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Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike Review Specs

The 2023 Beta RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike is a formidable contender in the off-road adventure industry, offering the dirt riding experience a unique combination of power, agility, and precision.

This two-stroke masterpiece is designed for enthusiasts seeking an adventurous getaway and intended to conquer rough terrain. Let’s look at what distinguishes the RR Racing 2T 200 from other dirt bike models.

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike – Features and Specs

Engine and transmission

Like Beta 2023 RR 2T 200, The Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike is powered by a strong 190.2 ccm (11.61 cubic inch) single-cylinder, two-stroke engine. This engine is finely tuned for optimal performance including a compression ratio of 13.5:1 and a diameter x stroke of 62.0 x 63.0 mm (2.4 x 2.5 inches). A carburetor, namely the Keihin PWK36, regulates fuel delivery and enables precise fuel-air mixture control.

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The AC Kokusan digital CDI ignition system starts the engine while the liquid cooling system and mixing lubrication system protect the engine from overheating during harsh off-road excursions. Riders have the adaptability they need to cross a range of terrain comfortably thanks to a chain final drive, wet multi-disc clutch, and a 6-speed gearbox.

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike

Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, and Wheel

The RR Racing 2T 200’s sturdy double-cradle frame built of molybdenum steel allows it to combine rapidity and durability in a harmonic whole. The front suspension system includes a 48 mm Kayaba AOS closed cartridge fork with 295 mm (11.6 inches) of travel to absorb shocks and undulations. The Kayaba C46 RCU Mono suspension provides stability and control even on the most challenging terrain, with 290 mm (11.4 inches) of travel in the back.

The RR Racing 2T 200 has the finest grip and handling, with a front tire measuring 90/90-21 and a rear tire measuring 140/90-18. The braking system is precision-engineered, with a single disc with a 2-piston caliper at the front (260 mm diameter) and a single disc with a single-piston caliper at the back (220 mm diameter).

Physical Dimensions and Capabilities

The Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike, weighing 97.0 kg (213.8 pounds) dry, is a lightweight powerhouse that responds fast to rider inputs. With a starting point of 930 mm (36.6 inches), the seat may be modified to meet riders of various heights.

The overall dimensions of the motorcycle are 1270 mm (50.0 inches) in height, 2167 mm (85.3 inches) in length, and 815 mm (32.1 inches) in width. The bike’s 325 mm (12.8 inches) ground clearance allows it to manage obstacles easily, and its 1477 mm (58.1 inches) wheelbase contributes to its riding stability.

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike

Fuel Capacity and Other Specifications

The RR Racing 2T 200’s 9.50-liter (2.51 US-gallon) fuel tank is built to handle extensive off-road adventures. A reserve fuel capacity of 2.30 liters (0.61 US gallons) ensures that motorcyclists have adequate range to explore without regularly refueling.

The motorcycle is available in an eye-catching Red/Blue/White color scheme that perfectly portrays its aggressive and dynamic personality. With its Kickstarter, the RR Racing 2T 200 returns dirt riding to its roots.

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications

Engine and transmission

Displacement 190.2 ccm (11.61 cubic inches)
Engine type Single cylinder, two-stroke
Compression 13.5:1
Bore x stroke 62.0 mm x 63.0 mm (2.4 inches x 2.5 inches)
Fuel system Carburettor. Keihin PWK36
Ignition AC Kokusan digital CDI
Lubrication system Mixing
Cooling system Liquid
Gearbox 6-speed
Transmission type Chain (final drive)
Clutch Wet multi-disc
Fuel consumption 2.90 liters/100 km (34.5 km/l or 81.11 mpg)
Greenhouse gases 67.3 CO2 g/km. (CO2 – Carbon dioxide emission)

Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike

Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels

Frame type Molybdenum steel double cradle
Front suspension 48 mm Kayaba AOS closed cartridge fork
Front wheel travel 295 mm (11.6 inches)
Rear suspension Kayaba C46 RCU Mono
Rear wheel travel 290 mm (11.4 inches)
Front tire 90/90-21
Rear tire 140/90-18
Front brakes Single disc. 2-piston calipers
Diameter 260 mm (10.2 inches)
Rear brakes Single disc. Single-piston caliper
Diameter 220 mm (8.7 inches)

Physical measures and capacities

Dry weight 97.0 kg (213.8 pounds)
Seat height 930 mm (36.6 inches). If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height 1270 mm (50.0 inches)
Overall length 2167 mm (85.3 inches)
Overall width 815 mm (32.1 inches)
Ground clearance 325 mm (12.8 inches)
Wheelbase 1477 mm (58.1 inches)
Fuel capacity 9.50 litres (2.51 US gallons)
Reserve fuel capacity 2.30 litres (0.61 US gallons)

Other specifications

Color options Red/blue/white
Starter Kick


The Beta 2023 RR Racing 2T 200 Dirt Bike is a technological wonder promising to deliver the finest off-road riding experience. The RR Racing 2T 200’s innovative suspension system, lightweight design, and durable construction have all been meticulously crafted to give dirt bike enthusiasts the most fun imaginable.

This dirt bike is more than just a vehicle; it is a companion for riders who crave the excitement of off-road adventure. The RR Racing 2T 200 is guaranteed to leave a mark on the dirt bike scene with its distinct look and off-road capability.

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