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Review of 2016 Zero SR

The Zero Motorcycle Company is well-known company for its powerful electric motor which is the primary source of power to the bike. The new 2016 Zero SR maintains the legacy of Zero bikes, it is a bit advanced than Zero S and is built for those riders who want speed and acceleration. The bike comes with 660 amp motor controller which helps bike to deliver 25 % more power (67 hp) and 56 % more torque (106 ft-lb). To manage this increased output, the motor of the new bike uses higher temperature magnets to ensure better performance at high speed. The bike has more torque than 1000 cc sports bikes and can move from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 100 mph. The new 2016 Zero SR bike performs well in all condition whether on road or highways or during hill climbing.

2016 Zero SR

2016 Zero SR – Specs

Power Pack

The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with advanced cell chemistry and battery management systems which provide greater capacity and range. The new bike has ZF13.0 power pack which enables the bike to cover up to 197 miles; it is also designed to last the life of the motorcycle. The result of cutting-edge research, development and hard effort of Zero Company engineers, each cell in the power pack is individually monitored and controlled to ensure maximum power and health. The new bike is available in two configurations i.e. ZF9.0 and ZF13.0. The new vehicle is completely compatible with power tank accessory; a motorcycle has a start-of-the-art 102 V power pack configuration and cell chemistry. The cells of battery last 2,500 full charge and discharge cycles before hitting 80 % capacity and it yield 362,000 miles on the original power pack. These cells are manufactured by a cell interconnect technology which ensures low resistance and high robust.

Power Tank Technology

The new 2016 Zero SR bike uses Z-Force® Power Tank, which adds 2.8 kWh of power pack storage capacity to any Zero S series bike. The bike has an optional accessory i.e. the power tank of the bike can be added to any time at the date of purchase or after the acquisition of the bike; this brings the maximum battery capacity up to 15.9 kWh. By using this energy, one can ride up to 197 miles in the city or 98 miles on the highway at 70 mph.

2016 Zero SR


The new 2016 Zero SR bike has a specially designed Z-Force® motor from the ground up to be compact, efficient and powerful. The bike delivers incredible acceleration to a top speed of 102 mph. The bike is completely air-cooled, and the motor of the motorcycle provides incredible riding experience, and the best feature is that there is no need for any regular maintenance. The cooling system of the bike operates with excellent efficiency and does not require any complicated cooling system. When the bike starts to slow down, the motor generates electricity which is channeled back to the power pack so that it may extend ride times. The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with high-temperature magnets for better performance at high sustained top speeds.

Chassis and Suspension

The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with incredible twin spar frame which is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. The bike has amazingly lightweight and sturdy which makes the bike easy to handle. This bike comes with a low center of gravity with highly maneuverable and responsive. The bike a refined appearance which is only possible with a sleek bodywork, which gives the aggressive, contemporary and naked look. The tank section of the motorcycle has a beautiful body which integrates storage compartment that is both lockable and removable. The reservoir section of the bike can be replaced by Power Tank accessory for greater range or Charge Tank accessory for faster charging.
The bike comes with a Showa to develop suspension systems which provide excellent small bump predictable, compliance control for bigger impact and extraordinary smooth action under almost every condition. The bike has a torsional rigidity of the front end improves handling. The hollow front axle is very helpful to in weight reduction. The suspension settings of the motorcycle are completely customizable to meet the demands of riders.

2016 Zero SR dash

Braking system and wheels

The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with an advanced Bosch anti-lock brake system (ABS) which improves control in almost all conditions to ensure the best performance. The bike has a large 320 mm diameter carrier less rotor which maximizes stopping power. The bike has an adjustable front brake lever for customizable ergonomic design. The bike has a standard Pirelli tires for 2016 Zero SR bike; these tires provide excellent traction with extraordinary durability and best road feel. The tires of the bike are mounted to stylish and durable cast alloy wheels.

Other features

The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with the amazing dash which is designed by Zero to for quick and accurate provision of useful data to the rider about a state of charge, power output and the rider profile. The new bike comes with three riding patterns, by using right-hand switch gear rider can quickly switch between these three profiles. The dash screen has a cool blue backlit LCD, and it integrates seamlessly into the front section of the motorcycle. The bike has a beautifully designed and comfortable two-up seat.
The new 2016 Zero SR bike comes with the clutchless direct drive; this makes the bike deliver rapid acceleration, improved efficiency, and maximum torque. The bike can reach its top speed of 100 mph, all of this is possible just because of its higher output motor. The bike delivers a controlled and powerful acceleration until it reaches to its desired speed. The carbon fiber belt makes it possible to achieve its maximum acceleration without any frictional losses for increased overall range, and the best feature is that it is maintenance free.

2016 Zero SR


The 2016 Zero SR bike comes with level 2 charge stations to rider garage. Zero’s charging option are specially designed to fit rider lifestyle. Every 2016 Zero SR comes with a simple and lightweight cable that can plug into any household outlet. The best feature is that new bike can be charged faster by using Charge Tank accessory. This accessory can triples onboard charging speed which allows the rider to recharge their power pack within 2-3 hours level 2 charging station. Each hour of charging will result up to 53 miles of a ride in the city. For home and office use, the Zero Brand has introduced “Quick Charger” system which can reduce charging time dramatically. The system uses four stand-alone 1kW charger which works as a conjunction with the motorcycle’s standard charger.

2016 Zero SR price

The new 2016 Zero SR bike with all of its fantastic features comes only at a cost of $14,395.

2016 Zero SR – specs

2016 Zero SR specs


Max torque 106 ft-lb (144 Nm)
Max power 67 hp (50 kW) @ 4,000 rpm
Top speed 102 mph (164 km/h)
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.3 seconds

Power system

Est. pack life to 80% (city) 362,000 miles (583,000 km)
Power pack Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent
Max capacity 13.0 kWh
Nominal capacity 11.4 kWh
Charger type 1.3 kW, integrated
Charge time (standard) 8.9 hours (100% charged)
Input Standard 110 V or 220 V


Transmission Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 130T / 30T, Poly Chain Carbon belt

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front suspension Showa 41 mm inverted cartridge forks
Rear suspension Showa 40 mm piston
Front suspension travel 6.25 inches (159 mm)
Rear suspension travel 6.35 inches (161 mm)
Front brakes Bosch Gen 9 ABS, 320 x 5 mm disc, J-Juan asymmetric dual piston floating caliper
Rear brakes Bosch Gen 9 ABS, 240 x 4.5 mm disc, J-Juan single piston floating caliper
Front tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso II110/70-17
Front wheel 3.00 x 17
Rear tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso II140/70-17
Rear wheel 3.50 x 17

2016 Zero SR specs 1

Dimension and Weight

Wheelbase 55.5 in (1,410 mm)
Seat height 31.8 in (807 mm)
Rake 24.0°
Trail 3.2 inches (80 mm)
Frame 23 lb (10.4 kg)
Curb weight 414 lb (188 kg)
Carrying capacity 361 lb (164 kg)

2016 Zero SR


The new launched 2016 Zero SR is an excellent bike with incredible design, and its review is covered under www.bikescatalog.com today. This article provides complete information about the newly launched bike by Zero Company. 2016 Zero SR is fantastic which has a lot of amazing features and has an incredible electronic and suspension system. The bike has an incredibly powerful motor, excellent torque and exceptional acceleration with quite a good braking system. The charging regime of the motorcycle is extraordinary, and the output of the vehicle is mind blowing. It is a great bike with good features especially the design and tank section of the motorcycle is very charming, so be the first to purchase the new bike and enjoy its ride with your friends, relatives, opponents and come back here for more details and information in the shape of reviews and leave your comment.

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