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MV Agusta Brutal 1090, 1090 R And 1090 RR

MV Augusta reveals evolution 2013 of its Brutal range with four-cylinder motor. Three models are envisioned naming brutal the 1090 and the Augusta Brutal 1090 R along with Brutal the 1090 RR. MV Augusta is noticeably chosen to rationalize and decrease its production for not preserving that only one mechanical base: the 4 cylinders in line of 1 078 Cm3 along with the radial valves.

News motor bike 2013: MV Agusta Brutal 1090, 1090 R and 1090 RR

As far as the evolution and progression of these models is concerned, it goes there from the aesthetic, of course that includes newly painted slightly re-examined preparing, engine painted in gray, new line of exhaust with silencer finishing in bevel and last but not the least the new lighter rims with the very pinching automobile design. The equipment is said to be more or even quite less rich according to the models.

As for the tariff scale, it is established as follows:

  1. 12,990 € for MV Augusta Brutal
  2. 1090.13 990 € for Brutal 1090 R and
  3. 16,990 € for the MV Augusta Brutal RR

Note that these prices are given as an indication at the beginning of the factory for the MV Augusta and that they do not take in particular counts transport of it.
In fact, the main characteristics of MV Augusta Brutale are:

  • It has the in-line four cylinder engine along with the two configurations that endure greatest power
  • It has a traction control that is amendable on 8 levels
  • It includes a Modular frame having the tubular steel trellis section made of aluminum plates that offers a high torsional firmness with in it.
  • It includes a Single-sided swing arm that has a flexible absorber too.
  • Moreover it endures a 50 mm diameter upturned forks
  • and last but not the least it includes the Brakes along with the radial front calipers.

News motor bike 2013: MV Agusta Brutal 1090, 1090 R and 1090 RR

The new Brutale series is presented in 3 color combinations with starting price of 14.000€*.

Brutale 1090 appears in Matt Black  and Matt pearl white and Matt metallic grey with price of € 14.000*

Brutale 1090 The ABS Version is presented at price of € 14.610*

Brutale 1090 R is presented in Metallic black,  Pastel red  and Silver with price of
€ 15.010*

Brutale 1090 R The ABS Version is presented at price of € 15.620*.

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