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Test KTM 350 SX-F 2012 Antonio Cairoli

They dominated championships MX1 and MX2, they are world champions and they are with the test on with bikescatalog! We had the privilege to take the handlebar of the official KTM of World the Motocross 2012. Any lord any honor: let us begin with the KTM 350 SXF controlled by Antonio Cairoli this season 2012.

Test KTM 350 SX-F 2012 Antonio Cairoli: One rolled on world champion MX1

It is on the circuit of the Italian GP of Mantova that we join the official staff KTM which, only for us, made three KTM factories from season MX 2012. One prolific season for the Austrians since titles MX1 and MX2 are to be put at the account pilot oranges.
In addition, Antonio Cairoli took down this year the sixth title of his career, the third with the handlebar of the KTM 350 SXF. That one we will test today.
Difficult not to let trail it eyes on this KTM 350 SXF Factory. Without falling into the slap to the lunatic eye, there is the heavy one on this motor bike: fork 52 mm in diameter, protections carbon, hubs of wheels, t-pieces of fork E parts engine out of aluminum cut in the mass, line supplements Akrapovic, footrest and back-tallies out of titanium, battery hardly bulkier than a cereal bar… You will have understood that hunting for the weight does not leave anything random.

Test KTM 350 SX-F 2012 Antonio Cairoli: One rolled on world champion MX1

Not really a chopper easy rider

In saddle, the motor bike appears much lower than the KTM SX-F of origin, but that is undoubtedly due to the extreme flexibility of the shock absorber. And then, he is not the very large world champion in title.
For as much, one cannot say that the motor bike of Antonio Cairoli is easier to take over, with a typified position chopper tools. The much released back almost gives the impression which will pursue as one of the first large shock. But magic of a shock absorber machines, it is not nothing!
Paradoxically, the fork is out of concrete!
Impossible to remain passive here: it is necessary to be shown as a very incisive, very dynamic and very easy to control on the front one. Come Toni what. Good OK, it is easier to say than to make, the more as the fork destroyed you so the arms at the end of two turns…

Test KTM 350 SX-F 2012 Antonio Cairoli: One rolled on world champion MX1

An engine except limit

If the behavior of the frame proves surprising, that to say mill of this world champion? The color is announced by staff: this year, the KTM 350 SXF of Antonio Cairoli posted the same number of horses as the 450. As much to say that blows serious! The low modes are not exceptional.
It is like a strapping man but not what to break three legs with a duck… for a motor bike of factory gets along. On the other hand, as soon as one hangs the mid–modes one passes on with another dimension. Kate becomes angry and is transformed into concentrate of adrenalin! As for the high modes, they are quite simply unreal.
It is simple; one did not find a limit! When it is thought that it suits to return the hand, the SX-F continues its rise without losing one ounce of output. Incredible! The engine likes to be started again with great blow of clutch, run piloting is not setting: it is 120% attack only.
One tried well to know how much turns it takes for being the world champ’, but in vain: nobody at KTM let the cat out of the bag. It will be noted that the engine brake of the KTM 350 is surprisingly marked for a motor bike of this gauge. It is by the way of will, the world champion, in adequacy with his piloting one-off.

Test KTM 350 SX-F 2012 Antonio Cairoli: One rolled on world champion MX1

Assessment: With exceptional pilot, motor bike of exception!

This is not to say, it is of the strapping man of this KTM Factory. The KTM 350 SX-F of Cairoli, before its concrete and its much released back is intended for a quite precise piloting: that of world champion MX1. But this engine, which one does not seem to be able to reach the limits… I still have shivers of them: one dreamed for all Crossman which are respected, but not a motor bike close to everyone!

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