Test Aprilia Atlantic 125 2013

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

After 8 years of good and faithful services, Aprilia Atlantic 125 returns to us in 2010 with a line and an ergonomics which is polished for a price always under the bar of the 3,000 €. For as much, is this stamped evolution sport really a business? bikescatalog delivers their verdict to you.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

Here thus a GT which wants to be basic but not stripped of interest for as much. Moreover to reinforce its sex appeal and to give him a small blow of young person in 2010, Aprilia is busy to accentuate its dynamic style by modifying parsimony with its presentation.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

A more modern front face

Main developments of this variation Sport concentrate in frontage. Like the MP3 LT, the vessel Aprilia adopts new bluish headlights. With the top, the bubble gains a distinction, thanks to its smoked aspect. The instrument panel is unchanged but the fund of needle meters adopts a white color. Strong thesis of some modifications where the black one of this delivered Atlantic gains in sportsmanship.
The impression is confirmed thereafter by the various signatures affixed on the scooter. Henceforth, the patronymic of Atlantic is registered on red bottom, just like the logos 125s placed low, on the sides of the apron. Lastly, in the back, “Sport” is registered on the lower part of the careenage. Here it is for the restyling of the bike.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

A position of relaxed control

For the rest, Atlantic does not change in 2010. It also always remains accessible, and even a little more, thanks to a redrawn saddle. The bearing of lumbar maintenance, formerly independent, is incorporated today in base. The well-being of pilot is reinforced and it is so much better, taking into account the suspension postpones a little lout. Culminating to only 770 mm of the ground, this seat makes possible the small gauges to feel with their ease.
The comfort of control is even reinforced by the good provision of the orders placed on a broad of handlebar and just curved what is necessary, like by the good visibility of the instrumentation and the protection of the bubble which we consider acceptable, even at “high” speed. And if the pilot can adopt the position “legs tended”, the passenger is as well parceled out. Admittedly, it does not have independent footrests but the foot boards spared in the prolongation of the floor are vast whereas the elevated saddle offers fondant of good quality.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

Behavior rigorous and reassuring

In action, Aprilia Atlantic 125 is not a genuine sporting scooter. It does not have unquestionably anything to see with the muscular tenors of the segment, X-max, Nexus and other Satelis RS at the head. Nevertheless, its behavior is rigorous and reassuring. It owes its good handling with the robustness of its frame.
Homogeneous for this one accepts all types of the coatings, even most chaotic. General-purpose, maid, Aprilia Atlantic 125 at the same time can faces the main roads and feels with its ease downtown. Handy and well balanced, it takes along instinct of one turn to the other. The framework, the heart of this scooter does not evolve either of an iota on this evo 2010. Thus, Atlantic preserves its motorization at carburetor (the same one as that which propels Piaggio X-Evo). It thus remains sometimes noisy and especially greedier while carburizing than a block injected.
However, this well-known motorization takes along with the brilliance machine more to speeds than acceptable for the category. And to stop its heat, the Aprilia scooter can always count on its two large discs of brakes before and back, in addition coupled with the left lever: at the very least reassuring when one begins in category 125 GT.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

A serious alternative to the cheap Asian models

Undoubtedly, the beginners, the female people and also the young people among us will not miss this ultimate grinding of the Italian GT coming from Neale. Not very expensive, accessible and general-purpose, this scooter aims at attracting on its new seat customers eager to roll on one 125 accessible GT, without to choose a mounting of Taiwanese or Korean origin.

Admittedly, this European model is not most practical (its trunk, which opens by an independent lock, proves badly arranged) but even after 8 years of existence, it does not have to redden of its services. As for its reliability, your maxi tests dedicated to the Aprilia Atlantic 125 and filed since 2002 (!) prove, that in general, it is proven.

Test Aprilia Atlantic 125

Besides that it is learned that even its maintenance remains reasonable. Vis-a-vis the last born of the GT category, complexes, sophisticated and expensive, Aprilia Atlantic 125 (2 999 €) thus seems a choice without large risk. What to satisfy the small budgets!