Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Review

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

The new Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike is the “Top-Of-The-Line” transcontinental traveler. It consolidates passionate V-Twin execution with cutting-edge solace and innovation. Since Yamaha is known for its high-quality bikes, the new Star Venture 2020 is worth riding a bike.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike – Features and Price

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Top Features

Highlighting a force-rich 1854cc air-cooled V-twin, Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike produces smooth, easy passing influence in any event when completely stacked. Furthermore, with ride-by-wire choke control, footing control, and selectable riding modes, Star Venture brings class-driving innovation to the extravagance touring class.

With Star Venture’s Sure-Park System, stopping moves are a breeze, even wholly stacked. Controlled from the handlebar, an electric engine gives forward and turns around drive to help during precarious stopping circumstances, particularly on unpleasant or helpless footing surfaces. With a robust sound framework and a vast, high-mounted touch-and voice-controlled infotainment framework, the Star Venture places the rider in order.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Music, route, correspondences, and vehicle frameworks are incorporated neatly into a solitary framework that sets new guidelines for two-wheeled innovation. Star Venture adapts to the needs of riders and travelers directly from the business floor through customizable ergonomics, wind energy insurance, and control devices. Hold warmers and warmed seats for both rider and traveler come standard, with a low seat stature for certainty at each stop.


Planned around a hard skeleton and progressed suspension frameworks, the Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike is worked to offer Yamaha’s prestigious taking care of capacity when the street turns twisty, without losing the solace or straight-line certainty anticipated from an extravagance traveler.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Riders that progression up to the Star Venture Transcontinental Option Package profit by a scope of alternatives, with upgraded infotainment highlights including GPS route, SiriusXM, extra speakers, and Yamaha’s restrictive Dual Zone sound control. Standard LED mist lights, extra locally available capacity, and a security alert balance the bundle.


A monstrous 1854cc air-cooled V-twin forces Star Venture for effortless passing power in any event when completely stacked. Yamaha has been refining the four-valve, twin-flash attachment, confined rooftop motor plan for almost 20 years to convey uncommon force and drivability. The Star Venture motor gives colossal energy with an exciting V-twin heartbeat and gratitude to lightweight fashioned compound cylinders, cautiously tuned counterbalances, and progressed motor mounts. The Star Venture makes a richly smooth ride ideal for quite a long time in the seat without weakness.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Grown explicitly for the necessities of significant distance touring, the six-speed gearbox highlights proportions picked to take advantage of the colossal low-end force accessible from the 1854cc motor for lively increasing speed in lower outfits and loosened up roadway cruising. The Yamaha Sure-Park System brings another degree of rider certainty to the Luxury Touring class. Controlled from the handlebar, a tiny electric engine gives forward and turns around the drive to deal with precarious stopping circumstances or helpless footing conditions.

The Star Venture motor uses a semi-dry-sump configuration, bringing down the viable focus of gravity by permitting the engine to sit lower in the casing. The external oil tank neatly coordinated into the aluminum subframe. Also, to keep up ideal motor temperatures, a smaller oil cooler is covered between the front down cylinders. Star Venture includes Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle, or YCC-T, a ride-by-wire choke control framework that changes over the rider’s hold contribution to exact choke control for perfect motor reaction and upgraded levels of refinement.

On account of YCC-T, Star Venture can mount an assortment of cutting-edge rider help advances, including Yamaha D-Mode and footing control. D-Mode permits the rider to browse two specific choke reaction settings: a smooth touring mode and a game mode for a keener reaction. The footing control framework forestalls wheel turn when managing decreased foothold street conditions.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Yamaha’s refined voyage control framework comes standard to ease long interstate spells for less weariness and improved mileage. Yamaha’s help and shoe grip give extra clasping power under increasing speed alongside the demonstrated focal points of a presentation shoe style grasp. This two-way configuration utilizes lighter grasp springs to diminish grip switch exertion and gives smoother deceleration, particularly while downshifting forcefully.

The Star Venture’s fumes framework includes a twin-suppressor plan with the guttural V-twin fumes note that custom touring fans look. Yamaha painstakingly built up the fumes tone all through the whole rpm range for an exciting soundtrack on each ride. Star Venture highlights combined alternators to give the sizeable electrical capacity to the warmed seats and holds, sound framework, and lighting. With 750 watts of total yield, riders cannot hesitate to add regular electrical frills or warmed clothing without burdening the bike’s charging framework.

Undercarriage / Suspension

The primary steel outline is tuned for ideal unbending nature for magnificent taking care of and responsiveness. At the same time, the back sub-frame utilizes Yamaha’s high-level aluminum kick the bucket projecting methods to decrease weight and incorporate mass considerably further. The decent undercarriage gives the Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike a mix of straight-line solid steadiness with spryness on the curviest of streets.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

On account of the semi-dry-sump motor, progressed outline plan, and cautious situating of significant parts, heading changes require less exertion for an additionally captivating ride with less weariness. The 46mm adjustable fork highlights damping and spring rates chose to offer an ideal equilibrium of knock ingestion and rapid taking care of, all without losing a light and responsive street feel. The Star Venture is a genuine riders’ machine that consolidates certifiable road holding execution with the rich solace anticipated from an extravagance touring cruiser.

The back suspension includes a linkage-type stun to make a reduced plan with a rich, controlled feel. Similarly, for the front fork, damping and spring stiffness are deliberately considered to make Star Venture achieve the perfect sense of balance and street input. The Star Venture includes elite, triple-plate brakes with cutting-edge electronic control. Yamaha’s Unified Braking System powerfully changes front and back brake power equilibrium to guarantee straight slowing down feel and force. What’s more, Yamaha’s refined non-freezing stopping mechanism (ABS) forestalls wheel lock-ups when managing decreased foothold street conditions.

The Star Venture moves on lightweight front and back machined aluminum combination wheels. In advance, the 18-inch wheel includes a 130/70 spiral tire for a light and nonpartisan controlling feel, while the back 16-inch edge mounts an enormous 200/55 outspread for shocking style and street holding. A high-level Tire pressure monitoring system highlights sensors in each wheel for certainty on extended visits without the burden of checking tire pressures before each ride.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

The Star Venture includes an immense 6.6-gallon fuel tank for liberal reach, effectively arriving 200 miles between fuel stops. Riders presently have the opportunity to travel farther than at any other time. Both hand switches offer five-position range changes. A profoundly cushioned seat – with unladen tallness of just 27.4 inches – makes planting the two feet on the asphalt simple, and it includes a rider backrest with three-position front and rearward change. The traveler backrest is more than 17 inches wide for a lot of space to move around, and traveler wood planks can be changed between two positions.

The Star Venture offers broad streamlined tuneability. An electrically movable windscreen offers over 3.5 crawls of vertical reach. Outer visors at the center of the fairing can be acclimated to coordinate virus air away from the riders on crisp rides or to coordinate cooling wind stream inwards for hotter climate. Also, ducted vents inside the lower fairing can be opened or shut to tweak wind current for evolving conditions.

Regardless of if the ride requires a crisp morning or a frozen mountain pass, Star Venture keeps both rider and traveler agreeable gratitude to a variety of warmed contact focuses, including rider grasps, rider seat, rider backrest, front seat, and traveler backrest. By coordinating vehicle frameworks into the infotainment comfort, running information, for example, trip PC capacities and tire weights, can be handily affirmed on-screen. In contrast, components, for example, the warmed seats, can be constrained by the rider.

Mounted high in the cockpit for improved permeability, the 7-inch full-shading LCD show puts a massive cluster of data and control at the rider’s fingertips. Controlled through the touchscreen, handlebar controls, or voice orders, this infotainment bundle gives the rider admittance to vehicle control and information, the scope of sound sources, and remote Bluetooth interchanges alternatives.

By connecting a Bluetooth-prepared cell phone, the Star Venture gives the rider unlimited authority of correspondences with both the traveler and the more extensive world straightforwardly through the infotainment show. Mounting combined elite speakers, the Star Venture sound bundle is prepared to take care of business. Get most loved nearby radio broadcasts, carry your music with you, or stream Pandora from your advanced mobile phone, all gratitude to USB, AUX sound system, or Bluetooth® remote association alternatives.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style

Riders venturing up the Star Venture Transcontinental Option Package are given a scope of infotainment updates. GPS route with focal points and course logging makes it simple to plan, share, and transfer ride courses from the solace of your home PC. A CB radio framework keeps you in contact with other street clients. SiriusXM holds the tunes siphoning across the state or the nation, while SiriusXM Travel Link gives climate and traffic refreshes.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike – Price

The 2020 Star Venture is available in two distinct color and price options, i.e., Impact Blue and Granite Gray. The motorcycle is available for $24,999 and $26,999 only, and the latter has got an additional Transcontinental Option Package in it.

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 113-cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled OHV V-twin; 8 valves
Bore x Stroke 100.0mm x 118.0mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel Delivery Yamaha Fuel Injection with YCC-T and D-Mode
Transmission 6-speed; multiplate assist and wet slipper clutch
Final Drive Belt

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style Specs


Suspension / Front 46mm telescopic fork; 5.1 inches of travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock including remote preload adjustment; 4.3 inches of travel
Brakes / Front Dual hydraulic disc of 298 mm; Unified Brake System & ABS
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 320 mm; Unified Brake System & ABS
Tires / Front 130/70R18 Bridgestone® Exedra®
Tires / Rear 200/55R16 Bridgestone® Exedra®

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style Specs


L x W x H 106.3 inches x 39.9 inches x 55.5 – 59.1 inches
Seat Height 27.4 inches
Wheelbase 67.3 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 31.0°
Trail 5.7 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 4.9 inches
Fuel Capacity 6.6 gallons
Fuel Economy 34.0 mpg
Wet Weight 957 lb / 963 lb (Transcontinental model)

Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike Style Specs


Warranty 5 Year Warranty Coverage (1-year limited factory warranty + 4 years Yamaha Extended Service = 5 years coverage)


Star Venture 2020 Yamaha Transcontinental Touring Bike offers one of the most advanced infotainment packages observed on two wheels. With an extra pair of high-yield speakers and Yamaha’s elite Dual Zone sound control, which permits rider and traveler to choose diverse sound sources, hold private calls, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.