Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV Review Specs Price

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV

The new Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV is ideal for trail riders aged ten and up, thanks to its proven off-road performance and Grizzly styling and its 90cc engine and CVT transmission.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV – Features and Price

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV

Top Features

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV provides optimum enjoyment for young ATV riders aged ten and higher. The low-maintenance 90cc engine is engineered to provide exceptional low- to mid-range performance. The fully automated CVT gearbox with reverse, gated shifter and electric start with back-up kick-start are all standard. Thanks to impressive features like the tool-less quick-access air filter element, durable, tried-and-true components make service straightforward and economical.

The Grizzly 90 is inspired by the top-performing full-size Grizzly brothers but is mainly developed for younger riders just entering the sport. As a result, the Grizzly family’s performance is approachable and confident. The ergonomics are tailored to a wide range of riders aged ten and above, while the Grizzly 90’s tire and suspension package give sure-footed traction and a pleasant ride in various terrain.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV


Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV features a four-stroke SOHC 90cc powerful engine that is engineered to produce exceptional low to mid-range performance. The engine is air-cooled and uses proven wet-sump lubrication for simplicity, performance and extended service life. The bike has 5 inches of travel; the compact A-arm front suspension is optimized for light steering and a smooth ride. The Yamaha Grizzly 90’s full-size appearance and feel are improved with a swingarm set up in the rear which delivers 5.7 inches of wheel travel.

Three sealed drum brakes bring the Yamaha Grizzly 90 to a standstill including dependable stopping strength. There’s also a standard parking brake on the handlebar. Full steal luggage racks at the front and back allow younger riders to load their belongings as they join the proud family on their next journey. The Grizzly 90 like its off-road-proven larger siblings, has aggressive tires to enhance grip on any route. The large 19-inch front tires and matching 18-inch rear tires give the tiny vehicle a commanding posture.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV is intended to be comfortable for riders aged ten and up. Riders will not outgrow the vehicle as they improve their off-road riding talents, thanks to its roomy, soft seat and broad floorboards. The Grizzly 90, like its Grizzly brothers, has full-coverage fenders that add flair while protecting the rider from mud and trail debris.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV


Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV is no shifting with a fully automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT). It’s a feature that all riders will appreciate, but it’s beneficial for beginners. The standard reverse makes it easier to handle the Grizzly 90 in tight spaces. The Yamaha Grizzly 90 includes both an electronic limiter and a throttle limiter to tailor the engine’s performance to the rider’s increasing skill level, assisting young beginners to become accomplished ATV riders.

Electric starting with a push of a button is standard. An emergency kick starter is also included in a storage area under the seat for further peace of mind. Engine power is routed to the rear wheels through a tried-and-true O-ring chain drive that runs down a swingarm at an optimal angle for optimum rear shock performance.

The CDI mechanism ensures consistent ignition performance and a sealed maintenance-free battery ensures trouble-free operation. Reserve and neutral indicators on the handlebars keep the rider informed in all scenarios. The tool-free quick-access air filter element makes servicing a breeze.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV – Price

An all-new Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV is available at $3,199 in the Armor Gray color option.

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Type 90cc air-cooled SOHC 4-stroke; 2 valves
Bore x Stroke 47mm x 51.8mm
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Fuel Delivery 13mm carburetor
Transmission Continuously Variable Transmission; F, N, R
Final Drive O-ring chain drive

Grizzly 90 2022 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


Front Suspension Single A-arm; 5.0-in travel
Rear Suspension Monoshock swingarm; 5.7-in travel
Front Brakes Dual drum
Rear Brakes Drum
Front Tires AT19 x 7-8
Rear Tires AT18 x 9-8


L x W x H 61.5 inches x 40.6 inches x 39.6 inches
Seat Height 28.7 inches
Wheelbase 40.6 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 4.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.7 gallons
Wet Weight 308 lb


Warranty 6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty)