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Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The first motorcycle company in the United States is the first electric youth product of Indian motorcycles. The brand new electric mini bike, a miniature replica of the FTR750, the winner of the American Flat Track Championship for Indian motorcycles, allows motorcycle enthusiasts to take their passion for two-wheelers to young riders.

The brand new electric mini bike has a dramatic feel that makes young riders feel like members of the famous Indian motorcycle racking crew, who dominated the flat track in the 1950s and have been in the sport since their return in 2017, won the championship.

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle – Features and Price

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle

Dual Riding Modes

The Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle, which has two riding modes, low and high, the seat height of 23.5-inch and a maximum weight of 175-pound, allows riders of eight and above quietly 13 and above in elevated mode. The forks in front of the binoculars and the mono-shock rear suspension of the bike provide a smooth, pleasant ride, while the strong steel frame of the bike offers a durable framework for new riders. Dual disc brakes on the eFTR Jr provide superior stopping force for better control and rider confidence.

“Whether it was a mother, father, uncle, or family friend who first introduced them to riding, most riders have fond memories of the person who first introduced them to riding and that passion. eFTR Jr. is behind it, “said Ross Clifford, vice president of garments, parts and accessories at Indian Motorcycle. “We wanted our first youth giving to be electric, wrapped in the exclusive design of the FTR750, to give youngsters a safer, simpler and cleaner form of motorcycling.” EFTR Jr. can provide a lifelong ride for the whole family. ”

Powerful Motor and Batteries

The Indian Motorcycle Product Development Team collaborated with Razor USA to build the eFTR Jr around Razor’s reliable and proven electric engine. The 36-volt rechargeable battery in the eFTR Jr will last for 140 minutes at 10 miles per hour in low mode and 65 minutes at 15 miles per hour on a highway.

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle

Reliable Riding Pleasure

The new electric mini bike provides an accessible, affordable, and safe way for young aspiring riders to share their love of riding.


Along with the eFTR Jr, Indian Motorcycle is introducing a new range of child safety devices, including the eFTR Junior Helmet, Body Protection, Gloves and an Indian Motorcycle Racing Replica Jersey. The eFTR Jr Minor Gear range includes Indian motorcycle racing branding to improve rider safety and security.

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle – Price

The new Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle is available at $74,999 only.

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Battery Power

Rechargeable Battery 36v Includes Battery Charger
Throttle Twist Grip
Low Mode Ages 8+
Top Speed 10Mph
Run Time 140Min
High Mode Ages 13+
Top Speed 15Mph
Run Time 65 Min

Body and Suspension

Frame Steel
Seat-Height 23.5-Inch
Max Weight 175Lbs / 79Kg
Dual Suspension All-New Front Telescopic Front Fork Mono-Shock Rear Suspension
Fairings/Body Shatter Resistant Plastic
Kickstand Retractable
Grips Soft-Rubber
Foot Pegs Folding, Metal

Indian eFTR Jr 2021 Electric Motorcycle

Brakes and Wheels

Front and Rear Brakes Hand Operated System
Brakes Dual Disc
Front and Rear Wheels 10-inch Wire Wheels

Colors and MSRP

Colors and MSRP Race Replica $749.99 USD / $999.99 CAD

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