2013 Honda MSX 125 Specs

News motorcycle 2013: Honda MSX 125

Honda planned to launch 125 Cm3 baptized MSX in 2013. A small urban motorcycle with full of fun, compact, light, adapted to the men and the women, easily understood to beginners, to run all the year without ruining itself. Parliament in Thailand, MSX 125 takes the historical continuation of Monkey, Dax and other ZB.

 News motorcycle 2013: Honda MSX 125

Firstly surprised in the beginning of this year 2013 – and we will have others of them, which is obvious – Honda reveals us today the Honda MSX 125, for Mini Street Extreme 125. A very new motorcycle assembled in Thailand and taking again equipment and a mechanics known to reduce the manufacturing costs, but which does not make the dead end on technology. Not less than four patents were indeed deposited to protect this innovation from niche.

Honda MSX 125: Anti Chinese Dax

Astonishing to see Honda returning on this crenel of the small motorcycle of Honda MSX 125125 Cm3 fun, a crenel almost deserted by the Japanese general practitioners, But obviously, the success of certain copies of Dax had to aggravate Honda which decided to react for 2013. The MSX 125 is thus a tiny motorcycle, which rests on small wheels of 12 inches fitted of sporting tires, but almost balloons.
The height of saddle of 765mm will facilitate the access to the beginners or the frailest young women. Moreover, its weight in functioning in order of 101.7 kg forecasts of a great facility of catch in hands. Its ultra compact dimensions (1 200 mm of footing), finally, will make it possible to arrange the Honda MSX 125 on board a motor home or of a boat.

News motorcycle 2013: Honda MSX 125

Mini sporting roadster

Technically, one belongs to the interesting points, enough innovating for this category. Announced very rigid, the single-beam steel framework connects the steering column to platinum’s of rest-foot and the axis of the oscillating arm. The unit tallies/covers tank was the object of a patent filing by the brand.
The preparing of tank makes it possible to place part of the electronics of the motorcycle as well as the system of injection. The tank has a capacity of 5.5 liters. It is weak, but as consumption promises to be it as much, one hopes for a decent autonomy. The cycle part again takes classical elements, even if the reversed fork (31 mms in diameter: one is not far from a fork of VTT) brings a sporting note.

News motorcycle 2013: Honda MSX 125

A small tested engine

Driving side, Honda gives to the last style a mechanical base already past to more than 930,000 units since 2003. It is about a one-cylinder 4-time injected, cooled by air and equipped with a box four reports. The announced power of 9.8 horses gives an idea of the road capacities of the Honda MSX 125 2013, which will certainly see its range limited to the secondary roads of seaside or the urban paving stone.

News motorcycle 2013: Honda MSX 125The relatively short transmission will undoubtedly allow easy goings beyond in perish-urban zone, but the MSX should not exceed 110 km/h. This is what we will check during the test. Waited for the month of April 2013, Honda MSX 125 2013 will be available in red, yellow, white and black, at a price of approximately of 3,100 € in France.