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2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter Review Specs

This luxury three-wheel urban mobility vehicle was released in 2014. It has since garnered a loyal following among independent riders who appreciate its design and quality and its rare combination of compact size, lightweight, and the added security of a third wheel.

The Yamaha Tricity 155 is a noteworthy product for 2022 since it is the only three-wheel bike any manufacturer offers in the critical 155cc capacity class. This small and agile scooter will appeal to riders looking for easy and cheaply priced urban transportation.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter

The Tricity 155 combines the mobility and agility of a traditional scooter with linked instruments that allow users to receive notifications from social media and smartphones, thanks to its class-leading ride quality and confident handling characteristic attributed to its three-wheel configuration.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter – Features and Specs

Intelligent Motor Generator System and new Starter Generator Control Unit

To deliver more environmentally friendly performance, the new Tricity 155 has a 32-bit Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU), fully integrating the engine’s electrical and electronic functions, including fuel supply, power production, and the Start-and-Stop system. This SGCU also controls the engine’s new Smart Motor Generator system, which combines the previous model’s separate generator and starting motor functions into a single, compact unit.

The new Smart Motor Generator technology enables extremely quiet starts and restarts by directly spinning the crankshaft, eliminating the gear-mesh noise of the prior technique.

Intelligent and silent New Stop-and-Start System

The quieter and more economical engine starting mechanism works with the Tricity 155’s unique Stop-and-Start technology to make this accessible commuter scooter less intrusive and more fun to ride in urban traffic.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter

When the Tricity 155 comes to a complete stop at a stop sign, the engine is expected to be shut off utilizing Stop-and-Start technology. When the throttle is depressed, the car restarts. The SGCU constantly monitors riding conditions to ensure optimal efficiency. It eliminates too many pauses and starts in heavy traffic, where the machine stops and starts in seconds.

Triple-wheel stability with Twin Swaying Front Wheels

The Tricity 155 is distinguished from other 155cc bikes in the class by its three-wheel design and dual tilting front wheels, which improve stability when turning or going straight. Because of the exceptional levels of grip produced by its two front tires and the confident posture of its three-wheel layout, the Tricity 155 is a perfect choice for new riders or those transitioning from two to three wheels.

The LMW Ackermann steering layout was optimized.

The latest Tricity 155’s Yamaha-exclusive LMW Ackermann steering system has been refined for 2022 and includes a new arrangement with the lean axle slightly offset from the steering axle. The fundamental linkage design is the same as that used on the famous NIKEN Sport Tourer motorbike and the Tricity 300. With this most recent design, riders may maintain their chosen course since the left and right front wheels will always create a concentric circle, even when leaning severely. This results in a more natural and intuitive experience.

The Tricity 155’s two front wheels and revised front-end linkage design boost riding confidence, especially on wet or bumpy terrain. This aspect of the Tricity 155’s personality is especially significant for A1 license holders transitioning from a car or other mode of transportation to the Tricity 155. It may need more experience on two wheels.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter

A brand-new Frame that Provides Superior Cycling Comfort and a Sense of Stability

The Tricity 155 featured a new frame design with various enhancements, including a 60 mm longer wheelbase and reworked engine mounts, to improve overall balance and deliver greater comfort and enjoyment when riding.

The 2022 design, although retaining the same fundamental construction as the previous generation, benefits from increased longitudinal and torsional rigidity and an adequately calibrated degree of flex, which improves the scooter’s intuitive handling feel. When paired with the revised LMW Ackermann system’s steering capabilities, the newly built frame delivers a very comfortable and excellent ride, even over rocky or cobbled terrain.

Rear Twin Shock Suspension Upgrade

The twin shock rear suspension system has been enhanced to complement the new frame design for a premium ride with excellent shock absorption capabilities. To improve rider and passenger comfort, the entire length of the rear shocks has been increased to give 90 mm of smooth and progressive suspension movement. Increases in spring rate and damping strength also result in consistent rear suspension performance, particularly when going over poor urban streets with a passenger.

UBS: Optimised Unified Braking System

When the rear brake is engaged, the Tricity 155’s Unified Brake System (UBS) automatically delivers braking force to both front and rear wheels, allowing for safe and controlled stopping. The front and back brake force distribution on the 2022 Tricity 155 has been tuned to ensure consistent and smooth stopping power.

New LCD instruments with connectivity to smartphones

Riders of the Tricity 155 may stay connected while out and about by downloading Yamaha’s free MyRide app and synchronizing it with the scooter by providing its VIN. Once linked, the rider may stay in touch by utilizing the new LCD instruments to display real-time notifications for incoming calls, social media, emails, and text messages from their smartphone.

Owners of Tricity 155 cars may use the MyRide App to see details such as fuel use. Riders may also connect with other MyRiders to explore photographs, compare itineraries, and discover new places. They may also compare riding data with other Yamaha MyRide users to share their riding experiences and export trip details.

The design of the larger Tricity 300 served as the foundation for creating the new connected instruments, which incorporate smartphone notifications and a range of easily legible machine-running data. The new design emphasizes the Tricity range’s shared technology while improving this exceptional commuter’s premium appearance and feel.

Smart Key Functionality

Riders who carry the Smart Key in their pocket, wallet, or purse can use the Tricity 155 without a key for added convenience. When the machine identifies the Smart Key, the rider may activate and deactivate the power, start the engine, unlock the handlebar lock, and open the seat. It’s a modest but helpful feature that makes the journey more enjoyable.

An expanded footboard area, Improved Passenger Footrests, and a Wider Headlamp Discharge.

The Tricity 155 prioritizes the comfort of its passengers and riders. The 2022 model features a larger footboard and more space up front, letting the rider choose the most comfortable riding posture.

Another improvement is the adoption of freshly designed passenger footrests that are easier to unfurl from their folded-in position. Furthermore, the headlight reflector has been upgraded to provide further nighttime illumination by spreading the light more broadly on low and high beams.

Comprehensive styling enhancements and new hues

With its sporty and contemporary look accentuating its modern, light, and agile character, the Tricity 155 is one of the most unusual models in the 155cc scooter class. Minor changes to the bodywork surrounding the footboard region and primary ignition switch and the introduction of a newly designed rear mudguard have been made to suit the various technical modifications to the new chassis. The Tricity 155’s side profile conveys to potential purchasers the scooter’s ease of use and universal accessibility while improving the machine’s impression of performance and front-end stability.

The Tricity 155 will be available in two more colors: Sand Grey and Petrol Blue. Both versions will also be available in Matt Grey.

2023 Yamaha Tricity 155 Scooter – Technical Specifications

  • Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
  • Three-wheel layout with optimised LMW Ackermann steering
  • New chassis for increased riding comfort and feelings of stability
  • Start and stop engine technology
  • Newly developed twin shock rear suspension delivers a high-quality ride
  • 220 mm front and 230 mm rear disc brakes with optimized UBS
  • New LCD instruments with smartphone connectivity via the MyRide app
  • New Smart Key keyless operation
  • Larger footboard area for easy access and enhanced riding comfort
  • LED headlight with a broader beam
  • Underseat storage and front pocket
  • Two new color schemes

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