KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike Review Specs

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike is agile, fast, suitable for an A2 driving license, and extremely sporty. Whether you are on country roads or a race track, the Moto3 genes are perceptible with each maneuver and transmit a feeling of pure racing. The manipulation – simply spectacular. The incredible performance and overwhelming power.

With racing genes inspired by Moto3, the KTM RC 390 comes with the cutting-edge engineering, excellent power and weight ratio, and performance. KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike is the Lightest in the world and is designed to rule the streets daily with its purebred attitude. The 373.2 ccs advanced single-cylinder has received various improvements to keep it one step ahead. Other benefits of this system include a better connection to the cyclist and the bicycle, improved efficiency, and low cable routing on the bike.

A new conventional lateral silencer replaces the offer under the belly of the previous model, helping the KTM RC 390 to easily reach stricter emission laws without reducing it’s his racy. It requires a redesigned lower fascia, and the right-hand passenger footrest now serves as a support for the lightweight muffler.

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike 20mm larger front brake disc (now 320mm) helps stop things faster and under control, bitten by the four-piston radial brake caliper developed by Brembo with cutter Bosch ABS edge and the new power slip clutch (PASC) for ultimate control during aggressive downshifts.

Austrian engineers didn’t stop there, as the KTM’s development plan for the established model saw other revisions to improve the comfort and usability of this global machine, including adjustable levers, more full mirrors, and a more comfortable racing-style passenger seat. As with all KTMs, the new KTM RC 390 is complemented by a diverse collection of KTM PowerParts and KTM Power Wear. Fully developed alongside the motorcycle, the KTM PowerParts range offers practical features, performance, or customization to help riders develop the perfect KTM RC 390.

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike – Specifications

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike

Engine and exhaust

The state-of-the-art KTM RC 390 single-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts once again underscores the development strength of the KTM. The latest materials and production technologies provide not only the generous torque and punchy acceleration but also good manners in daily use and exceptional fuel economy. And thanks to the balancing shaft, this Euro 4-compliant single is as smooth as it is reliable.

Power and torque (series):

A bike as compact and agile as this one deserves to give a solid punch. KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike has 32 kW (44 hp) and a dry weight of just 149 kg. Thanks to the ingenious intake and exhaust, the 46mm throttle body, and the meticulous fuel injection system, this powerful boost is ready to leave the rest of the traffic behind at the twist of your wrist.

Cylinder head (series):

Just like on the RC8 R, the four-cylinder valves of the RC 390 are actuated by two overhead camshafts and ultra-hard carbon-coated cam rollers, offering reliability and longevity despite the high output power of the engine.

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike

Sliding clutch (series):

Not only does the slip clutch open when the rear engine torque becomes too high, but it also helps when you open the throttle. The first prevents annoying clicking of the rear wheel when hard or decelerating braking – and gives the wheel just that little braking for a controlled rear-wheel slip. The latter lets the clutch to be pulled and controlled with a single trigger finger – which saves energy when driving.

Ride-by-wire (series):

It’s the guarantee of a smooth gas response, more than just the absence of an accelerator cable. The RC 390 wire lathe ensures the perfect application of the available and abundant torque. It also electronically translates the pilot’s accelerator commands into throttle positions perfectly suited to driving conditions.


Visually similar to the light and approved Duke steel trellis frame, the KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike orange painted frame has been modified to better adapt to ergonomics and supersport dynamics. The raise of the steering head angle at 66.5 degrees resulted in a shorter track, a shorter wheelbase, and increased ground clearance. All of these modifications release the full racing potential of RC and guarantee fast agile and fun handling.

Triple clamp (series):

The forged aluminum triple clamps catch the eye and, combined with the clip-on handlebars, guarantee a pure supersport racing sensation.

Telescopic fork (series):

The WP Suspension high-quality fork KTM RC 390 has the same outer tube diameter of 43 mm as the RC8 R – in other words, real racing equipment that guarantees the highest levels of stability and precision.

Ergonomics and comfort

The KTM RC offers a racing driving position and freedom of movement for the body while maintaining the support necessary for daily use. Unrivaled operation and large contact areas ensure optimal control and maximum return for maximum cornering pleasure all day.

Bodywork and graphics

The sporty body, footrests, and pedals not only offer a unique supersport look but also help RC to master extreme turns with a higher tilt angle.

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike

Software and Electronics

Highly sophisticated electronics are wrapped around this KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike. The variety of high-end technical implementation reflects the high-quality standards of RC.

Unique Key Features

  • Engine: Mighty 373.2 ccs single-cylinder, DOHC 4 stroke, electronic fuel injection. Euro 4 achieved without any reduction in the overall performance – still offering a maximum power of 32 kW / 44 hp.
  • Ride by wire: The sophisticated cable driving system introduced for 2016 gives even more refinement and efficiency to RC while providing the pilot complete and precise control of the power delivered regardless of the driving style required. The use of new CAN-BUS as part of the wire path has created better cable tracking.
  • Exhaust system: The MY2017 exhaust system has a more traditional look than the outgoing style of the previous model year. It has a pre-silencer under the belly in stainless steel and a rear absorption silencer in aluminum-containing the catalytic converter. Therefore, in KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike, new exhaust suspension mounts were required, and the passenger footrests were modified for this new role.
  • Electrically assisted sliding clutch (PASC): The new power helps the slip clutch minimizes the slamming of the rear wheels during sudden braking when cornering or during aggressive downshifts. Something that can be retrofitted to the previous KTM RC 390 and is appreciated by KTM RC CUP riders!
  • Adjustable brake and clutch levers: Our customers asked, and again we listened. To fit the hands of bikers around the world – adjustable brake and clutch lever range to give them ultimate control at their fingertips.
  • Mirrors: Testimonial from two years on the streets around the world, our customers have told us they want a bigger view from the mirrors. KTM delivered.
  • Petrol tank: Activated carbon cartridge to avoid evaporation of fuel from the fuel tank.
  • Passenger seat: The passenger seat still looks like a one-piece racing unit but is now even more comfortable thanks to an additional 12mm padding.
  • Larger front brake disc: The braking system have been developed in cooperation with Brembo now obtains an increase in the diameter of the front brake disc from 20 mm to 320 mm, offers additional braking power, and therefore controls the machine.
  • Body: The unique look of the RC doesn’t need to be changed, but with the belly muffler now gone, the front spoiler has been revised to adapt to the new exhaust system and help increase ground clearance.

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike

KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Design 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Displacement 373.2 cm³
Bore 89 mm
Stroke 60 mm
Power in KW 32 kW
Starter Electric starter
Lubrication Semi-dry sump
Transmission 6-speed
Primary drive 30:80
Secondary gear ratio 15:45
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Clutch PASC™ anti-hopping clutch mechanically operated
EMS Bosch EMS with RBW

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KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike Specs


Frame design Steel trellis frame, powder-coated
Front suspension WP upside-down Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension WP mono-shock
Suspension travel (front) 4.92 inch
Front brake disc diameter 320 mm
Rear brake disc diameter 230 mm
ABS Bosch 9MB two-channel ABS
Chain X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4″

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KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike Specs


Steering head angle 66.5 °
Seat height 32.28 inch
Dry weight 324.08
Tank capacity (approx.) 2.64

Mostly experts recommend the use of motorcycle safety gears during ride.

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KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike Specs


The new KTM RC 390 is a particular engine than the older version of KTM RC390. It is not particularly versatile or suitable for beginners, and will not appreciate becoming a traveler. If you plan to get this bike on the track or if you already have experience with sports bikes, you can get your money’s worth and push the RC 390 closer to the limit at the same time, and The RC 390 has features ready to demolish its owner. The dashboard is digital, compact, and informative. Younger cyclists with smaller hands will also be pleased that the KTM 2018 RC390 Super Sports Bike adjustable clutch and brake lever are standard.

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