Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings

Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings: The King's Cross motorcycle silica

They dominated world championship MX1 and MX2, they are world champions for the year 2012 and they are with the test on with the bikescatalog! After the KTM 350 SXF of Antonio Cairoli, it is today the KTM 250 SXF of Jeffrey Herlings who passes between our hands!

Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings: The King's Cross motorcycle silica

Always on the famous international circuit of Mantova accompanied by all of the staff KTM of GP MX, and after the KTM 350 SX-F of Antonio Cairoli, it is a new world champion whom we are on the point of testing. This time, it is the scarecrow of category MX2, the KTM 250 SXF official of Jeffrey Herlings.

It should be stressed that the championship of World MX2 did not leave more of the Austrian rows since 2008 and the series continues in 2012 with the first title of Jeffrey Herling. I acknowledge: it is the motor bike, which for a long time has poked more of my curiosity… And well that falls well, because today, it is for me!

As for the KTM 350 SX-F, the KTM 250 SXF have the complete panoply of a Factory motor bike: fork 52 mm in diameter, carbon and aluminum cut in the mass with all sauces without forgetting titanium for the footrests, back-tallies it, the wheel axles or the suspension springs.

Here nothing is randomly left in order to approach the weight limit imposed by the FIM (102 kg without petrol). It is announced to us on the way that it is simply possible to make a motor bike even lighter…

Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings: The King's Cross motorcycle silica

One 250 normal SX-F, but in better…

It is left for 20 minutes test in inflated mode “to block” with the reference plate MX2. First of all, the good news is that there is no extravagance on the motor bike of the Dutchman: the position and ergonomics are similar to a standard KTM. Then, and for my greater happiness, the suspensions are not too firm and the plate is normal.
It is even rather comfortable than KTM 250 SXF, the unit works with wonder on the beginning of compression and gum all the small shocks. When one types inside, that boxes perfectly and that does not stumble when one puts oneself long on a jump. Progressiveness is optimal, just like the balance of this motor bike which intends a player to be with very, handy, stable and easy…
Waves of sand rutting in skew without losing its course with the aft wheel which absolutely remains sell taped on the ground by transmitting all the engine output. One would believe oneself in the skin of the king of silica and it is rather great! Braking is very powerful and rather easy in proportion, one really has the feeling to have much force at the end of the finger.

Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings: The King's Cross motorcycle silica

The ultimate weapon

The mill shows malicious answering! Although one expects it to have grinds time considering the KTM Factory to transfer with the outposts at the time of the departures, the result is impressive.
There is all in one engine! The force with low mode is phenomenal; the motor bike arises from the support of sand eater of horses as so of nothing was not. These blows of clutch very quickly titillate the mill which retorts with rage. Then, and well that take turns, much of turns!
Contrary to the motor bike of Antonio Cairoli, on the other hand, the interrupter was found. OK… while insisting a little. This round and powerful engine is multi car i.e. the beach of use is very broad; one will not take it at fault.
Moreover it should be known that the KTM 250 SXF of Herlings has only four reports. You will say that it sold a little like speech, but honestly, one does not see what’s reproaching him, with this Austrian mill.

Test KTM 250 SXF 2012 Jeffrey Herlings: The King's Cross motorcycle silica

Assessment: The perfect motor bike of Cross-country race?

After this screen test, a conclusion is essential: I want the same one! It is true that the motor bike does not make the pilot; nevertheless, the KTM 250 SXF of Jeffrey Herlings gives you wings! The motor bike of the young Dutchman is more “normal” to the KTM of factory, the instructions are similar to that of a motor bike of origin in particular on the level of the frame, and it is undoubtedly for one feels at ease very quickly. One passes in another dimension. And one wonders how it will be possible to better do.