Test BMW R69S 1969 Series 2

Test BMW R69S 1969: Series 2 version Sport

To roll into old, especially in Series 2, one is dreamed for any amateur of flat so much Gummy became impossible to circumvent.
Then you think well that one was not made request to test most prestigious of Series 2: BMW R69S. Who is delivered more in this cream, in option and one time when the black was still the standard and BMW?

Test BMW R69S 1969: Series 2 version Sport

For this standard test, bikescatalog.com takes the road of the vacancies, direction the southern part of country. With the menu: omelet with pepper, conserve of duck and of course flat-twin without moderation. It is Pier rot Perrot who nicely sticks himself to it with his superb BMW R69S creams of 1969.

Good foot good eye the Pier rot and its 78 springs, with the image of this mechanics to reliability and exemplary longevity, motor mechanic aviation obliges. Monsieur Perret, it is unconditional German motorcycles, in particular having a superb trio BMW R 51/3, BMW R60/2 and of course BMW R69S of 1969.

Test BMW R69S 1969: Series 2 version Sport

Flower power

1969 erotic year of course, Woodstock but also Abbey Road, first steps of Neil Armstrong on the moon, finally for us the fine policy of De Gaulle and the beginning of the years Pompidou… and for BMW swansong of Series 2 born in 1955. To tell the truth name is unsuitable: it would be to best indicate like “series with Earl’s fork and oscillating back with suspension of 500 and 600 Cm3”.
This generation is really that of the post-war period and of so much reappearing FRG the R 51/2, R51/3, R67, R67/2, R67/3 and R 68 – however produced between 1950 to 1955 – were only evolutions of the R51 models and R 66 of the immediate pre-war period. The innovation comes especially from the part cycles with the famous Earls fork with beam and the oscillating back suspension succeeding respectively the telescopic forks and sliding back suspension.

Test BMW R69S 1969: Series 2 version Sport

One of the first sports GT

Question engine, it is more the reliability which is put ahead with powers which spread out according to the models of 26 with 35 ch: undoubtedly of good utilities which will bring happiness to our administrations and other newsboys. In 1960, BMW must react in order to gum this image of utility for rolls and proposes two sporting R50 S and BMW R69S displaying 35 and 42 ch. respectively and given for 160 and 174 km/h.
The BMW R69S will be produced and diffused in the USA in one delivery until 1969, clean to this market. The engine of that of Pier rot shows more of 60,000 km origin. Bought in 2005, it was complete and revolving. Side left cycle; the restoration consisted of a complete disassembling followed by a sanding and a painting of the whole with change of all rubbers.
For the engine, a simple grinding of valves, a cleaning of the crabs and changeover in projection of lighting, petrol candles and tap were enough. The cylinders are in dimension of origin, it is to say that the mechanical reliability of German who displays 43 springs all the same.
In track with the traditional one-shot which makes contact with the nail on the level of the headlight? On the central crutch, the engine is started using the transverse kick, without difficulty none with a very reasonable compression. Ergonomics is acceptable with nevertheless a position moved back enough because of architecture engine.
On the other hand, the superb Meier reserve of 24 liters is well in leg with its narrower former part. Accustomed to the roughness of the BMW boxes in general, I am agreeably surprised by the smoothness of this one. This mechanics on the way does not encourage speeds with the flight but it is a pleasant surprise. The vitamin zed engine and its 42 ch. are quite present with an excellent lengthening-piece and a remarkable flexibility.

Test BMW R69S 1969: Series 2 version Sport

Assessment: While waiting for Series 5…

As for the part cycles, the characteristic fork asks a little practice with a certain heaviness at the low speeds, but once launched the nose gear appears very precise and effective and comfortable back damping, doubled by the mono suspended saddle. To note the shock absorber of direction of series on the BMW R69S which takes part on road degraded in the rigidity of the unit.
On the other hand braking particularly proves rather disappointing than before: imperative anticipation. With final, one rare moment of happiness on the most prestigious BMW classics which will finally give up its seat to the color and the modernity of series 5: to follow soon on bikescatalog.