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Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike Review Specs Price

The new Zero SR is the most adaptable motorcycle on the market. The SR is the first production vehicle to include a ZFORCE 15.6+ kWh power pack, which is driven by the ZF 75-10 motor, which has won several awards. It shares the SR/F and SR/coaxial S’s power pivot chassis and steel trellis frame, making it the gold standard of electric motorcycle performance. Changes to the SR’s torque, top speed, and Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, as well as turn-by-turn on-dash navigation, are all possible with the help of Cypher III+.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike – Features and Specs

ZF15.6+ Battery Pack

The SR’s maximum range increases to 227 miles with the help of the Cypher Store’s enhancements and the easily accessible Power Tank adapter (dealer-installed and available in the spring of 2022). The aluminum heat-sink casing and thermal transfer interface of the battery, together with its superior power and energy density, guarantee maximum powertrain performance during the battery’s entire lifespan. The Cypher Store now offers software upgrades that can unlock up to 17.3 kWh of battery capacity, and when combined with the 3.6 kWh Power Tank, that number soars to over 21 kWh.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike

ZF75-10 Motor

The stock ZF75-10 engine produces 122 ft-lbs of torque, 73 hp, and 104 mph, but with the help of improvements from the Cypher Store, this can be increased to 140 ft-lbs of torque, 110 hp, and 124 mph, making the SR a surprisingly quick and powerful vehicle. Combining Zero’s renowned internal permanent magnet brushless architecture with a passively air-cooled compact design yields class-leading performance and efficiency.

Effortless Power

Combines unrivaled influence, command, and access in its field in ways never before seen.

Rapid Charge System

Using our adaptable Rapid Charge System, the SR may be set up for a wide range of charging capacities. Even though the new SR already has 3 kW of charging capacity, it may be increased by 10% with a touch of your finger, thanks to an on-demand update in the Cypher Store. A dealer-installed accessory known as the Rapid Charge Module is also available for the SR. With the update from the Cypher Store, it boosts the available charging capacity to 9.3 kW, allowing the SR’s 15.6+ kWh battery to be recharged in less than an hour. Please be aware that the SR cannot be charged from a standard 110 V wall socket without using the EVSE connection.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike

Power Pivot

A revolutionary concentric motor and swing arm pivot arrangement provide the best architecture possible, resulting in constant belt tension and maximum torque distribution to the rear tire. A compact chassis waist improves rider ergonomics and bike handling, while a specifically engineered, broad-bearing swing arm pivot makes place for the powerful power plant.

Effortless Control

The SR’s cutting-edge software and dashboard interface let riders adjust the bike’s dynamics in several ways. The SR is equipped to handle every road condition with its Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport, and Canyon riding modes, as well as an almost infinite number of user-adjustable riding mode modifications. Performance and feature upgrades are available on-demand via the Cypher Store in the Zero App, allowing for more personalization. These include quicker charging times, enhanced performance and Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and more.

Cypher III+

The latest Cypher operating system, Cypher III+, has an entirely new feature called the Cypher Store, where users may purchase a variety of software upgrades that can be used to create a uniquely personalized riding experience. You may charge faster, get turn-by-turn instructions on your dashboard, or activate Parking Mode to help you back your vehicle into a parking spot. Exclusively with Cypher III+, available only on Zero Motorcycles, are instantaneous gains in performance possible.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike

Arsenal of Ride Modes

The SR’s cutting-edge software and dashboard interface gives the rider extensive control over the motorcycle’s performance. The SR can navigate the road in all weather thanks to the pre-installed RAIN, ECO, Standard, Sport, and Canyon Modes and the almost infinite number of Custom-Tuned Ride Mode Adjustments.

Bosch ABS

The SR comes equipped with Bosch ABS, but you can upgrade to Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control by purchasing Performance Boost from the Cypher Store. Bosch’s MSC System has become famous for its enhanced stability and dynamic acceleration, which it provides regardless of the weather or the road condition. Best-in-class drag torque management, cornering brake control, and straight-line ABS control are all possible because of MSC’s ability to unleash the engine’s full capability.


Incredible lightness, superhuman power. You can expect a smooth and engaging ride thanks to the top-notch Showa suspension, steel trellis frame, and one-of-a-kind swing arm. The well-distributed engine allows for a lightweight, centrally-located chassis, and the dual radial front brakes are as exciting to use as the vehicle’s powerful acceleration.

Effortless Connection

Zero’s most current proprietary operating system is named Cypher III+. It delivers precise performance with ease, making each ride a better one. Cypher III+ enables performance customization via the Cypher Store on the Zero App, where necessary performance upgrades including performance (speed and torque), charging rate and capacity, turn-by-turn navigation, and others, are all available on demand.

The Connected Bike

Due to its connection to cellular networks, the SR constantly transmits data to the app. Info about the route, the bike’s health, and its whereabouts are always at your fingertips. The rider may monitor their bike’s progress in four key areas—charging, ride data sharing, bike status and alarms, and system upgrades and updates—with this link. There is no monthly fee for using a mobile phone for the first two years after the date of purchase. The Cypher Shop provides SR with many options for personalization and efficiency.

SR Dash

Give your meter a personal touch. Quickly see the data you care about most on the bike’s 5″ TFT color display. Multi-mode navigation allows for convenient, on-the-fly adjustments to settings, including riding mode, cruise control, and heated grips*. Hand grips heated in cold weather are an accessory that the dealer may install.

The Connected Bike

Attached to cellular networks, the SR is constantly sending data to the app. All data about a ride, including its location and current status, is always available. Keeping tabs on the bike’s charging state, ride data sharing, alarms, and software updates are just four key areas the rider may monitor thanks to the bike’s Internet access. In the first two years after purchase, your cellular service provider will not charge you a monthly fee. You can get SR at the Cypher Store and tweak its performance to your heart’s content.

Integrating Zero’s newest software with the dash and Cypher III+, a robust ecosystem is made possible:

  1. Usage of the Cypher Store, where more capabilities and features may be purchased with a finger tap.
  2. Some new additions include in-vehicle navigation, quicker charging, and a parking mode.

Features such as creating and selecting a riding mode, a personalized dashboard, scheduled and target-based charging, assistance locating charging stations, and much more are all available without paying for the app.

Advanced APP

Remote query and notification, ride data available for review and sharing, including location, speed, lean angle, power, torque, SoC, energy used or regenerated, remote diagnostics, and all Cypher III+ updates, including on-demand features and performance upgrades that can be purchased from the Cypher Store.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike – Price

The new Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike is available at $19,995 only.

Zero 2023 SR Electric Bike – Technical Specifications


City 169 miles (272 km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 103 miles (166 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 84 miles (135 km)


Peak torque 122ft-lb (166Nm)
Peak power 74hp (52kW) at 6,255rpm
Top speed (max) 104mph (167km/h)
Type Z-Force 75-10 enhanced thermal efficiency, passively air-cooled & interior permanent magnet AC motor
Controller High efficiency and power dense, 750 Amp, 3-phase AC controller featuring regenerative deceleration

Power system

Power pack Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated
Max capacity 15.6 kWh
Nominal capacity 13.7 kWh
Charger type 3 kW integrated
Charge time (standard) 4.8 hours (100% charged) / 4.3 hours (95% charged)
Input Standard 110 V or 220 V


Transmission Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 90T / 20T, Poly Chain® HTD® Carbon™ belt

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front Suspension Showa 43mm Big Piston Separate Function forks, with adjustable spring preload, compression & rebound damping
Rear Suspension Showa 40mm piston, piggy-back reservoir shock featuring adjustable spring preload, compression & rebound damping
Front suspension travel 4.72 inches (120mm)
Rear suspension travel 5.51 inches (140 mm)
Front brakes All-new Bosch Base MSC& dual J-Juan radial 4-piston calipers including radial master cylinder, 320x5mm discs
Rear brakes Bosch Base MSC, J-Juan solo piston floating caliper, 240×4.5 mm disc
Front tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 120/70-17
Rear tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 180/55-17
Front-wheel 3.50 x 17
Rear wheel 5.50 x 17


Wheelbase 57.1 in (1,450 mm)
Seat height 31.0 in (787 mm)
Rake 24.5°
Trail 3.7 in (94 mm)


Curb weight 489 lb (222 kg)
Carrying capacity 511 lb (232 kg)


Equivalent fuel economy (city) 414 MPGe (0.57 l/100 km)
Equivalent fuel economy (highway) 206 MPGe (1.14 l/100 km)
Typical cost to recharge $1.75


MSRP $19,995


Standard motorcycle warranty Two years
Power pack warranty Five years/unlimited miles

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