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BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike Review Specs

For a new riding experience, we’ve given the BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike a fresh coat of paint, increased the essential equipment significantly, and made other technological improvements. “A sporty tourer with the outstanding BMW shift cam engine, as well as a power unit with exceptional power across the full speed range” The Project Manager, Mr. Harald Spagl R 1250 RT.

More than four decades since the “RT” designation was first used by BMW Motorrad to describe dynamic touring bikes, which combine comfort on long excursions with emotional riding enjoyment on rural roads. Furthermore, BMW RTs have traditionally been the industry standard in this category.

Even better riding and touring pleasures are possible thanks to BMW Motorrad’s comprehensive upgrades and advancements to the new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike. The 2-cylinder boxer engine provides comfortable and dynamic propulsion as previously.

A 1 254-cc engine with 136-horsepower output is still available under the existing EU5 registration. Since it has a shift cam, it has better power at all speeds, a smooth and refined ride, and excellent fuel efficiency and emissions.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike – Features and Price

Maximum vision

Increased room, greater clarity, and greater exposure: In addition to all of the BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike’s instrumentation, the new 10.25″ TFT screen includes valuable features like the navigator and connection. Using the split-screen, you may keep track of many things simultaneously, such as the onboard computer and the current speed.

The tempered and non-reflective glass cover enhances the color display’s clarity and contrast. As a result, even in bright sunlight, your screen is simple to see and remains that way owing to the anti-fingerprint coating.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

Getting places safely

The joy of a carefree ride: By pushing a button on the steering wheel, the new Active Cruise Control (ACC) driving assistance system allows you to simply select the desired speed and distance to the bike in front. At the show, a radar sensor calculates the bike’s speed and distance from the vehicle in front of it.

If this distance is shortened, the system automatically decreases the rate and resets the specified distance if necessary. The vehicle’s speed will rise in direct proportion to the increase in length. There is no need to worry about how many miles you have left to cover.

Comfort in every dimension

Now that you’ve selected your preferred design and color scheme, it’s time to get the BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike ready for your next adventures. Also included in the Dynamic and Comfort Packages are amenities like seat heating, Pro riding modes, and Keyless Ride, which are designed to make your ride more enjoyable.

In addition, a variety of add-ons and extras are available. Make the BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike precisely as you want it. It’s your trip, your adventure, and your vehicle.

New front with LED headlights

Slim and compact: The BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike’s headlamps are enclosed behind a thin bezel at the front of the bike. It is a dynamic unit with an obvious advantage: an even greater field of vision when paired with a more compact body.

With the improved windshield, forward suction and air movement on the upper body are much decreased, allowing you to ride for extended periods in total comfort. With its two-piece front-wheel cover, the bike is more compact, helps with aerodynamics, and minimizes dirt on you and your bike, particularly when it rains.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

Built for touring

At first glance, the boxer engine’s power is evident. Every speed range has performance and smoothness to keep you enthralled. BMW’s ShiftCam variable camshaft control ensures this. Enhanced control is possible because of the improved power supply.

Relaxed touring is made possible by low gearing, a broad torque curve, and an alluring amount of power. Your riding enjoyment will rise with every kilometer on this bike, owing to its large displacement and powerful engine running at excellent efficiency.

DynamicTraction Management (DTC)

The new “Eco” riding mode lets the rider get the most excellent fuel economy thanks to the standard Dynamic Traction Control DTC, which provides exceptional traction.

The “Pro Riding Modes” are available on the new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike. Engine drag torque control (MSR) is another addition to Riding Modes Pro that may be utilized to safely prevent dangerous riding circumstances when coasting or downshifting owing to excessive rear wheel brake slip.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

BMW Full Integral ABS Pro as standard

The new BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro is standard equipment on the BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike’s most recent model. The front and rear brakes are applied instantaneously using the hand and foot brake levers on this braking system.

Full Integral ABS Pro is the ideal braking system for a touring bike like the R 1250 RT when paired with ABS Pro’s banking angle optimization and dynamic brake force distribution.

LED headlamp

The new standard full LED headlight illuminates the road with unprecedented brightness and clarity. If the rider wants to go one step further, the “Adaptive Turning Light” option on the new swivel headlamp allows him to bend your average LED headlight’s low beam around your bank angle.

Almost complete illumination is provided for the curve in this manner, as the light travels in the direction of the motorbike. The new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike is more exciting to ride thanks to additional light features, which also have practical advantages.

Optional add-ons will include features such as “Welcome,” “Goodbye,” and “Follow me home,” all of which may be used while employees are on leave or returning home.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) as standard

While riding downhill, the preselected speed is maintained at a constant level, which is what “dynamic” implies in the context of the conventional Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC). If the engine’s braking power is insufficient, the completely incorporated brake is immediately engaged to keep the rider’s speed within safe limits.

The optional Active Cruise Control (ACC) takes things a step further. It is possible to glide through the air with ease thanks to radar sensor technology, which eliminates the need for the rider to adjust their pace to the vehicle in front.

10.25” TFT Color Screen

Navigation and connection are included in the 10.25-inch TFT color screen on the R 1250 RT. Few bikes can compete with the new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike’s readability, easy menu navigation, and highly integrated operational philosophy. Now that a navigation map may be shown in the instrument cluster instead of a separate screen, it is the first time this has been achieved on a motorbike.

There’s also a new “Comfort telephony with extended smartphone connection” option available, in addition to the regular connectivity and the screen-displayed navigation map. A smartphone’s battery may be charged inductively or through a USB connection in a storage compartment that is water-resistant and ventilated by an electric fan.

The new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike’s Audio System 2.0 delivers even more intense sound than the Audio System of 2020 BMW R 1250 RT.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

Enhanced Travel Capability

The new BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike offers improved travel and touring characteristics, as well as a fresher, more dynamic appearance, owing to a newly designed front fairing.

It’s not only that the redesigned front fairing houses the new full LED headlights, but it also reduces the height of the top half of the fairing. Consequently, the new R 1250 RT has a more expansive field of view for the rider and seems lighter and more agile. R 1250 RT comes in Alpine White 3 and “Elegance” and “Sport” styles.

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike – Technical Specifications


Design Two-cylinder, air-/fluid-cooled, four-stroke boxer engine with two overhead spur gear driven camshafts, one balancer shaft, and BMW ShiftCam variable intake camshaft control.
Bore x stroke 102.5mm x 76mm
Capacity 1,254 ccm
Nominal capacity 100 kW (136 HP) at 7,750rpm
Max. Torque 143 Nm at 6,250 rpm
Compression ratio 12.5: 1
Fuel preparation Electronic intake pipe fuel injection, digital engine control: BMS-O with e-gas
Emission control The closed-loop three-way catalytic converter, compliant including EU-5 emission standard

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike Specs

Mileage / consumption

Maximum speed Over 200km/h
Consumption per 100km based on the WMTC 4.75 l
CO2 emissions according to WMTC 110 g/km
Fuel type Super petrol unleaded, octane number 95 (ROZ), adaptation through engine control (91 to 98 ROZ)

Electrical system

Alternator Three-phase generator with a 508-watt nominal capacity
Battery 12 V / 11.8 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

Clutch The wet clutch with an anti-hopping function, hydraulic activation
Gears Six-speed helical synchromesh gearbox
Secondary drive Driveshaft

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike Specs

Suspension / brakes

Frame Two-part frame concept consisting of a mainframe and a rear frame bolted to it, with a co-supporting engine
Front suspension / spring elements BMW Motorrad Telelever, central spring strut, standard diameter 37 mm
Rear-wheel guide / spring elements Cast aluminum single-sided swinging arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever, WAD spring strut, spring preload continuously and hydraulically adjustable via adjuster knob, adjustable rebound-stage damping via adjuster knob
Spring travel, front/rear 120 mm / 136 mm
Wheelbase 1,485 mm
Castor 116 mm
Steering head angle 64.1°
Wheels Cast aluminum
Rim dimensions, front 3.50 x 17″
Rim dimensions, rear 5.50 x 17”
Tire, front 120/70 ZR 17
Tire, rear 180/55 ZR 17
Brake, front Twin disc brake, floating discs, diameter 320 mm, four-piston radial brake calipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 276 mm, double-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad full integral ABS Pro (full integral braking, lean optimized)

BMW R 1250 RT 2021 Powerful Touring Bike Specs

Dimensions / weights

Seat height, unladen 805 mm / 825 mm
Rider step length, unladen 1,810 mm / 1,850 mm
Usable tank capacity 25 l
Of which is a reserve Approx. 4 l
Length (using number plate carrier) 2,222 mm
Height (above windscreen) Min. min. 1,460 mm, max. 1,570mm
Width (including mirrors) 985 mm
Breadth (including boot) 990 mm
Vehicle Curb weight fully fuelled/road-ready 279 kg
Max. Permitted weight 505 kg
Max. Load 226 kg

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