Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle

Completely overhauled for Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle, it has a lighter chassis, sleek rally-style bodywork, and a revamped riding posture in addition to harder-edged off-road capabilities. The capacity of the newly-compliant, EURO5-compliant engine was also increased, increasing power and torque. Three different systems—Cornering ABS, Wheelie Control, and Rear Lift Control—and cornering detection capabilities on the DCT version—are also managed by a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit. The new dual LED headlights included Daytime Running Lights (DRL), a new full-color 6.5-inch TFT touchscreen with Apple CarPlay® and Bluetooth connection, and cruise control as standard equipment. The famous Pearl Glare White Tricolor color scheme, previously exclusively offered on the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports edition, will now be available on the Africa Twin itself starting in 2021.

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle

Styling & Equipment

The tight rally-style bodywork of the Africa Twin may be described in two terms. And there’s a purpose for it: to perform better off-road. The handlebars mount 22.5mm higher than the 1000cc model, providing a more upright riding stance and comfortable control, whether standing or sitting. The fixed screen is short of giving simple scanning of the route ahead.

The seat’s design is deliberately sculpted to make it simpler to slide back and forth, while the tail portion is sleeker and the seat itself is 40mm smaller than the CRF1000L for better ground reach. As accessories, low 825-845mm and high 875-895mm seat variants are also offered.

In addition to having Daytime Running Lights (DRL) that automatically adapt to ambient light intensity, dual LED headlights are mounted high to offer a piercing beam and increase safety under all circumstances. The norm is knuckle guards.

Each riding mode is available via the top left of the 6.5-inch TFT touch screen full-color Multi-Information Display (MID), which keeps the rider in charge of all the functions on the Africa Twin. The MID is user-friendly even while wearing gloves and can be customized to display different levels of information concerning the selected riding mode.

It also has Apple CarPlay®, which enables the touchscreen operation of an Apple iPhone®. Calls may be made or received via a Bluetooth helmet headset, and navigation applications can be downloaded and displayed. On the right of the MID, there is a USB charging port where the iPhone® is plugged in. All control inputs are performed through the left-hand switch gear, which also offers a hands-free wireless Bluetooth connection for an iPhone® or Android smartphone.


The fundamental design of the 2020 upgrade to the SOHC 8-valve parallel-twin engine stayed the same, although displacement rose to 1,084cc from 998cc. Thus, peak power increased from 70 kW to 75 kW at 7,500 rpm, while peak torque increased from 99 NM to 105 NM at 6,250 rpm. Significantly, from 2,500 rpm up to the redline, the apparent boost in power and torque was noticeable.

Thanks to the compression ratio of 10.1:1, the overall stroke was stretched from 75.1mm to 81.5mm, while the bore stayed at 92mm to offer the increased capacity. Cylinder sleeves made of aluminum were lighter. The manual transmission version of the new 1100cc engine is 2.5 kg lighter than the previous design (at 66.4 kilograms). In comparison, the DCT version is 2.2 kg lighter (at 74.9 kilograms) due to more precise weight reductions in the gearbox and elsewhere.

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle

The unique vibration and sense of rear Tyre traction are produced by the engine’s 270° phased crankshaft and irregular firing interval. The bore and cylinder pitches were also adjusted to provide a smooth air intake profile for the 2020 model year, along with a reworked cylinder head and a 46mm throttle body with a bigger diameter. To send a more direct spray into redesigned twin-spark combustion chambers, the ECU setting was upgraded and the injector angle was changed.

The MX competition-specific Honda CRF450R has a SOHC Unicam valve train, and the low-set position of the cast camshaft adds to the cylinder head’s compactness. The inlet and exhaust valve lifts were raised to 10.1mm intake and 9.3mm exhaust (from 9.2/8.6mm) for 2020, and the valve timing was optimized.

The 2020 model’s exhaust end can include a new variable Exhaust Control Valve (ECV), similar to the one installed in the Fireblade, to match and manage the improved intake efficiency and increased output (therefore gas flow). As it opens at higher rpm and produces a pleasant exhaust “pulse” at lower rpm, it improves engine performance and economy.

The crankcases are divided vertically, and a thermostat built into the cylinder head houses the water pump effectively within the clutch casing. The engine’s balancer shafts power the water and oil pumps, and the manual and DCT variants of the engine have similar crankcases with slight exterior variations.

It has an in-tank lower crankcase oil storage system and a semi-dry-sump design. As a result, the pan depth may be reduced, keeping the engine’s overall height low. There is no need for a pressure-feed path since the pressure-fed pump is housed within the tank from which it draws its oil. The reciprocating action of the pistons serves to dampen secondary vibrations, while the usage of biaxial balancing shafts dampens fundamental inertial and coupling vibrations.


A Bosch MM7.10 six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) hidden in the machine’s center, which monitors roll angle/rate, pitch angle/rate, and yaw angle/rate in real-time, is at the very core of the Africa Twin’s increased on- and off-road performance. It controls front brake grip via Cornering ABS and front wheel lift through Wheelie Control and includes Rear Lift Control. It also maintains rear wheel traction through TBW and HSTC.

Honda’s development engineers reexamined the strength and stiffness balance of the steel semi-double cradle frame in combination with the installation of IMU control for its 2020 evolution to increase off-road performance while strengthening its all-around on-road manners. The main spars were made leaner and straighter, and the front cross pipe was eliminated to increase rigidity around the steering head and improve the feel for front-end grip. The CRF1100L Africa Twin’s frame weighs 1.8 kg less than the 1000cc model it replaces.

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle

The old design’s entire steel framework is replaced with a bolt-on, red-finished, 40mm-slimmer, 195mm-wider aluminum subframe, which is essential for a more straightforward ground reach. The aluminum swingarm is 500g lighter than the previous version and is based on the CRF450R’s design. Its increased stiffness enhances rider comfort and rear wheel traction.

The wheelbase is 1574mm, the rake and trail are 27° 30’/113mm, and the ground clearance is still 250mm. 226kg is the wet weight.

The 45mm Showa cartridge-type inverted front fork has a 230mm stroke length, which provides long-travel bump absorption. It also has improved internal settings for better on- and off-road performance: fully adjustable rebound and compression damping. The fork legs are clamped by a cast top yoke and forged bottom coupling, connected by a hollow stem shaft made of aluminum.

The Showa rear shock has 220mm of axle travel. It incorporates a 46mm cylinder and remote reservoir for steady damping adjustment in challenging off-road riding situations, matching the front suspension. Rebound and compression damping are both completely adjustable, and spring preload may be changed via a dial on the shock body.

The inner plates of the swingarm pivot points are made of 600MPa high-strength steel, and the top cross tube connecting them serves as the upper mount for the rear shock (through a pillow-ball joint), enhancing the sense of the rear wheel’s traction.

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type SOHC Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve Parallel Twin including 270-degree crank & Uni-cam
Displacement 1084 cc
Bore ´ Stroke 92 mm x 81.5 mm
Compression Ratios 10.1:1
Max. Power Output 75kW @ 7,500rpm
Max. Torque 105Nm @ 6,250rpm
Noise Level 73dB
Oil Capacity 4.8/4.3 (5.2/4.7DCT)

Fuel System

Carburation PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 18.8L
CO2 Emissions 112g/km MT / 110g/km DCT
Fuel Consumption 4.9L / 100Km (20.4Km/L) MT
4.8L / 100Km (20.8Km/L) DCT

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle

Electrical System

Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V-6Ah Li-ion BATTERY (20Hr)
ACG Output 0.49 kW / 5000rpm


Clutch Type Wet, Multiplate featuring coil springs, Aluminium Cam Assist & Slipper clutch
DCT – 2 wet multi-plate clutches with coil springs
Transmission Type 6 Speed Manual (6 Speed DCT)
Final Drive Semi Double Cradle


Type Semi Double Cradle


Dimensions (L´W´H) 2330mm x 960mm x 1395mm
Wheelbase 1575mm
Caster Angle 27.5°
Trail 113mm
Seat Height 850/870mm (Low Seat option 825, High Seat option 895)
Ground Clearance 250 mm
Kerb Weight 226 kg (DCT 236 kg)


Type Front Showa 45mm cartridge-type inverted telescopic fork including dial-style preload adjuster & DF adjustments, 230mm stroke.
Type Rear Monoblock aluminum swing arm including Pro-Link with SHOWA gas-charged damper, hydraulic dial-style preload adjuster & rebound damping adjustments, 220mm of rear wheel travel.

Honda 2021 Africa Twin Adventure Motorcycle


Front Type 21M/C x 2.15 wire spoke featuring an aluminum rim
Rear Type 18M/C x 4 wire spoke featuring an aluminum rim
Rim Size Front 21″
Rim Size Rear 18″
Tyres Front 90/90-21M/C 54H (tube type)
Tyres Rear 150/70R18M/C 70H (tube type)


ABS System Type Two channels with IMU
Selectable ABS MODE including ON road and OFF road setting
Type Front 310mm of dual wave floating hydraulic disc with aluminum hub and radial fit 4-piston calipers and sintered metal pads
Type Rear 256mm wave hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper and sintered metal pads. 2-Channel including rear ABS off mode.

Instruments & Electrics

Instruments LCD Meter, TFT 6.5inch of Touch Panel Multi information display
Security System Immobiliser, Security alarm (optional)
Headlight LED
Taillight LED
Electrics Daytime Running Lights, Bluetooth audio & Apple Carplay, Cruise Control, USB Socket, Auto Turn Signal Cancel, Emergency Stop Signal, IMU, Torque Control, HSTC (Slip and Wheelie Control)