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Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 Revie, Specification

In spite of its new name Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 still calls this bike an adventurous one on up gradation and re design. The Tiger Spot appears to be an all rounder bike (long-legged) and the best one in quality and performance. It is an up gradation of the old Tiger 1050 with extra low-rev performance, practicality and even in carrying extra luggage ability. Here you read First Ride: Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 Review And Specification in detail.

Triumph Tiger Sport 2013


The Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 is remarkably very strong where Triumphs’ big 1050cc triple engine are highly adjustable, the 12-valve unit is technically not different from the one in Tiger 1050’s model. The Tiger Sport is considerably very quick. The maximum torque produced at 4300rpm giving out a groan at 2000rpm but all that makes this bike super comfortable for riding with pleasingly smooth three-cylinder feel.

Ride and control:

The Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 handles quite well where you don’t expect it to live up to its name only just as to flip into the turns as a sport bike. Tiger spot bike require considerably more struggle than the Speed Triple while on the way in changing the direction. But it is not astonishing, as it contains a lot of suspension travel, the geometry and the wheelbase have been adjusted in such a way that causes an increase in its stability. It won’t disappoint you if you feel it’s a decent sports-tourer. Its stands first in its quality to ride along with flexible Showa suspension that supports and allowed fine-tuning. Tiger sport is found to be more eager and pleased on reducing the forks’ preload and damping compression and when to steepen the geometry on taking the few turns of shock preload. Tiger sport is said to be the adventurous bike wearing the street rubber.

Triumph Tiger Sport 2013

Money Value:

In order to hold back the development costs Triumph has restrained back in upgrading ride-by-wire throttle and a flexible screen even though The Tiger sport comes up with a lot of up gradations than the Tiger 1050. That helped them a lot to hold back the price to £9499 though below the level of Hinckley’s own Tiger Explorer. The Tiger 1050 sport 2013 appears to be at the low cost or cheaper £100 than the Kawasaki’s Versys 1000, which is its closest contestant famous for giving out the great money value.

Running Costs:

As far as the engine of Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 is concerned it has proved to show best performance although it is the same not even with the slight variance and this is considered its flaw ,moreover , 600-mile service time period are not the long tracks as per as mentioned by the modern standards. Triumph holds on a crank up in its fuel economy when in comparison to Tiger 1050, to about 9 per cent. The launch average in between 38mpg and 50mpg seems lovely.

Tiger Sport 2013


it’s due to the practicality of Tiger 1050 sport 2013 that it cranks up its score over its predecessor. It’s the best bike to ride on with during a voyage in town and even on the highway and it appears to be very comfortable for the rider and for the pillion as well, unfortunately the launch ride was little bit short to prove that statement of theirs, Apart form that, all other factors like the fuel range, luggage carrying ability and the wind protection are proved. The instruments can be controlled by the left handlebar however, the new headlights are brighter too this time. Tiger 1050 sport 2013 is still a tall, graceful and quite a heavy bike despite of its low seat, practically depending upon the rider’s strength and size.

new Triumph Tiger Sport

Aesthetic Looks:

Ever since the 2007-model, that was been redesigned by the Italian house Marabese, the Tiger Sport has been an aesthetically classic and clean-cut gadget. And it’s no surprising that the Triumph hasn’t made any major variations in it but the body is sharpened a little and a more stylish look to the rear end is induced by giving a single-sided swing-arm. The new cuts introduced seemed too good along with the red stitching on seat and with red or white thick paint work. Many riders will considered an advantage to them for the Tiger Sport doesn’t have the beaky or off-road crazy style to cherish the adventures.


Triumph stood first in reliability also; the engine for Tiger Sport’s 1050cc is technically not changed or varied as compared with the last model launched but it is regarded highly for its strength. Hinckley firm has had a lot of time to evaluate and figure out any crap it exists, there happens to be no reason for why the model innovates with innovative features introduces problems. As far as the story is concerned the Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 has proved to be anything other than being dependable.

tyre new Triumph Tiger Sport

Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 Accessories:

The best feature said for the Tiger sport is its ability of carrying luggage. The accessory crates to be used are connected by the wire and have the ability to pivot freely in the same style to the tourer’s panniers in which rods are used. Because of this it results in improving the aerodynamics and reduces the instability and have supported in useful increase in the size as well as the doubling of load carrying ability to 10 Kg each. There happens to be a electrical socket in the top-box. Tiger sport’s long length list of the accessories and extras contain the hand guards, center-stand, Arrow exhaust can , heated grips , aluminum parts and the soft luggage as well.

Triumph Tiger Sport


Features  Altogether

Width 835mm or 32.8 inches
Height Of Seat 830mm or 32.7 inches
Height without mirrors 1310mm or51.5 inches
Wet Weight 235kg or 517lbs
Length 2150mm or 84.6 inches
Rake/Trail 22.8° or 89.7mm
Wheelbase 1540mm or 60.6 inches
Engine Type Liquid-cooled Engine and 12 valve and DOHC and in-line 3-cylinder
Capacity 1050cc
Oil Capacity 3.5 liters or 0.9 US gals
Fuel Capacity(Tank) 20 liters or 5.3 US gals
Fuel System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection except NZ, ZA, AU but with SAI
Exhaust System Includes high level brushed stainless steel silencer  & Stainless Steel 3 into 1
Bore/Stroke 79 x 71.4 mm
Gearbox 6-speed
Clutch Multi-plate & Wet
Final Drive X ring chain
Swing arm Single-sided and is an Aluminum alloy with eccentric chain adjuster
Frame Aluminum beam twin-spar
Functions LCD Multi-functional Pack contains the trip computer, analogue fuel gauge, and analogue hazard warning light, Digital speedometer, scroll button on handlebars, analogue tachometer & clock, tyre pressure monitoring, Analogue range to empty indication with system indication.
Front Wheel Made of the Cast aluminum alloy and is multi-spoke 17 x 3.5in
Rear Wheel Made of the Cast aluminum alloy and is multi-spoke 17 x 5.5in
Front Suspension Showa 43mm upside down forks with adjustable preload, rebound and compression damping, 140mm travel
Rear Suspension Showa Monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping , Measurements are 150mm rear wheel travel
Front Brakes Twin 320mm floating discs, Nissin 4-piston radial calipers  with switchable ABS
Rear Brakes Single 255mm disc, 2-piston Nissin caliper with switchable ABS
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tyre 120/70 ZR 17
On The Road TBC
Maximum Torque 104Nm or 77ft.lbs @ 4300rpm
Maximum Power 125PS or 123bhp or 92kW @ 9400rpm


2013 Triumph Tiger Sport


Taking the twists, beating the traffic onto the motorway and then far to the ocean the highly illustrious new Triumph Tiger Sport is said to be the perfect all-rounder provided with a classy ride not only precise , sporty and agile but amazingly suitable and comfortable. This bike is going to make you ride a lot and for longer tracks fully revived for the year 2013. It’s said to be tourer as well as a comfort orientated bike of sports by many but moreover, this is being famous to play role as in an urban commuter motorcycle for having a commanding riding position. Tiger sport all in all is best for the riders who love to drive for longer time periods. Few of the major characteristics are been highlighted like

  • Tiger sport  is Having 20 liters (5.3 US gals) Of Fuel capacity
  • Tiger sport  is Having Engine that is 1050cc Liquid-cooled with12 valve, DOHC and in-line 3-cylinder
  • Tiger sport  is having maximum power of about 125PS / 123bhp / 92kW @ 9400rpm
  • Tiger sport  consists of an exhaust system involving Stainless Steel 3 into 1 which is high level brushed

TIGER 1050:

TIGER 1050 is illustriously being famous for a three in one bike whereby it involves

  • Course/Tour
  • Drive/Ride/Commute
  • Scratch

TIGER 1050 is said to be the prefect all-rounder for it implements the urban jungle with aplomb as well as it easily craves the twisters. It appears to be the best choice if styling and classy looks are your priority. This Three in one bike along with its commanding riding position, high specification sporty chassis, 050cc triple engine, muscular 1 and powerful brakes making a fun on the twisters with a sense of fortitude in traffic.

2013 Triumph Tiger Sport


It appears to be beneficial for the presence of following characteristics in it:

  • Competitive Price
  • Flexible 3 cylinder engine
  • Upright riding Position, Roomy


Along with few benefits it enables with few of non-beneficial properties also.

  • Short riders may have difficulty for the seats are short
  • Lack of excitement
  • Sharpness in handling is required

photo Triumph Tiger Sport 2013

First Ride: 2013 Triumph Tiger Sport:

Going on with the rumors only the first though that slides in my mind was that Tiger Sport was going to appear as a very fast, light in weight and even more agile Triumph tiger. But it’s not that smooth and plain. While ignoring word “sport” from the Tiger 1050 is just a fastidious and through revival to the most illustrious bikes for last five years manufactured by Triumph. Undoubtedly Tiger Sport is having 10 more horsepower with swing arm that is single sided and even with more sharp and classy looks. Moreover these can be your point of focus attached with the minor details making a difference. Talking about the features unfortunately the traction control and power mode doesn’t exist. Over viewing from Visor down’s Triumph Tiger 1050 its clear enough to understand that Tiger Sport is loved well, ridden by older and the specific riders experienced in covering higher mileages.
As far as Triumph’s own research regarding that is concerned they got in love with how the engine performed specifically in riding position but not too ardent in areas like standard equipment, pillion position and fuel economy. The handling, performance, styling and ergonomics were improved to meet the request of the owners’ feedback. The details for that include the power increased up to 10bhp at the 9 with 4.5ftlb to 76ftlb increase in torque.

Triumph Tiger Sport 2013
Effortless is a word to wrap up the whole engine performance in single word. Provided with a clutch that is cable-operated and fairly heavy, moreover having a feeling of a memento of old Tigers but fortunately you don’t need to use it that much. The spring of the clutch needs to be heavy for the reason in standing up the motor’s hefty slab of torque coming in from 2,0000rpm. Versatility is one of the greatest features of this three-cylinder engine. As far as the word effortless is concerned you don’t need to push the needle past 7,000rpm but need and want belong to two totally different categories indeed, so take it as your own thing.
Triumph had made a lot of changes to address the strength of gearbox. The redesigned mechanism has been changes completely for reducing effort and making the shifting slicker. It’s observed that the lighter clutch would see the end to missed gears. 6th gears features a ratio change of 28:28 to 27:28 which means that any wear is spread across the cogs and isn’t just the same two cogs constantly engaging with each other for amplifying any wear and with it, still got a chance of failure. The gear box is considered to be a very easy, simple and comfortable for anyone who is looking to pick holes in the triumph.
Rather ironically, you don’t need to use it that much however how much revised gearbox is good. 4th gear is found to be perfect for everything from 20mph hairpins to 120mph straights. Once the motor reaches 3,000rpm there’s no stopping its progress as we did lag coming out of really slow turns compared to other multi-geared colleagues, all helped of course by the addition of an extra tooth on the rear sprocket. What manufacturers have cracked in recent new models is the manners at low revs and Triumph have joined the party. You’ll be able to dig your way out of anything until and unless you’re below 2,000rpm.
From speed triple, with an addition of the air box the Throttle response is improved, moreover the exhaust has been revised to improve gas flow too. If the Daytona 675’s triple is a Scrum-Half that is  light, lively and nimble, then the Tiger Sport’s triple is a Flanker: powerful yet agile and versatile.

Triumph Tiger Sport photo
When in search for such a versatile three in one bike characterized with a fancy upright riding position , crazy rides and over all an adventurous bike there happens to be one and only one option best fitted to the requirements and it holds on with Tiger Sport. It crank up its demand because of having flexibility in engine, all-round ability, competitive price, reasonable level of equipment and last but not the least handling stability. Hope so you like First Ride: Triumph Tiger Sport 2013 Review And Specification article and it is helpful for you.
Written by: Shekinah Edwin

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