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Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Crashing on a motorcycle is one of the last things you would want to imagine. Accident on a bike is probably one of the most natural elements that can happen. Especially if your one of the people who enjoy riding your bike fast in speed. Below we have gathered the top solution and gathered. It’s better if you have taken proper training. Always remember when you’re riding a bike, you have left an entire family and lots of friends and people who love you, so make sure knowing the rule while riding a motorcycle and driving safely is the best option. And especially people who own GSX – R1000 and have past their driving test then they must have a vision of racing anyone coming on the road with them. So, here is the list of Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash that every rider should read before going on the road.

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash – Top Rated

Keep your machine in tip-top condition

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Remember, if you do not want to catch into an accident, then make sure your bike is in good condition or well maintenance. And especially if you’re on training tracks, then your engine should be in good condition because you must have checked it every time you took a ride on the road, and imagine what if you didn’t check your bike and in the middle of the road your front light breaks how embarrassing would it be. Tires should also be checked if they are in good condition to run. And if your good at none, then get a mechanic.

Fit to ride?

If you are In stress, all your bills have arrived, wife or husband, giving you a tough time. You want to relax your mind with a fun adventure ride probably at a more high speed than remember with all this thing in your account riding a bike would be a good idea because you just like other matter bike requires a lot of focus and without that focus, you could crash. Drunk or even a little hangover could cause a significant accident. Always ride with a clear mind and fit body.

Keep your distance

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Keeping distance would be one of the significant issues many bikers do not understand and get into a severe crash or an accident that could cause them with their life. Making distance with the front and side vehicle is a must also if you stay a little, it creates a better vision and even other cars or trucks can see you. Make sure the length of your distance can show you the road well if it is wet or crowded with traffic.

Keep an eye on the Speedo

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Riding a bike on the road can sometimes lead to a be in a condition where you feel like you are dreaming with that cool breeze on your mind, but dreaming and not looking at your speed limit can cause you a lot. So always make sure even you’re in a hurry or calm, always keep one eye on your speed meter. And if you try going over the natural speed limit of the bike, then you are most likely to come in an accident.

Wear the right kit

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Wear the right equipment means to wear a proper helmet which is well made manufactured and also to wear a bright-colored helmet decreases the chances of the accident because the other car can see you with that golden helmet on and won’t hit you. Wearing proper clothes when driving a bike also has lots of effect on not getting into an accident, especially if you are wearing long or clothes which are hanging it can quickly get stuck in your bike tires and cause an accident.

Carrying in your motorcycle which detects hot and wet weather condition helping you in the know the numbed parts of the bike or the core of it if there is any fault in it and the best kit to get id called the DayGlo but again this kit cannot save from an accident it can only help you with difficult times. Also, when wearing a helmet, try getting the one which has the anti-mist shield, especially if you are living in a place where there is almost every day fog.

Practice makes perfect

Before riding or traveling on a bike for the first time, make sure you are well trained and have taken some classes by a proper professional who is experienced in riding a good bike. Practicing your motorcycle in a safe place also matters like in parking lot or an empty ground, or an airfield checking the speed beaks or clutch controls are the best thing to do in such places too. You can also try putting cones or make a little obstacle challenge for yourself to try the figure of 8s; this helps you focus and balance more. All these practices and teaching will make you look way more relaxed than people who directly press front brakes and look like a mess.

Riding in a group

Riding a bike in a group can be fun sometimes, but if you end up in a group where they are so over-excited on a Sunday morning and keep you in the way back and all these mutters are looking for a wild race under no supervision or no expertise than its better if you stay away from such group rides. It’s already not that easy to ride on a bike with traffic with so many obstacles to cross, and every other vehicle well is crossing your nose, so why want a group ride already. Always remember to teach you biking skills from a mature teacher who can explain the goods and fun, not dangerous and wildest ride of your life.

Additional training

Having additional exercise is always the most excellent option and decision to make. With extra training, the skills on your bike can save you and probably many others’ life. Lots of excellent motorcycle companies offer bike training with a lot of expertise to teach for your convenience. Especially, if you are one of those riders who are in the defensive riding game, so what is better than having more advance skills. You will learn better positioning cornering counter-steering, braking advance skills. Brands like BMW teach their bikers very cool stuff on dirt bike training, all the things from sliding to falling.


Some websites have proudly said that they have the bike that can be driven on the snow, but we all know that is not true. Taking a bike on a road where there is black, snow, or cold tires and with poor visibility, there will always be severe gripping issues. Stay safe and always look at the condition of weather from a reliable forecast.

Road surface, road surface, road surface

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash

Lots of bikers fall of their bike by not paying attention to the road, whether if the road is bumpy or rough. Since bikes only have two tires, not like car vehicles, they do not have four, so they have to pay a lot of attention to be gripped on the road. You should highly be focused on the road ahead look carefully for any challenge ahead, which can cause a big mess. If roads are highly damaged or bumpy, then avoid pressing the front breaks and go for the back breaks first.

Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash – Checklist

Sr. # Top Ten Tips to Avoid Crash
1 Road surface, road surface, road surface
2 Weather
3 Additional training
4 Riding in a group
5 Practice makes perfect
6 Wear the right kit
7 Keep an eye on the speedo
8 Keep your distance
9 Fit to ride?
10 Keep your machine in tip-top condition.


In conclusion, the Bikes Catalog team would request our readers to ride safely, and you should keep our above list in your mind before leaving for your destination. It’s better to be late than never.

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