2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike Review

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike

Aprilia is a new bike with everything new. It has this fantastic new concept of sportiness. Its beauty comes with a frame. Wait, there’s more, the lightweight of the bike is incredible. Our new generation has always been demanding for a bike like this. The 2019 Aprilia Concept RS660 is a fun bike that is capable of thrilling on the road.

The Concept Aprilia 2019 RS660 interprets the concept of sportiness. The consequence of technological research and aerodynamic solution are found in this fantastic 2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike. This bike is unique. It comes with everything one can ask for. What makes it perfect is the medium engine capacity twin-cylinder. It is both attractive and accessible. The engine provides exceptionally high technological content.

RS 660 is a good option for young riders. If someone is looking for a high-level sport bike that can provide thrills, then all you need is the RS660 Concept Sports Bike. This bike is ready to rock on the track.

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike – Features

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike

Cutting-Edge Design

Aprilia Concept RS 660 is known for its perfect style. Such as amazing innovation. It is a sophisticated bike that stems from a series of aerodynamic studies. The variable front section and the variable downforce values changed into opportunities for the Style Centre. This produced ultra-modern dynamic shapes.

The concept offers a comfortable riding position. Wait there’s more, it has a broad saddle. They are not too high. There is also a pair of semi-handlebars mounted on top of the upper steering yoke. In the end, we have a saddle-handlebar-footpeg triangulation. The bike is so amazing. It is sporty yet comfortable.

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike


The Concept RS 660 Concept has a magnificent structure. There are an aluminum frame and swingarm at the top. In the concept, the framework exploits the engine as a stressed element. The right arm of the swingarm feature the a curved shape. The curved shape is used to all the exhaust terminal. The particular mounting of the shock absorber lets an outstanding progression to be obtained. This process is done without using linkage.

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike


RS 660 was made around the idea of a new engine. The Aprilia engineers are already working on parallel twin-cylinder. It is a very compact new generation unit. It is derived from the 1100 cc V4. This shape was chosen for its compact nature and efficiency. The designers created a sleek and lightweight frame and suspension. The RS 660 project is the Most Selling Bikes Brand in the World. Best things are that it is a development base for a broader range that intends to make Aprilia brand a key player in an extremely strategic market segment in every market.

2019 Aprilia RS660 Concept Sports Bike


The motorcycling industry is hard at work in an attempt to regain the attention of the younger generations that have a blended approach about throwing a leg across the seat and twisting the throttle wide open. Maybe they are wiser than we were at their age, surely more than I was. Their cautious response to the present range of massively powerful superbikes set the industry off-balance.