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2021 Ducati Scrambler of the Future Designer Wins Award

Bologna, May 11, 2020: Borgo Panigale Ducati held a competition for students at a California school to create ideas for the future of Scrambler Ducati. In honor of the unveiling of the RO.

All suggestions have been submitted and reviewed after three months. Together with the Scrambler Ducati Brand Unit, designer Jeremy Fraud and Ducati Style Center director Andrea Ferraresi reviewed the students’ work for future potential, project presentation, technical drawing standards, and, of course, design aesthetics.

2021 Ducati Scrambler of the Future Designer Wins Award

A total of 10 complete, unique, and very different projects were shown, although they had some unique features. Others submitted all-around versions, which are more applicable and ideal for various settings, while many students envisioned the electric scrambler Ducati version of urban transportation. The winning project also chose the latter course, which was the best option as it respects the brand’s true character.

According to Andrea Ferraresi, Director of Ducati Style Center, “The collaboration with ArtCenter College of Pasadena has led to an exciting exchange experience with students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who have contributed to our Scrambler Ducati’s creative style. I have explained—a very distant point of view. Peter Harkins did a great job transforming the short into an accurate product. His work was very thorough in creating the ratio analysis and detailing. The Scrambler adheres to and maintains Ducati-specific style principles, such as the iconic light of the bike, which is distinguished by an obscure X and is now famous.

Peter Harkins thanked Ducati and ArtCenter for their cooperation in making this opportunity possible. “I am excited to be working at Ducati with such an excellent team of designers and looking forward to the new skills and knowledge. Thanks to my fellow students for encouraging me to work harder and our instructor Alex Earle Ka. Our encouragement in her power sports class. A dream come true with her!

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