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Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Today we are going to cover the list of Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History, so MT lovers should buckle and get ready for adventurous ride. The ”MT,’ or ‘Masters of Torque,” Yamaha family of motorcycles has evolved significantly since its launch 25 years ago. In other words, while the MT-09 and its offshoots, such as the MT-07, MT-09 Tracer, etc., that we are all most familiar with today are only ten years old—the first MT-09 was introduced in 2014—the line took off with the introduction of the original prototype MT-01 at the 1999 Tokyo Show.

Based on a big V-twin cruiser engine, that torque-hungry beast finally went into production in 2005 as the first MT-01, which gave birth to the MT-03 single. Then, in 2014, the first MT-09 was released, and its popularity inspired the creation of an entire family of MTs. These models have since undergone numerous updates and revisions, culminating in Yamaha’s current lineup of nine “hyper-naked” musicians.

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History – Top Rated

2005-2011 MT-01

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

The MT-01 debuted as a concept bike at the 1999 Tokyo Show. Built on an XV1900 pushrod cruiser V-twin with R1 forks and brakes, this wild roadster makes up for its conventional power deficit of 90 bhp with 111 lb-ft of torque. The response was so strong that Yamaha was convinced to put it into production, though it wasn’t a huge hit and didn’t arrive until 2005.

But now, with its exemplary build quality, presence, and genteel delivery, which set it apart from the competition, it’s considered a modern classic with equally soaring second-hand values.

2006-2016 MT-03

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Yamaha quickly followed up its first Monster MT with a smaller sibling, the single-cylinder, 660cc MT-03, a funky roadster built around the engine from the XT660 trail bike. The move may have responded to concerns that its new MT-01 might be “too much” for many. It’s handy, fashionable, and reasonably priced; It outperforms its bigger sibling and, despite its age, is still a fun and approachable first big bike, especially for younger riders or around town.

2014-2016 MT-09

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

After the financial crash 2009 and subsequent recession, Yamaha initially hinted that it was returning when it unveiled its new 900cc ‘CP3’ cross-plane crank three-cylinder at the autumn 2011 Cologne show—started Engine Idea. It was promised, but it was not clear what those promises entailed when the first MT-09 was released in late 2013.

Again, it is essential to emphasize the revelation of the MT-09. It was an instant bestseller because it was light, solid, accessible, attractive, and, most importantly, cheap.

2015- MT-07

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Up next in the list of the Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History is the 2015 MT-07. The twin-cylinder MT-07, which effectively used the CP3 triple but with one cylinder removed, came out a year after the MT-09 triple. The result was even more popular than the 900 because it was just as exciting and energetic but also faster and more reasonably priced.

Again, it could have been more flawless. One of the best “first big bike” roadsters is still the result of the 2018 model’s awkward looks and soft forks, which will be addressed with a more thorough update in 2021. The competition eventually settled with the 2023 Honda CB750 Hornet and Suzuki GSX-S8—but it took them a while to do so.

2015-2018 MT-09 Tracer

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Yes, we know that Yamaha’s latest Tracers, the 7 and 9, aren’t called MTs, but that’s the history behind their inclusion on this list. First introduced in 2015, the MT-09 Tracer, as the name suggests, was based on the MT-09 but essentially with a larger twin seat, a revised riding position, and a frame. An extended rear subframe with a half-mounted fairing made it a more comfortable, versatile, and long-legged sports tourer.

It was also a success, so instantly popular that it led to a series of updates and spin-offs, starting with the 2016 Tracer 700 (renamed) and followed by the 2018 upgrade. The modified Tracer 900 version and the first version. Tracer 900 GT variant with more specifications.

2016- MT-10

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Up next in the list of the Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History, we have the 2016 MT-10. In 2016, Yamaha unveiled the first MT-10, perhaps the pinnacle of the crossplane crank roadster. With a detuned 160bhp engine and quirky looks, it was essentially a bare R1, and the result was grumpy, crazy, super naked with the most addictive power output in motorcycle history.

The following year saw the release of an upgraded SP variant, which featured semi-active Ohlins suspension and other upgrades. In 2022, both models finally received an update that included a new TFT dash, improved midrange, and slightly improved design. It is the best and most addictive Japanese super nude you can find.

2017-2020 MT-09

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

The 2014 MT-09 was far from flawless, even if it was a “stonker” from the start. In 2017, the bike received a significant update that included new styling (although it was still a bit awkward), repositioning and revised instruments (the originals were oddly offset), updated suspension, especially per fork, and new three-level traction control (derived from Tracer). It then got much better the following year with the release of the first MT-09 SP, which came with an upgraded fork and fully adjustable Ohlin rear shock.

2021-2023 MT-09

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Another important development. The old 847cc/113bhp engine was swapped for a longer stroke, 889cc (Euro 5 compliant), producing 117bhp. The old frame was also replaced with a new aluminum delta box. Other changes included switchgear, a 3.5-inch color TFT dash (which replaced the previous LCD version), and new styling, which still looked odd. The end product was overall a more excellent “thing” and looked better while handling and running more smoothly. And just like before, a new SP version was released shortly after if it wasn’t “good” enough for you.

2024- MT-09

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

This brings us to the current with the new 2024 MT-09, which, if you’ve read our review, you’ll already know, takes things to a whole new level when we weren’t really sure. It is possible, no matter how trivial it is. The changes are visible on the specified sheet. The 889cc engine and frame are largely the same this time around, but the overall posture and quality of the MT-09 have changed.

Without sacrificing comfort, it gets a much improved five-inch TFT dash and matching switchgear, along with a number of detail improvements such as adjustable levers, a new Brembo brake master cylinder for improved feel, a reworked tank/airbox, and more. Sound enhancement,” and more. The riding position has also been significantly changed to make it sportier than the “Tracker Roadster.”

2014- MT-125

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History

Next in the Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History list is the 2014 MT-125. Yes, we know it was meant to be offered chronologically, but the MT has finally been moved in line with Yamaha‘s A1 due to its slight differences. Still, this is a fantastic MT. The MT-125, launched in 2014, is essentially a stripped-down roadster version of the YZF-R125 beginner sportster, which leads its class. However, it should be included in any “great MTs” list because the donor bike is so cool, and the MT version is so good.

Its 15-horsepower Manarelli engine is the largest. It also has excellent styling, handling, and equipment. It boasts a beautiful five-inch color TFT dashboard, traction control, upgraded switchgear, and even one-of-a-kind variable valve timing. It was revised first to 2020 and then to 2023.

Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Yamaha MT Bikes in History
1 2005-2011 MT-01
2 2006-2016 MT-03
3 2014-2016 MT-09
4 2015- MT-07
5 2015-2018 MT-09 Tracer
6 2016- MT-10
7 2017-2020 MT-09
8 2021-2023 MT-09
9 2024- MT-09
10 2014- MT-125

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