mph speed time. It also involves the chain and rear shock absorber replacements and rear tire. DOHC also came up with an 82-hp optional electric start with all roller bearing transverse four with the easiest and lightest kickstart.

8. Ducati 860GT/GTS (1974-1976)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

The designer of the authentic Maserati Ghibli and DeLorean, Giorgetto Giugiaro also designed the 860GT. According to the owner of Ducati, Mick Walker said that this bike was supposed to bring up new ideas and dimensions for the customers and the firm. Few individuals didn’t appreciate its design in the US, and maybe this is why it is affordable now. This 90-degree bevel twin with 864cc and outstanding torque punch with left side shifting made this bike out-stand. The bike also shared the carburetor of the Ducati 750 sports twin.

7. Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S (1980-1982)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

I’m not a fan of Japanese bike but katana is something I can’t ignore. The bike has a huge 1100cc four-cylinder, 108bhp and 140 mph whack. Katana also has Star Wars design which makes it differ from other vintage pieces. Suzuki outsourced its design work to a European firm called Target design, who’s stylish Hans Georg Kasten, Hans Muth and Jan Fellstorm was responsible for the designs. Suzuki gave this bike an AMA superbike look with the astonishing result of performance. But it did not maintain the style of original katana.

6. Harley Davidson Sportster (1957-2004)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

Harley has offered this model since 1957, with several changes and uncountable variables. From the displacement increase of 883 to 1200cc, this bike has been offered from the ’50s. This bike has always been more elegant than Milwaukee’s huge machines. This bike was introduced with an “evolution” improved engine within 1986. In 1991, a five-speed gearbox was introduced till 2003 when the engines became hard mounted to the frame. The most amazing cafe racer with black on black XLCH is most probably high priced for us, but we do have XL, XLR, XLS and XLT that fall under the category of 10k. The accessories host from HD also helps you customize your Davidson Sportster.

5. Honda CB750 (1969-1978)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

According to the cycle magazine, there wasn’t any bike like this made before. CB750 was Japan’s first superbike with quick, stylish and hardcore four-cylinder. Even though MV Augusta of Italy offered a pretty expensive inline-four model of road-going, but since Honda was easy to maintain and lest costly, it took the lead. The bike was available only for $1495 and gave a benefit of electric start, five speeds and front disc brake, which was surely an enormous deal.

4. Norton Commando (1967-1977)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

Norton was known for its Isle of Man TT races which were a proud British name for several decades. The Royle Royce beginner introduced Commando in 1967 with new frame design. It had mounted in rubber to mitigate vibration and parallel-twin engine. This bike was also known for being the ‘Machine of the Year’ in motorcycle news. The displacement increased from 750 to 850cc. Norton also introduced the dashing John Player Special Norton (JPN) in 1974. The next year, buyers from the US could order the Commando with left side shifting, electric starting and livery, which was sexy black and gold.

3. BMW R-Series Flat Twins (1969-1980)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

The R series which is classic, can be anything, from being a sports bike or grand tourer or a solid platform for sidecar work. These bikes are available in good condition within a low budget. The BMW designs and machines are so wonderful that anyone can notice that it’s a BMW. This bike has 6 1/4 gallon gas tank, flat handlebars, rubber knee pads, comfortable footpegs and telescopic forks that are longitude. It is also available in displacements from 500-1000cc and has a horizontally opposed dual cylinder. Double carburetors and efficient and clean shaft drive setup. Even until now, BMW is renowned for making the basic flat twin, and its fan still goes head over heels for it.

2. Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk (1976-1984)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

The bikes made by Italy’s primo motorcycles racing firm make people drool. The Le Mans model from 1976-78 provides amazing power exhaust that’ll always provide you content. This bike offers high compression (10:2:1) pistons, matte black frame and exhaust system, bikini fairing, 36nm Dell Orto carbs, triple-drilled disk brakes, easy to handle shaft drive and a speed of 124 mph. The head cylinder heads on both sides with 71 hp V twin, and it fitted crossways.

1. Triumph Bonneville (1965-1982)

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000

The bike is named after popular Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where it broke several records and was also rode by Brando in The Wild One and McQueen in The Great Escape. This bike was introduced in the sixties and is a great package in under 10k. It is considered as the best of the breeds of Triumph as mentioned by the author of three books of triumph, Lindsay Brooke. It has a 12-volt electrics, better engine breathing, twin leading shoe front brakes and steering geometry with more flashy livery. The model of late seventies T140 Bonneville was introduced with American market high handlebars, single front disc and left side shifters. In 1980. T140ES bike was also offered with electric start and all-rounder disc brakes.

Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000
1 Triumph Bonneville (1965-1982)
2 Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk (1976-1984)
3 BMW R-Series Flat Twins (1969-1980)
4 Norton Commando (1967-1977)
5 Honda CB750 (1969-1978)
6 Harley Davidson Sportster (1957-2004)
7 Suzuki Katana GSX-1100S (1980-1982)
8 Ducati 860GT/GTS (1974-1976)
9 Kawasaki Z1/Z1-B/KZ-900(1972-1976)
10 BSA Rocket (1968-1972)


Today’s article is an ideal one for those collectors and riders who always prefer vintage and classic motorcycles over others. This article provides the full detailing about the Top Ten Vintage Motorcycles Under $10,000, and it is covered under Bikes Catalog. If you own any of the bikes or have any riding experience, do share it with us in the comment section below.

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