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Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

Designs that are unobjectionable have higher chances of being remembered throughout the saga. In this list, the audience might condemn some of our options as the world’s top ten bike designers. Among several, David Robb was the one who succeeded in the past of BMW was a great miss for converting the company’s impression over the years. Gerald Kiska was trusted with many KTM’s styles over the past ten years or so; he might have been selected for producing the sharped edge look that various companies are not reproducing. Some Japanese bikes designers are still stuck to similar designs. The designer of Suzuki Katana and BMW, Hans Muth, should Aldo receive recognition. Along with this, JT Nesbitt, the person behind fabulous looking Confederates should also be mentioned. So, here is the list of Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers that have changed the entire motorcycling history.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers – Top Rated

10. Ola Stenegard

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

The uneven styles of BMW’s S1000RR might change opinions, but there’s no doubt that the German company succeeded in making the first real superbike of the current generation. BMW has got a guy that is Ola Stenegard, who has designed HP2 and S1000RR to style their sports bikes. He can be traditional with his designs when making a Japanese bike and can also add Italian machine designs, but instead, he has made a style that can easily and quickly be defined as a BMW’s superbike.

9. Craig Vetter

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

Craig Vetter has only certain designs of bikes even though he has worked for several decades, even though some designers compared to him have portfolios of the bike designs. One of his designs of Triumph X-75 Hurricane is one of his most popular masterpieces. He designed a style in which the tank was melded into the side panels, and no one has ever come up with such designs. There is also a question for this guy about developing a modern style Hurricane. The Windjammer he designed is also one of his work that makes him popular.

8. Willie G Davidson

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

Harley’s not the only bike that has unique designs. Willie G Davidson, responsible for looking after the company’s heritage, has given a direct connection to this family that began H-D 110 years ago. No matter how much we contradict, we can’t deny the fact that Harley’s shapes and designs never disappoint and are mostly just correct in every manner. You can never condemn Willie. G no matter how where you try.

7. Shunji Tanaka

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

The person in charge of the designing department of Kawasaki for the last ten years is Tanaka. He is the man behind every generation GTR1400, ZZR1400, and ZX-10R and is responsible for the firm’s motocross machines as well. Serving at a time when Kawasaki’s styles were blamed for being simple and dull, he has reproduced the designs for the company on several occasions. A lot of his designs haven’t gained much success like the ZX-10R, but he has surely changed the concept of dull designs.

6. Pierre Terblanche

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

Even among the existence of Tamburri, Pierre Terblanche took the risk to give out his designs and replaced 916-998 and produced 999. Now after more than ten years, several candidates are admitting that they do like this model. Ducati gig is a bike that had no comparison, but among this style, Terblanche cannot be downplayed. Super mono was amazing in looks, 900SS also proved to be fabulous, and MH900e proved how vintage style could be used with modern designs. Now, this guy is styling Confederates, which is exciting as there is a surprise about what South Africans will now invent.

5. Adrian Morton

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

He was the man who also followed the path of Tamburini. Adrian is in charge of the present generation MVAgustas, which also includes the charming B3, F3, and Rivale. Luckily, the guy was also into the production of authentic MV Augusta F4 in the mid-1900s. Before he could take over the MV Augusta from his boss, he shaped and designed Benelux Tornado, which has amazing features.

4. Miguel Angel Galluzzi

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

This guy can be credited more as compared to Tamburini and Terblanche for making the company get back in operation in the 1990s. It is because he designed an affordable bike that is Ducati Monster in 1992, which is more revolutionary than 916 that appeared after a year. There were a lot of designs and machines that were made by keeping in mind and paraphrasing Monster, even today’s Monster’s styles are still similar to the one designed back then. Miguel followed Tamburini to MV Augustus, also designed Raptor and Aprilia/Piaggo, later on, to see how strong Galluzi’s styles were. He has recently designed 1400cc Guzzi California reboot.

3. Gianandrea Fabbro

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

The styling of 916 beat the 999 Ducati for its racing power. Fabbro was the person responsible who came back for Ducati’s designs caging 1098. The bike used ideas from Tamburini’s wonder as if it was trying to make everyone forget about the 999. Fabbro’s masterpiece made this bike go in the shades. The bike’s designs and mechanical characteristics were more real and virtual than before; this helped Fabbro earned the 3rd top spot on the list. We are waiting for more of his masterpieces to come into the market.

2. Mitsuyoshi Kohama

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

Throughout the list, you can notice that Tamburini has several outcast designers. However, Mitsuyoshi Kohama, who is the chief designer of Honda’s motorcycle and has contributed to several other bikes as well, has gained the second position in this list. His creation NR750 is well known for its oval-pistoned engine and reasonable price of £37k. This bike is also inspired by Tamburini Ducati 916 style. Even though the bike was designed in 1989, it still has a modern look and has great features of slot-shaped headlights, under-seat exhaust, and single-sided swingarm.

Other styles that Kohama invented for Honda include original Fireblade, VFR750, NS400R, and RC211V GP Machine that has made Honda sports bike look stunning.

1. Massimo Tamburini

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers

On first position in the list of Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers, we have Massimo Tamburini. This guy was predicted to gain the topmost position of this list as we can see that he has inspired a lot of bike designers. The Ducati 916 can be the single masterpiece that can make him outlook all the other stylists and bike designers. The MV Augusta is also one of his wonders; along with these, he also invented Bimota, SB2, or the fabulous HDB1. Even in his initial days, tamburini made unique designs that have contributed to make him the world’s greatest bike designer.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Motorcycle Designers
1 Massimo Tamburini
2 Mitsuyoshi Kohama
3 Gianandrea Fabbro
4 Miguel Angel Galluzzi
5 Adrian Morton
6 Pierre Terblanche
7 Shunji Tanaka
8 Willie G Davidson
9 Craig Vetter
10 Ola Stenegard


In the end, team Bikes Catalog would say thanks to these brilliant designers who gave us such an impressive gift. If these guys did not think outside of the box, then we will not witness those amazing bikes.

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