Honda CBR600RR Defector Of Supersport

Honda CBR600RR Defector Of Supersport
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Honda CBR600RR 2013 has a longevity record in the category of 600 Super sport Haloed many victories in championship WSS, it receives evolution on many points for 2013, which have to require a total work: new fork, re-examined shock absorb, new wheels, cartography of improved injection… Did it set out again for 5 years?

News motor bike 2013: Honda CBR600RR defector of Supersport

The category of the 600 Super sports does not know any effervescence a few years ago, in particular, due to its escape of the most talented pilots and of the structures and teams WSS in Moto2. As a result, the Super sport championship lives a little more in the shade of the Super-bike championship.
To develop one 600 Super sport for gains from beginning to end costs the same price or almost that one 1,000 Cm3… even if electronics changed gives it lately.
In short it is hustled less in the category. And yet, the 600 Super sports remain excellent sporting ones: less bestial than the 1,000 Cm3 and so adapted to the exercise of the circuit!

News motor bike 2013: Honda CBR600RR defector of Supersport

Replica Grand Prix

Honda without which doing too much effort, regularly within this championship will make all the same evolve the Honda CBR600RR for 2013. It is revived since 2007, if one puts aside the remarkable arrival of the sporting C-ABS of 2009.
For in-depth evolution, the Honda CBR600RR 2013 receives a new front careenage, which should guarantee a better aerodynamics as well as an ideal filling of the box with air and admission of Air Force, review corresponds to the modifications made to the cartography of injection.
The valve with the admission functions henceforth on all the beach of mode: what will it be handlebar in hands? Will the engine be T it even linear in the absence of threshold of opening of this valve? Can one hope for a significant profit of couple? We will see well during the test. Concerning the performances, they do not move, Honda CBR600RR 2013 always asserts 120 horses (88 kw), with 13,500 tr/min, for a couple of 66 Nm with 11,250 tr/min

News motor bike 2013: Honda CBR600RR defector of Supersport

Fork Shows Big Piston, like the girlfriends

But Honda CBR600RR also evolves on the level of the part cycles. The reversed fork Showa is seen replacing by a fork Showa known as Big Piston. This name is perhaps not unknown for you, and due, this fork whose inner working (valve, piston) was optimized to limit the mass transfer’s violent one, equips a good amount of other motor bikes, of which Kawasaki ZX- 6R and ZX- 10R or Suzuki GSX-R 1000. Shows not wiping the plasters more, there is no doubt that it will be led on Honda.
For reasons of general stability, the back mono shock was re-examined in his inner working (piston, valve, treatment of the frictions), even if Honda does not adopt yet on its Honda CBR600RR, the very new shock absorber Showa Rear Cushion. Nevertheless, small Honda CBR 600 RR is not the poor relation of family CBR, since it receives the aluminum alloy rims with 12 ultra fine branches which equip already the 1,000 Cm3 since 2012. Ultra fine, more rigid, these rims do not make unfortunately lose weight and the Honda CBR600RR 2013 remains in the standards with 184 kg all full facts or 193.4 kg with ABS.
The electronic shock absorber of direction is part of the equipment of series, while the sporting ABS developed by Honda remains held with the version C ABS. With all these small modifications, Honda CBR 600 RR should show itself even more effective, prompter to reassure on circuit, and for those who find the 600 Cm3 too austere, the Repsol color will be now available on the small one, but not slacks, CBR.

News motor bike 2013: Honda CBR600RR defector of Supersport

Honda CBR600RR, essence:

  • Engine 4 cylinders in line, 599 cm3, and water cooled,
  • Re-examined injection PGM FI,
  • Air inlet forced worked over again, new configuration of the valve of admission
  • Power: 120 ch (88 kw) with 13,500 tr/min, couple: 6.6 Nm with 11,250 tr/min
  • Fork Showa Big Piston
  • Shock absorber modified AR
  • New careenage
  • New wheels with 12 branches
  • Version C ABS available
  • Color: tricolor blue, white, red, Repsol, black

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