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Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle Review

With its stunning shape, magnetic motor, and fit suspension, the CRF1000L Africa Twin Stage has proven itself a genuinely advanced all-rounder, winning over a wide range of customers. Since its inception in 2016, the Flexible Africa Twin can be seen in a wide variety of regular uses, from months of Round the World campaigns to backwoods disclosure courses to morning interstate drives. Whether to handle Africa’s barren deserts in reality or just in the rider’s creative mind, the Africa Twin has proved to be a commendable decision to deliver “real experience” competitions. The overall review of the Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle’s specification is written below.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle – Features

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle

Design / Styling

The standard form includes a thin, lightweight shape, with small lines corresponding to the center of its rough regions. Its moderate, fixed windscreen is more limited than 2019 to facilitate bodyweight movement from front to back during a forced ride in a complex area but at a faster rate of air collision to the chest. Also reduced (a high decorative screen is accessible.) The gas tank contains 5.0 gallons, the tires and talk wheel are still cylinder type, and there is no back rack for a tight waist. The standard African twin is presented in Matte Dark Metallic.

The presence of the Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle form can be described as excellent, with a 6.5-gallon tank for maximum access, an extended front-firing that is very wind and climate protection, a wide aluminum slide plate and offers an aluminum back rack. To change body types and riding conditions, the Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle form has another screen that moves between five positions through a handle. It is higher than the standard setting (165 mm more elevated in the lower position when At altitude, it is 225 mm high. The Honda Sports ES currently has tubeless tires, and its seat has been brought down by about two inches compared to 2019 to be compatible with standard adaptations. Warm grip and decorative chargers are standard. The new Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle comes in Pearl Glare with a White / Blue color option.

Electronic Technology

Like in last year’s case, square by wire is used. New for 2020, the Africa Twin featured a Bosch MM7.10 IMU, which performs six-axis estimates (points and rates for roll, pitch and yaw) to differentiate the position and development of the cruiser. This extension enabled upgrades to the accuracy of various controls and frameworks, including Moving, Honda Selectable Force Control (HSTC), suspension, slowdown and lighting.

A stunning new 6.5-inch denture film semiconductor (TFT) LCD contact board improves survey, comprehension, and handling of enough information while focusing on the ride. Clients can choose from three screen show plans and foundation tones according to individual tilt.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle

Engine / Drivetrain

Designers needed expanded yield to accomplish improved visiting capacity, so the Africa Twin’s motor has gone through an 86cc development in dislodging, from 998cc to 1,084cc, performed utilizing a 6.5mm expansion in stroke, from 75.0mm to 81.5mm (bore stays unaltered at 92.0mm). Among that and another chamber head, torque is supported by roughly 6%. The water-cooled, single-overhead-cam, eight-valve, equal twin motor design continues as before, yet subtleties similarly as cylinder and wrench profiles were refreshed, and the chamber sleeves are currently aluminum. The motor is currently lighter than previously—by 4.9 pounds with a DCT and by 5.5 pounds with the manual transmission.

As in the past, the 270° staged driving rod and lopsided terminating span make the motor’s unmistakable pulse and feel for the back tire foothold. The chamber head, notwithstanding, is amended, similar to the choke body (presently 2mm bigger, at 46mm, and the drag and chamber pitches are currently adjusted to make a smooth air-admission profile). The ECU setting is new, and the injector point has been changed to convey a more straightforward shower into the reshaped twin-sparkle burning chambers.

Exhaust System

The Africa Twin’s relocation increment required a survey of the whole fumes framework (the two are high-level equipment and its profoundly exact programming). Designers exploited the chance to set a world-best norm for natural similarity. The suppressor includes a solitary gulf and double outlets, with an Exhaust Control Valve (ECV) — like that on the CBR1000RR sport bicycle—found only downstream of the split, in principle pipe. The exhaust valve shuts off the more significant line at low rpm for a throbbing vibe yet opens at high rpm so that gases exit through the two lines for work on yield.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle


Manual-transmission variants of the Africa Twin are by and by presented for clients who appreciate making gear choices themselves, and this gearbox is 5.5 pounds lighter than in 2019. The six-speed manual gearbox utilizes a similar shift-cam plan as found on the CRF450R to guarantee positive changes, and it employs more limited proportions for 2020. The cogwheels themselves are likewise reshaped and built from a more grounded material. The aluminum grasp focus and strain plate use “help” cams to ease in moving (with light switch feel) and “shoe” cams for deceleration and downshifting. The grasp presently has a more modest measurement and highlights diminished spring pressure for a lighter switch feel.


As in the past, the Africa Twin uses a steel semi-twofold support outline. However, amendments have been made to lessen weight by almost four pounds, to adapt to the motor’s expanded power yield, and to advance inflexibility/flex qualities in testing circumstances like riding with gear, riding two-up, or rough terrain riding. The unbending nature around the controlling head has been submitted to upgrade the front-end feel and grasp.

The primary competes straighter when seen from a higher place, upgrading longitudinal inflexibility for further developed taking care of under slowing down, even with the evacuation of the front cross line of the past variant. While the states of the casing’s turn plates are unaltered, the material is unique, with the past squeezed steel supplanted by 600MPa high-strength steel. The back cross line, which associates the left and proper turn plates in the upper region, is currently situated following the shock stroke, bringing about an immediate conveyance of surface data to the edge for a better back tire feel.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle

Likewise, the back subframe is presently independent and built of aluminum, diminishing weight while holding the capacity to convey gear. The seat rails are directly 40mm smaller at the front (195mm versus 235mm), further developing simplicity of development during stand-up riding and permitting the rider’s legs to arrive at the ground all the more effectively when halted.


Savvy, the electronic suspension is presently presented on the Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle adaptation of the Africa twin, as Showa’s EERA. The framework gives a great reaction to quickly enhance damping power dependent on the suspension stroke speed at riding and the vehicle’s running condition. It intends to accomplish significant level suspension attributes needed for different circumstances frequently experienced on experience rides.

Front and back suspension on the standard form of the Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle is likewise completely customizable including preload, pressure damping and bounce back damping, with tuning changes achieved utilizing conventional dials and handles.

As to equipment, both Africa Twin variants highlight a 45mm cartridge-type transformed Showa fork with a most-in-class 9.1 crawls of movement, and settings have been modified to enhance street solace and rough terrain execution. The top triple clip is projected aluminum, while the base is manufactured.

The Favorable to Link® back suspension framework offers 9.4 crawls of movement, and though the shock was recently mounted somewhat skewed, it is presently focused. A round, strong cushion ball mount is utilized at the highest point of the shock to limit diversion and accomplish an authentic vibe in differing conditions. The new aluminum swingarm, given that of the CRF450R motocross, is incredibly inflexible notwithstanding being over a pound lighter than its archetype. The Africa Twin has 9.8 crawls of ground leeway for phenomenal rough terrain execution.


The new Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle holds ABS as standard equipment. However, recent advancements upgrade slowing down execution and rider trust in shifting conditions. Separate modes for on-street and rough terrain cooperate with the riding methods, permitting application-explicit slowing down execution.

Likewise, the framework would now adjust during trail slowing down: When the IMU identifies a lean point (showing that a cornering move is being executed). The wheel sensors recognize deceleration (demonstrating that the rider is slowing down), the framework intently screens the two wheels’ slip rates and makes essential changes in slowing down pressure.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle

Concerning slowing down equipment, reduced two-piece, outspread mount, four-cylinder calipers work double 310mm petal-style drifting rotors through sintered cushions and present steady halting power and feel on-street or off. The back rotor has a breadth of 256mm and includes a petal plan.

Honda 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 1,084cc liquid-cooled Unicam® four-stroke 22.5o parallel-twin
Valve Train SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 92.0mm x 81.5mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Induction PGM-FI electronic fuel injection w/ 46mm throttle bodies (Throttle By Wire)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission Six-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive 525 Chain


Front 45mm inverted Showa telescopic fork w/ EERA; 9.1 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® system w/ single Showa shock w/ EERA; 9.4 in. travel


Front Two four-piston hydraulic calipers w/ 310mm disks; ABS
Rear Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 256mm disc; ABS


Front 90/90-21
Rear 150/70R-18


Rake (Caster Angle) 27.0o
Trail 113mm (4.4 inches)
Length 91.7 inches
Width 37.9 inches
Height 61.5 inches
Seat Height 34.3 inches / 33.7 inches
Ground Clearance 9.8 inches
Wheelbase 62 inches
Fuel Capacity 6.5 gallons
Color Pearl Glare White/Blue
Curb Weight 530 lbs.

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