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How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Because of the current COVID-19 crisis, life around us has completely changed. People are limited to our homes. No doubt that the pandemic has hit everything severely but statistics show that it has brought havocs to the vehicle industry. So, in this article we will let you know about How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19.

Early in this month, companies and their dealers faced a massive shortfall in the sales. Similarly, the companies in Europe got a huge blow on their local boards. The governments are making people remain at homes to ensure the social distancing and it is resulting in the loss of investors. The sales of most of the major manufacturers have gone below average. However, some companies are trying to adapt themselves to the recent climate at the moment not a massive response from the masses is being seen as people are frightened and limited to their rooms.

Most of the companies from the United States are closing their dealerships and stores as it has become one of the most severely pandemic-hit countries and the death rate is increasing day by day. Though consumers are being provided with facilities of shopping from and home-delivery but stakes are still very high. The manufactures are helping consumers with online transaction assistance and the terms and conditions for loans are also being flexed to attract the customers. The online portals of the companies have become active and responsive to help people in their queries. Brands such as Kawasaki are introducing models that include measures such as dealings between customers and dealers without any physical contact and delivering the vehicles on their doorsteps.

The conclusion is that the biking season is going to start. No matter what governments impose, no matter how severe the crisis is, people are still looking to come to roads. In a way, it is the only thing that would help the riders to get themselves out of this detrimental climate. Therefore if you know how to deal with a dealer on an online platform and if you have excellent purchasing skills, this is the right time to get a motorbike for you.

How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19 – On Cheap Rates with out Going Out

Aprilia & Moto Guzzi

How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Aprilia and Moto Guzzi shut their stores and manufacturing plants in March. However they are looking to reopen the stores. To attract customers, several discount offers are anticipated. The companies have introduced discount offers for military men and for the doctors and paramedical staff who were the first line of defense in this pandemic. The companies may facilitate the customers at their service stations and home-delivery but that varies from dealer to dealer.

Reports indicate that the military men or health workers who will buy the bikes will be given a bonus of 750$ and that will be included in the vehicle’s price. Anyone belonging to the fields of medicine or health, police, and the US army will benefit from this discount offer. The companies say that these offers are just a gesture of acknowledgment of these people’s services and a small contribution by these companies in restructuring the pandemic-hit nation.

BMW Motorrad

How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

BMW was looking to reopen its stores earlier this month but was not allowed to do so because of the continuous spread of the coronavirus. The company is offering some attractive discount offers on their new items. The discount offers were announced on the company’s official social media pages. However, these are limited-time offers. So if you want to purchase a new bike, make it fast.


How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Italy was the most severely hit country by COVID-19 but now as the situation is under control, Ducati is planning to reopen their dealerships there too. The company has introduced several discount offers on their new coming as well as old models. In an official statement, the Ducati company announced that they are up for helping their customers in online shopping and delivering the bikes at their doorsteps and all of this without any physical contact. The CEO Of Ducati in an official statement said that the year 2020 had been detrimental to everybody but the steps toward healthy life were to be taken. He confirmed that the company was receiving a considerable number of orders, so reopening the stores was necessary.


How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Reports are coming that Harley-Davidson has delayed the launch of its new upcoming models. The company is reopening its stores and dealerships. Though the launch of new models was postponed, the already announced models are in stock. So the customers don’t need to worry about the disturbance in the supply of the previously launched models. Like other manufactures, Harley has announced several discount offers for its customers. The company’s famous LiveWire is available with a discount of 2500$. Keeping in mind the recent crisis, the company is also offering a Harley-Davidson style home delivery so that this whole mechanism may be kept contactless. However, the home delivery service is just for a limited time. The company has also introduced several incentives for the people working military and other defense forces. The official statement on the company’s website asked customers to visit the company’s online portals for every update.


Although Honda is not providing the home delivery service to the customers, the company has introduced several flexibilities in its terms and conditions for buying a bike. The customer will be allowed to pay his first payment within one and a half months. The requirements for this offer are available on the company’s official website.

Indian Motorcycle

The company’s stores are facing some restrictions due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, the company is providing a home delivery service to its customers and thus delivering the vehicle at doorsteps. The company has introduced an online mechanism for dealing and delivering cars. The company has also introduced several incentives for the customers. The customers are also provided with a 24/7 online customer support service.


Kawasaki is one of those companies who are providing home delivery services to its customers. The company is ensuring a contactless dealership. The bike will be delivered at the doorstep by the company’s trained delivery guys after the customer is fully satisfied with the product. Kawasaki has also introduced discount offers for the customers. The company will also give the military men exclusive discount offers.

KTM & Husqvarna

How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Although the company reopened from the pandemic several weeks ago we are still unsure about their production unit. In America, things are getting back to its normal state, KTM US website is offering about 0 to 1.99 percent financing on their 2020 and 2019 models with no payments or interest. The KTM has also announced that there will be no disruption in deliveries of current model years. Furthermore, you can also visit the deals of KTM on their official website.

Triumph Motorcycles

How to Purchase a Motorcycle in COVID-19

Our team of experts has also heard about the home delivery from Triumph but its the production facilities in Thailand where about 80 percent of motorcycles are made. The production facilities are still operational. There is a host of dealer incentives for US customers in May as well. They include up of $1,200 in Triumph Cash available on select models or special financing as low as 1.99 percent APR. Some other options include low monthly payment with Triumph Triple Financing or no money down, no interest, no payment for 90 days.


Every bike manufacturing brand is offering some deals during COVID-19, so as the Yamaha. The US department of Yamaha has announced that the all-new Deliver Your Ride Program is supporting Yamaha dealers that can complete motorcycle purchases remotely and then deliver the product directly to customers. This new program is available nationwide wherever dealers can legally and safely participate. The Yamaha official says that this Deliver Your Rider initiative is a temporary program that will work with dealers to roll it out. Interested customers can contact their local Yamaha dealers or can find dealers by visiting the official website.

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