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2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike Review

The 2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike is an all-new iteration of Ducati’s e-Road motorcycle. SRAM RIVAL eTAP AXS group set with 212-speed wireless electronic gearing, AXS connectivity, and the possibility to include a power meter make this model stand out from the crowd of pedal-assist bikes.

The idea is to give adventurers something fresh to try globally. Ducati E-Bikes are distinguished by their high performance, state-of-the-art technology, and distinctive Borgo Panigale-style appearance.

2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike

2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike – Features

E-bike model range

The new 2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike is designed in tandem with THOK E-Bikes, are at the forefront of the industry due to their innovative engineering, stylish Italian aesthetic, and novel geometric solutions. Decide on an electric bicycle.

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Modern Ducati e-bikes excel on every ride, proving the brand’s commitment to creating memorable encounters with the world. A process began in 2019 with help from Thok E-Bikes and will culminate in a more extensive lineup of bikes in 2023.


Whether rocks, roots, jumps, arduous ascents, or steep descents, e-enduros were designed to conquer it all at breakneck speeds. The TK-01RR was intended to provide the best enduro experience possible and to function at its highest level in all conditions.

2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike

2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike – All Mountain

Perfect for taking on any adventure in the great outdoors with the sole intention of having a good time. These electric mountain bikes have received a lot of positive feedback for how versatile they are and how easy they are to use on both flat and steep surfaces. The MIG-S faithfully embodies these characteristics, being both quick and responsive at all times.

2023 Ducati Futa AXS E-Bike


It’s swift, efficient, and light thanks to its low, curved handlebars and smooth wheels. The allure of vintage road bikes has never faded. People who want the finest possible performance on asphalt, whether in the plains or on mountain passes, will find these bikes satisfying. The electric road bike is the latest innovation in pedal-assist bicycles, and it’s designed to excite cyclists of all hues. The new FUTA e-road from Ducati is designed for riders who want to push their limits—both physically and mentally—while practicing and having fun.

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