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2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike Review Specs Price

Seven hundred fifty units will be made for the Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone S, the only 2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike to be limited edition, evoking the engine capacity of Mandello’s “seven-fifty.” To highlight the model’s rarity, the serial number is inscribed on the handlebar riser.

Moto Guzzi’s new V7 III Stone S stands out for its satin chrome fuel tank, topped with a black leather strap, and its complete LED light clusters, including the headlamp, taillamp, and turn indicators. The “Night Pack” version of the V7 III Stone features a lower position for the headlamp and instrument cluster, including a shorter and slenderer frame. The Stone S now seems even sleeker and energetic thanks to new “bar end” rearview mirrors.

The ubiquitous Eagle provides another sporty touch on the fuel tank’s left and right sides, the shock absorber springs, and the exquisite red stitching on the specially designed seat, which is covered in water-repellent Alcantara®, a weather-resistant material. The equipment package contains an anodized black locking fuel cap made of aluminum billet, as well as aluminum side panels with a specific logo.

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike – Features and Price

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike

Riding Pleasure

The third version of Mandello’s “seven-fifty” will continue to remain the entry-level Moto Guzzi model for the foreseeable future. Moto Guzzi motorcycles are known for their solid and genuine personalities, and this one is no exception, thanks in part to the bike’s unique transversal V-twin engine. Aside from that, it’s one of the most manageable motorcycles in its class in terms of dimensions and weight. Style, standard equipment, and road performance, in other words, characteristics that impact the experience of owning and riding a V7, were the driving causes behind its development.

With a design that pays homage to Moto Guzzi’s past while also fitting the needs of today’s riders, the V7 III maintains the model’s own identity stylistically. Although the V7 III is one of the most approachable and stylish bikes, its large twin-pipe exhaust manifolds and engine heads give the image of a mature and robust machine. For its part, the 21-liter metal fuel tank has not altered, taking its design cues from the legendary 1971 V7 Sport. Aside from the injector covers and side fairings, the clean design of the whole vehicle is particularly striking.

The saddle of each V7 III model is unique, having its graphics and finishes. With its reputation as “necessity bikes,” the V7 III Stone and Rough have a single circular instrument display. The Special and Racer variants include a second circular display for the rev counter. The odometer, partial and daily trip, trip time, instantaneous and average consumption, air temperature, average speed, and the new MGCT level, as well as the engaged gear indicator, for which the user can adjust the minimum and maximum rpm values. It allows you to choose a specific engine rpm range, which is helpful to maximize the bike’s efficiency or minimize its fuel consumption.

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike


Moto Guzzi is well-known for the quality of its chassis construction. As far back as 1970, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) picked the V7 police after a thorough testing process to join the LAPD squad, proving the Larian brand’s competence in the field even globally. To provide superior dynamic performance in corners, the third version of the V7 steel frame incorporates a wholly reworked and strengthened front end with a redesigned steering geometry.

It ensures it improved handling and stability, as well as better weight distribution. The welding and painting, as well as the special care and polish of the details, have received particular attention. Kayaba spring preloaded shock absorbers provide a progressive and controlled response in every circumstance, even while riding two-up, thanks to their high quality and the inclined attachment point to the frame, which make up the rear suspension system. The forward and low positioning of the footpegs guarantees a comfortable seating position for the passenger. The saddle-handlebar-foot peg triangulation is suitable for riders of all heights because of the lower saddle (770mm from the ground) and the correct location of the aluminum footpegs.

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike

Small block engine: unique character and sound

Only one transverse V engine exists in the world, and that is the Moto Guzzi twin that was born in 1967 thanks to Giulio Cesare Carcano’s bright intuition and is renowned for an exceptional cylinder configuration that became an integral part of the motorcycle’s design as an actual modern art metallic sculpture. Small-block versions are in their third generation and have been completely overhauled in contrast to the engine that powered the V7 II to maximize riding experience while improving performance and reliability.

52 horsepower and 60 Nm of torque are available at 4900 revolutions per minute, with an all-flat torque curve that offers simple operation and Moto Guzzi’s trademark character and quick response. An A2 class driver’s license-compliant variant is also available, which is ideal for newer Guzzi riders who want to take advantage of the V7 III’s less weight and smaller dimensions, as well as its overall simplicity to ride. The 170 mm dry single disc clutch on the Moto Guzzi engine enhances longevity and reliability while also decreasing stress on the lever at the handlebar, all of which contribute to the motorcycle’s moldability and enjoyment of riding. Even though the six-speed gearbox is precise and smooth, it now has a longer first and sixth gear ratio than the V7 II, allowing it to make greater use of the engine’s torque and power.

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike


Moto Guzzi brand has always been at the top of its game regarding safety. The Moto Guzzi V7 III’s ABS and MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control) traction control systems may be customized. To avoid the wheels from locking up, a Continental two-channel system is used, while a second system prevents the rear wheels from spinning when accelerating. In low-grip conditions like wet or slippery asphalt, the MGCT system includes one more cautious sensitivity level, which is suitable, and one that is designed for the enjoyment of riding safely on dry roads. Rear tire circumference may be re-calibrated to accommodate for tire wear or the use of a tire profile that differs from the original, ensuring that the system’s traction control remains accurate.

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike – Technical Specification


Capacity 744 cc
Bore 80 mm
Travel 74 mm
Distribution Two valves having light alloy pushrods and brand new rockers
Maximum Power 38 kW at 6200rpm
Maximum torque at the crankshaft 60 Nm at 4900rpm
Exhaust system 3-way catalytic converter with double lambda probe
Cooling Air

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike Specs


Frame Double cradle tubular frame in ALS steel, including detachable elements.
Wheelbase 1445 mm
Trail 106 mm
Headstock angle 26.4°
Front suspension


Ø 40 mm hydraulic telescopic fork

130 mm

Rear suspension


die-cast light alloy swingarm having two shock absorbers including adjustable spring preload


Front brake Ø 320mm of stainless steel floating discs, Brembo calipers having four differently sized opposed pistons
Rear brake Ø 260mm, stainless steel disc, floating caliper having two pistons
Front-wheel 18″ in a lightweight alloy 100/90
Rear-wheel 17″ in lightweight allow 130/80

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike Specs


Seat height 770 mm
Length 2,185 mm
Height 1,100 mm
Minimum ground clearance 150 mm
Fuel tank capacity 21 liters
Dry weight 189 kg
Kerb weight 209 kg

2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike Specs


Consumption (WMTC cycle) 5.5 l/100 km
CO2 Emissions (WMTC cycle) 128 g/km


The new 2020 V7 III Stone S Moto Guzzi Street Bike is among those motorcycles with a powerful 744cc engine famous for its instant throttle response. The chassis is beautiful and comfortable, which helps in achieving the maximum in both city traffic and highways.s

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