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2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike Review Specs

Every age group may learn through competition. Determination. Discipline. Self-belief and a sense of ownership. Having a motorbike that you can win on is necessary to learn how to win. In this case, though, the Honda CRF150R is the ideal choice for the job. It’s designed for younger champions, and it’s ready for action. Their single-cylinder Unicam® engine is powerful, so they’ll have a leg up from the start. The CRF150R Expert has a higher seat and longer swingarm for taller riders. It’s your mission to help them prepare for their stage address with these two motorcycles.

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike – Features and Price

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike

Standard Features

Disk brakes on the front, 149cc Unicam® engine with a liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke chassis. “Direct-push” accelerator pump and a set of nimble, lightweight wheels Created with more miniature racers in mind.

Engine / Drivetrain

The Unicam cylinder head is a high-performance design.43.6 pounds is the weight of the compact, lightweight engine unit. The oil supply for the piston, crankshaft, and valve train is separated from the clutch and gearbox by a twin-sump lubrication system. As a result, the clutch receives cold oil, which prevents contamination of the engine oil by clutch and transmission materials, decreases the volume of circulating oil, and allows for a smaller oil pump to be used. Power, torque, and rideability are provided by the cylinder head, piston, camshaft, and carburetor.

The hot-start mechanism on the handlebars and the internal auto decompression of the lightweight, compact machine make it simple to start, regardless of how chilly it is outside. FCR 32 mm Keihin FCR carburetor with an accelerator-pump circuit for precise fuel delivery and excellent rideability throughout the powerband. Even in the most challenging track conditions, the suspension settings deliver a responsive ride. A lightweight stainless-steel header and a re-packable aluminum muffler are used in the exhaust system. Five-speed gearbox with a long service life.

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike

Chassis / Suspension

The CRF150R’s front and rear suspension settings are unique, and they provide the best possible bump absorption. Oversized frame tubing and cross-member enable great turning and straight-line tracking in a lightweight, high-tensile steel frame.

The friction-reducing design of the 37 mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork enhances compression and rebound control. Rear suspension with a Pro-Link system. Wheels that are both strong and light have the advantage of reducing unsprung mass. Precision braking is provided by high-performance front and rear disc brakes. Strong front and rear axles with surface treatments of 15 and 17 millimeters are available.

Reusable foam air filter with a two-stage capacity and large volume airbox. Slim and aggressive styling is achieved using lightweight plastic body components (radiator shroud, side covers, rear fender, seat base, fuel tank, and front number plate)—Dunlop tires of the highest quality. Using the HRC works-type rear-brake system, the rear master cylinder and fluid reservoir are integrated, eliminating the need for a separate master cylinder reservoir and hose.

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike – Price

The new 2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Off-Roader is available at $6,999.

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 147.7cc, water-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder
Valve Train Unicam, four-valve, steel, 26mm intake, 22.5mm exhaust, steel
Bore x Stroke Ratio 66mm x 43.7mm
Compression Ratio 11.7:1
Induction Keihin 32mm flat-slide carburetor including Throttle Position Sensor (TPS
Ignition CD with electronic advance
Starter Kick
Driveline #420 chain, 15T/56T
Transmission Close-ratio 5-speed manual
Clutch Multi-plate wet


Front Suspension 37mm fully variable leading-axle inverted conventional Showa cartridge fork, 10.8 inches travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link fully adjustable Showa single shock; 11.1-inches travel

2021 CRF150R Expert Big Wheel Honda Dirt Bike


Front Brakes Single 220mm disc
Rear Brakes Single 190mm disc


Front 70/100-19
Rear 90/100-16


Rake (castor angle) 27°48’
Trail 96mm (3.8 inches)
Length 74.8 inches
Width 30.3 inches
Height 46.1 inches
Seat Height 34.1 inches
Ground Clearance 13.2 inches
Wheelbase 50.6 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.1 gallons
Curb Weight 187 lbs.


Colors Red

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