BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a

BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a
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Opinion of good weather at the GT in 2013! With step less than one total innovation – Triumph 1200 Trophy SE – and of a major change – Yamaha FJR 1300 A -, the amateurs of beautiful motor bikes of tourism more than ever have the choice via the reference BMW R1200RT. Here our comparative selection and our measurements between the coasts Normans and the paving stones are of great classic of Paris-Roubaix…

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

The GT appeared deeply evolved during the last twenty years, between the first travel goods shops were hardly integrated and in the braking ABS way “extension cable of distance” on the bumps, and the ultimate ultra fast vessels which do not stumble almost any more on the angle, moreover, it carries 30 liters of luggage the whole combined with a frightening security level…
The GT is a tendency for being “heavy” for the manufacturers, most between them proposing its own vision of the motor bike in Great Tourism today, way high tech, sporting or “with American”, that is to say the customs GT from Harley-Davidson, Victory or very last Moto Guzzi 1400 California. In short, on this matter there is what to a long time hesitates… from the interest to connect itself to the Station.
We thus chose to join together and oppose the three GT to the European one which incontestably makes the topicality in the end of 2012, to course begin with very last Triumph 1200 Trophy SE. Inspired by the current and referenced by its style – popular flat twin BMW R1200RT, obviously invited to this test taking into account its value and standard -, the famous English three-cylinders intends well to propose new feelings with the amateurs of voyage to motor bike.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

The evolution of Yamaha FJR 1300 A 2013, appeared as another sure value of the GT modern, thus arrives at named point. Not only the three motorization typified but also three philosophies of the main road and with the providence of comfort on two wheels, here is a very beautiful casting for this new shutter of the tests motor bike of the station. Enjoy!
For the needs of this comparative, we wished to put the mouthfuls double: essential measurements like the weighing or the passage to the bench of power, statements of average consumption, together with two courses stages: a first road book towards the coast Norman and Dieppe under an appreciable sun in order to check road approval and the road aptitudes, then an outward journey/return towards Roubaix at the beginning of Paris the second day to test our GT under conditions “trash” of the cycle race among more testing world! The whole between night motorway and minor roads of connection is on the whole more than 1,000 km traversed.
What to slice and decide between objectively and subjectively top-of-the-range motor bikes via the more personal opinions of each one… as well as our usual “sandbag”: Sylvie, always faithful to the station in the role of the momentary one engine.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

BMW R 1200 RT: The always valiant ballerina

If the current grinding of BMW R1200RT goes back to 2010, with the reinforcement of the double ACT, the technical base goes back to 2005. Despite everything, it should be believed that the German esthetics of the GT is always in the blow since it inspires competition. Moreover, its completion was improved in 2010; it reveals beautiful forms and also dictations by the function with the image of the mouth under the headlights which shelters the stream and oil radiator the engine of fresh air…
Built on at the very least original technology in the category, before a whole tool the BMW R1200RT is particularly succeeded, with in particular the most judicious ergonomics of our trio. It is appropriate more than the others for small as with large.
Then, one rents the general stability of his part cycles whose traveling trains Telemeter with before and Para lever in the back construction of it in terms of dynamic behavior. BMW R1200RT preserves the palm of the handiness in urban area, being authorized astonishing half-turns in the streets of the capital – and the agility on the small roads and of the precision in turn…
It gives desire for unearthing the turns of the Norman country with its short footing and its closed direction. Compared to others, this quality arises in an obvious way, which makes it most instinctive one assimilating the behavior of its Telemeter which reduces the transfer of the masses to braking: before it does not plunge. Just like the subtlety of its ESA which can sedulously stiffen it in Sport mode, more appreciable for its rigor in curve.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

Not the most powerful but…

If BMW dominates in agility, it shows a directional stability not frankly better than proposing competition and match being tightened then. Concerning the engine, one cannot say some more but it misses performances since the arrival of the double tree in 2010. Today this driving boxer delivers a “mechanical environment” even more palpable, with the image of these curves at the very least irregular power and couple. To the impeccable linearity of Triumph, BMW thus opposes a rise in asynchronous mode.
Not necessarily effective, but undoubtedly more fun, it suffices to take sixth in 3000 tr / min to collect the opening of the exhaust valve and collect his mood swings mechanics. You can still be amazed by the speed of this large flat twin towers to climb, which allows him to not be completely dropped again in front of others. But approval of the set-box transmission lags behind Triumph the block.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

The always in top form ESA

BMW has despite everything that is more flexible ordering of the clutch – appreciable with the daily newspaper – and is an answer to the always measurable accelerator. Although with stripped of electronic accelerator, it consumes less than its rivals, a considerable argument within the framework of a daily use. We also appreciate the good sense of the BMW orders: a button for the ESA, a button for the ASC, of the warnings accessible and a serrated roller from ordering of the radio easy to encircle.
The assistances, which are invited more and more on this board GT, are perfectible on BMW, but safety is not in question. Simply, the release of ABS in the back generates more rebound in the pedal as compares on the two others; the anti-skid one is shown more brutal with the action of a cylinder on two. However, BMW quickly caught up with itself on the wet paving stones of Paris-Roubaix. Its part cycles “light”, accompanied by suspension ESA made it possible to gum the small repetitive shocks of beautiful in the manners.
In the same way, power to easily change trajectory on the paving stones or to accelerate in a progressive way on this tricky ground remain a large quality at the time of assessment, enabling him to impose itself of a hair via a competition from now on very near.


Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

Triumph Trophy 1200 SE: True a GT which needs space

Side by side, one cannot deny the obvious resemblance between Triumph Trophy 1200 SE and BMW R1200RT. However, the gauge of English is impressive, especially when compared to relatively compact Yamaha FJR 1300 A. a first visual impression which is confirmed at the time as of operations with the stop and on the balance bikescatalog: 1200 Trophy weighs 10 kg more than Yamaha and 31 kg more than BMW! What to regret the absence of reverse running sometimes… However, once on the way, one reassures oneself: Triumph Trophy reveals a correct handiness, say studied.
Admittedly, with such measurements, she is not played of the city like the two others. On the other hand on motorway, it is incontestably is the queen of the GT our comparative: impeccable comfort, not of incongruous vibrations, omnipresent couple (even in 100 ch. before 6,500 tr/min) for effective revivals even in duet, protection better than a convertible and higher than the others, the audio system is quite most powerful, and the leisure to learn how to handle the most complex instrument panel of the band…

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

Approval on all the floors

After two hours of motorway at the beginning of Paris in the fog at 7:30 – not easy our life… – we arrive at sinuous Dieppe and his littoral. Triumph Trophy SE reveals a healthy and pleasant behavior then. First of all, it proves faster to register in turn than its gauge let it think. Pirelli Angel ST of assembles origin take part in it. And finally, once well in hand, to tackle a turn does not pose a problem particular to its edge; to connect the conk-high is shown even pleasant, although a share of anticipation remains of rigor.
Of course, Triumph authorizes less correction of unforeseen trajectory than BMW, even Yamaha. In fact, Trophy loses points as soon as one passes by again on the BMW ballerina: English “the drag” more its kilos, abuses hydraulics of its suspensions even in Sport mode with less controlled movements, in particular on the level of the direction, fuzzier as soon as one raises (really) the rhythm. In short, she asks more reserve in large fast curve than the Yamaha FJR 1300, while remaining overall less nimble than BMW when that tournicote.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

Of good omen for new the GT English

Nevertheless, on the wire of the kilometers, the instructions of Triumph Trophy 1200 SE are binding to its pilot, resting on the approval and the easy character of engine.
Taken again with bottoms and mid–modes, box and transmission which are made forget, comfort senatorial (and higher than both others, including for the passenger), to cut the road in Trophy is a true pleasure. So much so that we prefer it even in Tiger Explorer 1200 undoubtedly less homogeneous and general-purpose.
But when one knows that the new large trail Triumph prances in eleventh position in the maxi test of the owners, that is of good omen for new the GT English which will be also judged on the long run in the “true life” by our readers. Proposed with 18,870 € in version SE, 1200 Trophy proposes, it in series, a complete package, with the electronic suspensions, ABS, the anti-skid one…

Triumph Trophy 1200 SE

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

Yamaha FJR 1300 A: It remains a Sport GT

Universe observed total change with Yamaha FJR 1300 2013. More compact, more energetic out of engine, more putting back its pilot on the wrists, Yamaha likes the fast courses always as much. In addition to its accelerations which impress its adverse in spite of its limps 5 speeds, Yamaha has as a better electronic accelerator as Triumph, with an always suave answer and a millimeter-length proportioning with the gas handle.
Nothing to waste, the assistance like ABS or the control of traction is duly controlled by Yamaha. The Yamaha FJR 1300 A almost never paginates with acceleration, even with good load on a white tape. On the motorway and fast course, Yamaha FJR 1300 A shows the best directional stability. In short, it is incontestably sporting batch, which explains the protection of the pilot and his “space on board” – including that of the passenger – appreciably in on this side the EC what propose the BMW R1200RT and Triumph Trophy 1200 SE.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

A position rocked for an engine which lengthens the arms

On our arrival on the small roads Normans, Yamaha FJR 1300 A wants to make speak about the powder and recall its adverse pedigree inherited the glorious FJ 1100/1200. On his board, one is caught in the desire for moving more than on the two others, to accelerate more extremely… but the Yamaha FJR 1300 2013 moderates the heat by its movements of suspensions. One in vain will harden what one will be able; Yamaha always less well digests the mass transfers than BMW, and even Triumph.
Moreover, it always has a relatively weak limit in term of ground clearance in turn according to the conditions. She asks more concentration than BMW and does not allow same improvised control, it is undeniable. Remain a character quite present, with the image of the engine brake, more marked our trio.

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

The best anti-skid one

On the paving stones of North, Yamaha will thus have shown the limits of its suspensions: more rebound with pace stabilized on the small shocks – whose width varies according to the adopted pace – whereas the two others are shown more constant on this point. Will the version ACE, expected for April 2013 and equipped with new electronic suspensions, correct the shooting?
For as much, out of these conditions of rolling there is true particular, the FJR 1300 remains a customer. On the motorway of the return towards Paris, we note the effectiveness of the new order “small” which easily makes it possible to modify the position of the bubble or to regulate heating handles, in the spirit of BMW. On the way, excel it wrinkle by wire Yamaha allows the finest adjustment of the speed regulator, which does not climb by with blow as on BMW for example.

Yamaha FJR 1300 A

Comparative motor bikes BMW R1200RT vs Triumph Trophy 1200 SE vs Yamaha FJR 1300 a: the match of the GT 2013!

With its way, Yamaha still has what to worry a more recent competition, subject adhering to its concept. Sold 17,499 € with a beautiful equipment, Yamaha FJR 1300 A this authentic Sport GT, offers in particular a neater completion – ah, these Japanese women still produced in Japan! – And a tested mechanical base.

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