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2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike Review Specs Price

Suzuki introduced the first GSX-R750 sportbike in 1985 and further changed the sportbike market when the GSX-R1000 model debuted in 2001. Suzuki’s famous 988cc inline four-cylinder engine and sophisticated 2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike chassis combine to give riders worldwide access to superbike performance.

The tuned engine of the 2021 GSX-R1000R, the top model of the GSX-R series of ultra-high-performance motorcycles, delivers class-leading power that is given smoothly and with control over a wide rpm range. . The 2021’s smaller chassis, like the original GSX-R1000, offers excellent suspension feel and quick handling with brake control, making it ready to hit the racetrack or cruise down a country road. While the unique, aerodynamic GSX-R bodywork cuts through the wind, advanced electronic rider aids such as traction control, launch control, and a two-way high-speed shifter enhance the riding experience.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

Showa’s BFF and BFRC-Lite suspension parts are also featured on the GSX-R1000R, giving it an unmatched combination of dependability and performance that can dominate any track day. GSX’s breathtaking R1000R’s design inspires as much envy as its performance, thanks to a variety of metallic matte paint schemes with understated or striking graphics that match the look of any other street bike.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike – Features and Price

Engine Features

The 999.8cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline four-cylinder engine is compact and offers excellent low- and mid-range power and exceptional top-end performance.

The tradition of Suzuki’s even firing order engine is preserved in the crankshaft. Engines on other bikes with uneven firing orders tend to vibrate more. However, the GSX-R1000R produces good, smooth, and reliable power at all engine speeds while producing an audible screech.

The short-stroke engine is shorter than the previous model’s GSX-R1000, while its bore-to-stroke ratio is 76.0mm to 55.1mm.

To achieve ideal chassis proportions for precise handling and to balance the weight of the bike, the engine was moved backward in the frame.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

To increase high engine rpm power without reducing low- to mid-range power, the unique Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing System (SR-VVT) uses a centrifugally actuated mechanism on the intake camshaft sprocket.

Because it is lighter than a tappet-style valve train, the Suzuki Racing Finger Follower valve train has less friction and better valve response at higher engine speeds.

Each cylinder has two 31.5mm intake and two 24mm exhaust valves made of titanium. The lighter valves respond better to the finger follower arms and allow a redline of 14,500 rpm, contributing to very high peak horsepower.

Cast aluminum pistons with a diameter of 76.0mm were designed using Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis for the best possible stiffness and weight.

To reduce friction and increase heat conduction and durability, Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coated cylinders are added to the upper crankcase.

High horsepower is produced because of the high 13.2:1 compression ratio. The narrow combustion chamber of the cylinder head reduces the heat generated during operation.

Suzuki’s ride-by-wire electronic throttle bodies are used in the EFI system, providing precise and smooth power while responding quickly to inputs on the throttle grip.

Regardless of engine temperature, Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) extends cold starting and idles the engine.

Four Suzuki Top Feed Injectors (S-TFI) spray gasoline directly from the top of the airbags into the intake funnels, supplementing the four primary fuel injectors in the throttle bodies. Higher peak power, higher efficient combustion, and better fuel management are the effects.

The airbox has stacked air intake funnels for the outside two cylinders to increase top-end power without sacrificing low-rpm performance. This straightforward configuration allows for efficient airflow at all intake speeds without needing a device that adds bulk or complexity.

As the vehicle accelerates, a pair of Suzuki Ram Air Direct (SRAD) intake ducts are fitted to increase the volumetric flow of air into the airbox rapidly.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

Iridium-type spark plugs burn with digital ignition, which increases spark strength and combustion efficiency. Additionally, these high-quality parts have a longer lifespan than standard spark plugs.

With a thrilling rush to redline, the 4-2-1 exhaust system is designed to help produce a spectrum of engine performance. The brushed stainless steel heat shield and black-finish titanium muffler are positioned high for good clearance at high lean angles and a thrilling, unique sound.

Without using a large silencer, the Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system in the mid-pipe helps manage valve back pressure. It flows into the muffler to enhance power distribution and quiet exhaust noise.

There are two SET-Alpha exhaust valves in the balancing tubes between the two outer and two inner head pipes. Alpha valves help the engine produce higher peak power without sacrificing low- and mid-range horsepower. They are controlled by a cable from the main SET valve and open at high engine speeds and close at low rpm.

To improve the efficiency of coolant flow through the engine and radiator, the cooling system was built using the latest analytical design. This design is more compact and lighter than the previous generation GSX-R1000 while using 400cc less coolant and providing better cooling performance.

A high-capacity, curved radiator directs optimal cooling air from the fairing lowers. At slow road speeds, dual cooling fans provide adequate cooling. A radiator-style oil cooler with air cooling mounted immediately below the primary radiator helps reduce engine heat.

Transmission Features

When used in competition, the GSX-R1000R features the Suzuki Bi-Directional Quick Shift system, which enables clutchless up and downshifts.

Riders can precisely tailor gear ratios to suit riding conditions thanks to the six-speed transmission’s cassette-style design. With the powerful engine remaining in the frame, the cassette-style gearbox is easy to remove from the crankcase as an assembly, making it easy to change gears and perform maintenance on the racetrack.

The GSX-R1000R gearbox features vertically staggered shafts to reduce overall engine length and is based on Suzuki’s race-proven close-ratio gearboxes. For more excellent acceleration, the primary gear ratio is lower than the previous model GSX-R1000.

The shift linkage is easy to set up for GP-style shifting in the reverse pattern (even with a quick shifter in use). On the main panel, a programmed shift light serves as a visual indicator to the rider when a certain engine rpm has been achieved.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) multi-plate, the wet clutch, has been added to the GSX-R1000R. During downshifts, the SCAS acts like a slipper clutch while applying more force to the plates during acceleration. It reduces clutch lever pull and smooths engine braking. The large dimensions of the rear tire are complemented by a 525-sized drive chain with a 45/17 final sprocket ratio to minimize movement.

Advance Electronic Features

Suzuki’s extensive understanding of street-going EFI is combined with the brainpower of its race-winning MotoGP program in a lightning-fast, 32-bit twin-processor Engine Control Module (ECM). Riders of the GSX-R1000R will experience sportbike performance unmatched by competitors while achieving impeccable street manners.

Using its understanding of MotoGP, Suzuki has installed an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) on the GSX-R1000R. The ECM can make immediate electrical changes to engine and chassis components that affect performance thanks to the IMU’s six-direction, three-axis, motion, and position information.

The GSX-RR MotoGP dash served as an inspiration for the LCD multi-function instrument panel. This screen layout makes it easy for the rider to see the speedometer digits, tachometer bar, and other critical operational data. As it acts as the rider’s interface with the GSX-R1000R’s advanced electronics, this effective display is essential. The GSX-panel R1000R is distinctive in that its backdrop is black.

The ECM precisely adjusts the electronic ride-by-wire throttle bodies to match the rotation of the rider’s hand throttle grip, and the electronic refinement brought in by the IMU. As a result, the engine delivers power from idle to redline firmly and smoothly.

The rider can adjust the engine’s power delivery characteristics to suit their riding style and environment using the three-mode Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) system.

The proprietary 10-mode Motion Track Traction Control System (MT-TCS)*, with influence from the IMU, boosts rider confidence by enabling modification of the level of intervention to match riding ability and surface conditions.

MotionTrak Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), available only on Suzuki vehicles, adds more control to anti-lock braking. The Motion Track brake system, like a regular ABS, provides just the right amount of braking force for the available traction. The ABS control module will modify the front brake pressure to reduce rear wheel lift when the IMU detects rear wheel lift due to severe braking forces. The ABS unit will automatically adjust the brake pressure to an ideal level if the IMU detects that the motorbike is leaning to help maintain proper braking force and tire grip.

With just a single touch of the starter button, the ECM automatically cranks the engine for 1.5 seconds (or until it starts), simplifying the start-up process for the GSX-R1000R rider. If the transmission is neutral, there is no need to pull the clutch lever. After the engine runs, the ECM will regulate the electronic throttle bodies to maintain the engine’s idle speed, no matter how hot or cold the engine is.

Suzuki’s ground-breaking Low RPM Assist system makes take-off easier and less likely for the user to stall the motorbike. When the clutch is released, the ECM, if necessary, gradually increases engine rpm for a smooth start, making it easier to maneuver at very low speeds or ride away from a stop.

When launching their motorbike at the start of a race, GSX-R1000R riders have a competitive edge thanks to the Suzuki Launch Control System. This technology will control power so the rider can focus on engaging the clutch.

Suzuki’s two-way quick shift system enables GSX-R1000R racers to change gears faster than ever. Clutchless shifting contributes to faster and more reliable lap times by adjusting the ignition timing on upshifts and the electronic throttle body on downshifts.

Chassis Features

When launching their motorbike at the start of a race, GSX-R1000R riders have a competitive edge thanks to the Suzuki Launch Control System. This technology will control power so the rider can focus on engaging the clutch.

Suzuki’s two-way quick shift system enables GSX-R1000R racers to change gears faster than ever. Clutchless shifting contributes to faster and more reliable lap times by adjusting the ignition timing on upshifts and the electronic throttle body on downshifts.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

The aluminum superbike swingarm features equal braking to the main beam for balanced shock absorber support and movement. It enhances racetrack handling while giving the rider a consistent suspension feel.

The GSX-R1000R’s swingarm pivot can be adjusted, optimizing chassis tuning for competition use (please use the standard position for street riding). The single Showa Balance Free Rear Cushion Lite (BFRC-lite) shock is attached to the braced swingarm via links designed for racing.

BFRC-lite’s revolutionary design controls the damping force on the outside of the shock body, which helps soften the reaction on rough terrain or chassis pitch when braking, in addition to maintaining suspension stroke. It results in an exceptional degree of responsiveness on the racetrack and sets a new standard for rider comfort and feedback on public roads.

Never before has a supersport motorbike had the superb damping force response provided by the Showa Balance Free Front Fork (BFF), which uses race-level technology? The architecture of this suspension precisely manages the damping force outside the spring chamber to strictly maintain the constant damping of the fork regardless of its stroking motion. BFF provides the rider with a level of feel and rides unmatched compliance.

Along with the BFF fork, the GSX-R1000R is also equipped with a lightweight, race-ready upper triple clamp.

Brembo radial-mount brake calipers offer the rider an excellent feel and mighty stopping power. At the front, stainless steel brake lines enhance sensation and braking response.

There are two ways to mount the 320mm floating disc to the carrier on the Brembo T-drive brake rotors. The rotor is connected to the caliper by five conventional floating rotor spools. Five newly designed T-drive fasteners allow the rotor to absorb more braking force than a traditional spool-only disc. The larger discs and the energy they absorb give the GSX-R1000R more braking power.

To ensure that the rider can stop with control, the 240 mm rear disc brake is mated to a Nisson single-piston caliper.

With additional chassis pitch data from the IMU, the MotionTrack brake system, like traditional ABS, applies the right amount of brake force for the available traction. The ABS will modulate the front brake to help stabilize the chassis and continue braking when the rear wheel lifts due to IMU’s strong braking force or the bike is leaning up.

The lightweight, six-spoke wheels are exclusive to Suzuki and are designed to manage the braking and steering forces that the GSX-R1000R can produce. They also reduce lean mass.

The Bridgestone Racing Street RS11 low-mass tires that come standard on the GSX-R1000R are ready for track days. The tread design reduces wear and increases grip for better high-speed cornering.

Suzuki-style designers and engineers used extensive wind tunnel studies to develop the aerodynamic bodywork to achieve a sleek look and appeal. GSX design, the R1000R’s narrower than before, instantly improve performance through better handling and faster speeds on the racetrack.

Where air pressure is at its peak, in the center of the fairing nose, there are two SRAD intake ducts. Due to the smaller LED headlamps, the intake ducts are significantly larger.

The interaction between the clip-on, the footrests, and the seat creates the optimal sports riding position. The top of the fuel tank is 21 mm lower than the previous-generation GSX-R to make it easier for the rider to hit the racetrack instantly.

A decent rider interface helps steer the bike on the road or racetrack, and the seat height is 825mm (32.48 inches). The passenger seat can be removed easily and replaced with an optional solo tail cowl in an additional color.

The hand controls and rear brake pedal can be moved in proportion to the footrest, and the grip can be moved about the shifter. The end of the front brake lever is cut with a notch to prevent air pressure from applying to the front brake.

Electrical Features

The GSX-electrical R1000R’s systems can communicate quickly and accurately thanks to the controller area network wiring harness (CAN bus). Riders will benefit from the CAN bus system’s quick and hassle-free electrical system operation, as well as simplifying the size and complexity of wiring.

With a bright backlight that can be adjusted for intensity and a black backdrop with white numbers, the LCD multifunction instrument panel is evident at night. LED indicators to display turn signals, high beam, traction control, shift light, coolant temperature, and oil pressure warnings accompanying the LCD main screen.

The LED headlamp is compact, stylish, and recognizable. The slim, streamlined design of this low-electric draw light provides access to the high-pressure air generated at high speeds to the SRAD ducts on the nose of the fairing.

The vertically stacked LED tail and brake light have low power demand, allowing for a narrower tail section for more airflow to the rear of the bike. Surface-type light-emitting diodes are used outside the taillight to provide a smooth glow, while bright, traditional LEDs are used in the center to draw attention when applying the brakes.

To improve visibility and provide more illumination, a pair of unique, arcing LED position lights accentuate the upper edge of the SRAD duct in the fairing nose. The motorcycle turn signal is evident to oncoming traffic thanks to the lightweight design of the turn signals and the use of incandescent lights with amber lenses.

Several functions of the “Start/Stop” switch combine to start and stop the engine. The Suzuki Easy Start system fixed to the GSX-R1000R perfectly matches the button.

The portability of the motorcycle battery comes in handy when competing on closed courses or using the track. The YTZ10S, 12V8.6AH, small battery provides enough juice to start the engine and run sophisticated electronics.

Additional Features

In addition to an extensive array of GSX-R branded apparel, many genuine Suzuki accessories are offered. 12-month limited warranty with unlimited mileage. Suzuki Extended Protection provides an extended coverage period with additional benefits (SEP).

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike – Price

The new 2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Motorcycle is available at $17,749.

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike

2021 GSX-R1000R Suzuki Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine 999.8cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder, DOHC
Bore x Stroke 76.0 mm x 55.1 mm (2.992 in. x 2.169 in.)
Compression Ratio 13.2:1
Fuel System Fuel injection with Ride-by-Wire throttle bodies
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump

Drive Train

Clutch Wet, multi-plate type
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, DID 525HV3, 120 links


Front Suspension Inverted telescopic, oil-damped, coil spring
Rear Suspension Link type, single shock, oil damped, coil spring
Front Brakes Brembo 4-piston, twin disc, ABS-equipped
Rear Brakes Nissin, 1-piston, single disc, ABS-equipped
Front Tires 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Rear Tires 190/55ZR17M/C (75W), tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 L (4.2 US gal.)
Color Metallic Matte Black No. 2 (w/ black graphics) or Metallic Matte Black No. 2 (w/ white, silver, and orange graphics)


Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Headlight LED
Tail Light LED


Overall Length 2075 mm (81.7 in.)
Overall Width 705 mm (27.8 in.)
Overall Height 1145 mm (45.1 in.)
Wheelbase 1420 mm (55.9 in.)
Ground Clearance 130 mm (5.11 in.)
Seat Height 825 mm (32.5 in.)
Curb Weight 202 kg (445.0 lb.)


Warranty 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty
Extension More extended coverage periods, including other benefits available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP)

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