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Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013

State of the art 4 stroke technology and the most powerful engines makes the  Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013 excellent in industry. One goes up in cubic capacity for this presentation of the range of motorcycles of Enduro Husaberg 2013 with large Swedish 4-time. The Husaberg 450 FE and the 501 FE change enormously compared to what was done up to now at Husaberg. But this change has all the same like airs of already considering… Explanations.

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Husaberg 450 and 501 FE: First test

When the veil rises on the news Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE, the disappearance of the tilted cylinder motor of 70° specific to the large motorcycles of Enduro Swedish is only one half-surprise. Over this year 2013, one thus finds a motorization identical to that of the last KTM 450 EXC-F.
You will have understood it, at Husaberg, one speaks from now on, more of the Austrian than Swedish: part of the national identity of the brand flew away. Despite everything, the two large motorcycles blue and yellow can count on the small ones more which are well.

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Swedish Teasers

Impossible to differentiate, at first sight, Husaberg 450 FE of the 501 FE: the two motorcycles are in all identical points, sticker indicating the cubic capacity. No concern on the level of the equipment, our two Swedish has all that it is necessary where it is necessary.
The practical aspects are looked after, with a driving shoe, protect-hands, a kit deco encrusted in the plastics, a rapid access with the filter, a mudguard before rigidified very broad…
Unless not liking blue, one can only admire the development of both large FE. Swedish Ready to Race? A just reward of the history since the slogan fetish of KTM, it is at Husaberg which used it in first!

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Not allowed to fall asleep!

To the handlebar of Husaberg FE, that they are the Husaberg 450 FE or the 501 FE, one quickly realizes that beautiful Swedish was thinned, especially to the level as of calves. The width of the motorcycles with tilted cylinder could seem a hair excessive: it is from now on past; one is here much close to the standards of Enduro. The feeling to be on a large motorcycle persists however, in particular because of broad and a little rough side hearing of dismantling. Up to now both FE make good match, but the differences are felt as soon as one passes to the action.
On the Husaberg 450 FE, one is quickly made to take the fold and one feels quickly at ease. The motorcycle is rather player and threads well. One needs however dynamism to take pleasure on this FE, particularly when one wants to extremely roll and just. After the passage on the 350, one feels well that there is more weight to manage, but also a little more inertia. But Zaberg remains one 450 rather accessible, that the common run of the endurists will take it over without enormous constraint.

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Exchange gives appreciably on the Husaberg 501 FE. The general behavior does not change radically, but it is necessary to more often apply more, and longer. One very quickly made flunk his trajectory on a small error of attention. The Husaberg 501 FE is not really heavier than the 450 (less than 1 kg of difference) but higher inertia obliges, it extremely pushes more with braking.
Side suspensions, the Husaberg 450 FE and the Husaberg 501 FE are very close, with a nose gear comfortable and effective which gum well the holes breaking of this circuit of Balsa, and a shock absorber which tractor draws suitably in all circumstances. Favors however with the junior, elder being shown a little least intuitive with acceleration.

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Husaberg 450 nice, 501 tease

I admit it; I really got my kicks with Husaberg 450 FE. The smooth and torque engine is quite simply perfect to roll up on the higher report. The first, very short, appeared a little useless besides to us: one will leave oneself the technical zones easily on the second report without touching with the clutch.
It is round; it does not have there a blow of piston that does not take as a traitor: true nice, in fact, Husaberg 450 Husaberg. And reassure: one can also pass in mode attacks, because the Blue one is expressed also extremely well in the turns.
The 60 additional Cm3 of the Husaberg 501 are not there to make pretty. As of the first blows of trigger, one feels that it is irritated under the cylinder head. One will quickly realize that there is necessary to remain delicate with large FE. Thus, one will not be delayed on a report: I is worth to assemble speeds and to roll on the couple not to be made (too much) surprise.
The motorcycle forgives less the approximation: a badly measured acceleration and one finds themselves quickly in the uncomfortable position of equilibrium. Here the first is as useful as on one 500 2-times and two reports moreover do not frighten the subsidiary shell. There is however necessary to remain vigilant with very low mode, because the motorcycle does not prevent when it is in extreme cases of the chock and little sometimes to stop Net without shouting station.

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Assessment: The choice of the reason… or not!

The Husaberg 450 FE will remain one of Husaberg most pleasant of this year 2013. A handy frame, comfortable suspensions, an optimal traction and a sufficient couple to roll up in mode “smooth at any moment”. The Husaberg 501 FE, it is other thing…
Do you like the strong feelings? This motorcycle is made for you! That pushes severe, it is far from being resting, and there is necessary to be essential on the motorcycle while remaining concentrated, which makes much for the average endurist. With my opinion, the Husaberg 501 FE is the vehicle of function of many loggers, Swedish of course…

Husaberg 450 FE 2013

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Husaberg 501 FE 2013

Test Husaberg 450 FE and 501 FE 2013: Two Enduro innovations

Remain that, even if that is not a pleasure to everyone inevitably of reading it, the Husaberg news is KTM painted in blue. Of Kate but in better, with an interesting added-value, as back-tallies it out of plastic more practical and wear resistant, and especially with the fork which is a reality more. Other sides of the coin, Husaberg 450 and 501 FE are more expensive: respectively 9,160 € and 9,360 €. But the difference not being except standard, if it is really necessary to choose between the two brands, one will lean perhaps more on the Swedish side.

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