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Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

After the pandemic, things slowly started to return to normal in 2022. Motorcycle manufacturers gave us several excellent bikes, such as the Royal Enfield Hunter, the all-new Bajaj Pulsar P150, and many others. But, this year looks like there will be a lot of activity in the two-wheeler market as several Indian bike manufacturers are gearing up to introduce high-end products there. Here are the Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023, even if this list doesn’t include every bike released this year and our timetable can only be estimated under certain circumstances.

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023 – Top Rated

1. Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

The eagerly anticipated RE Super Meteor 650 will be launched as the first rocket of 2023. But in essence, it has an Interceptor 650 engine in a cruiser format, with premium parts like USD forks, LED headlights, and aluminum trim. So what’s to dislike? Maybe the ground clearance is terrible, or the curb weight is too much. But after we ride the bike later this month, we’ll know if those are significant drawbacks.

2. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

So, another eagerly awaited Royal Enfield motorcycle seems to be the most advanced RE ever. Yes, the single-cylinder motor in the Himalayan 450 will be liquid-cooled. So expect the same performance as the KTM 390 Adventure, if not slightly more. Also, we’re told that the vehicle will be pretty light and built as an actual hardcore off-road adventure vehicle. It has been viewed a million times so far, with even Royal Enfield head honcho Siddharth Lal personally teasing it on Instagram. By the end of August this year, we expect to see it on our roads.

3. Hero XPulse 400

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

The hero will release a more significant Xpulse device for us soon. Like the KTM 390 Adventure, the Xpulse 400 will be a mini adventure bike. But, it will have a bigger 421cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. In terms of performance, we expect it to at least beat the BMW G 310 GS. A hero will undoubtedly draw on its experiences at the Dakar Rally to give this big Xpluse some legitimate off-road cred. He must also worry about the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 and KTM 390 Adventure. Hero is well-known so they will set the price.

4. Triumph-Bajaj Roadster and Scrambler

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

It seems like Triumph and Bajaj announced their partnership in the distant past. But the results of such cooperation are fast approaching. Fruit – not fruit. We will get a Roadster and a Scrambler, two small successes produced by Bajaj. Think of them as smaller versions of the Triumph Street Twin and Triumph Street Scrambler powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine between 250 and 350 cc. They have already been tested outside Bajaj’s facility outside Pune, so their release is undoubtedly close — come the second half of 2023.

5. 2023 KTM 390 Duke

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

The third-gen KTM 390 Duke will be available by the end of 2023, initially with a facelift in 2013 and then a second-generation update in 2017 with performance and features. So what can we expect? The engine is more significant, going from 373cc to 399cc. Thus, more torque, power, and madness. Also, spy photos have shown that it will have a redesigned frame, sub-frame and swingarm. And expect an update suspension. Additionally, we can only hope that KTM India will offer adjustable suspension. In addition to all these, there will be other features, such as a wholly updated electronics package. But at the same time, we expect the price to increase significantly.

6. Bajaj Pulsar 125

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

While there is no established information about the new baby Pulsar, we believe Bajaj is working on one to complement the recently released Pulsar P150. Given the significant increase in motorcycle prices over the past few years, it makes sense for Bajaj to develop a new version of the Pular 125. It could have the updated look of the P150 and be lighter and smoother. We don’t know when to estimate that, but our best guess is 2023. Who knows? It could be delayed until early 2024.

7. Triumph Street Triple Range

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

The complete range of Triumph Street Triples was significantly improved in 2022 and will be available by February or March this year. R, RS, and the incredibly unique Moto2 Edition are the three available variations. The Moto2 variant produces just 10 PS less than Triumph’s original Moto2 race engine, while the R and RS each have slightly more power and torque than their previous iterations. Now that’s crazy! But sadly, the Moto2 version will be a limited edition, and India will only get the new R and RS. No big deal as it also brings a slightly revised design and improved suspension, brakes and electronics.

8. Yamaha MT-07 and YZF-R7

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

Yamaha has been abusing us for years by denying us their big bikes. Although we did get the MT-09 a few years back, it was promptly retired. However, things could change in 2023 if Yamaha manages to release the MT-07 and ideally the R7. To avoid future OBD-2 regulations, which will take effect in April 2023 and beyond, these will only be available as CBUs in limited quantities until January or February, from what we understand. Still, since CBUs are heavily taxed, they are expected to be expensive. Why do you do this, Yamaha?

9. Honda Hornet and Transalp

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

In 2022, Honda revealed an all-new CB750 Hornet. Imagine a CB500 with a 750cc parallel twin motor instead. It looks pleasant. What sounds even better, though? An adventure bike based on the 750 platforms. It is introducing Translip 750! In essence, it should resemble a miniature African twin. And that’s enough to get us ADV fans excited. We expect Honda to bring the new Hornet and Translip to India, possibly by mid-to-late 2023. We don’t expect much from either of them; however, given Honda’s history of charging a lot for their big bikes, come on, Honda, prove us wrong!

10. Suzuki V-Storm 800 DE

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023

The V-Strom 800 DE, which Suzuki debuted at EICMA 2022, is an exemplary improvement over the V-Strom 650. By using an 800cc parallel-twin motor instead of a V-twin, it departs from the VStrom tradition. So perhaps P-Strom should be used to refer to it. However, Suzuki informs us that this parallel twin has been optimized to produce the same torque as a V-twin. So, like the 650, this 800 should deliver the perfect balance of on- and off-road performance. Also, it has undergone extensive modernization. Maybe, we will get it before Diwali in 2023.

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Motorcycles Arriving in 2023
1 Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650
2 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450
3 Hero XPulse 400
4 Triumph-Bajaj Roadster and Scrambler
5 2023 KTM 390 Duke
6 Bajaj Pulsar 125
7 Triumph Street Triple range
8 Yamaha MT-07 and YZF-R7
9 Honda Hornet and Transalp
10 Suzuki V-Storm 800 DE

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