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Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

Today’s article is about the Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured in history. The concept bikes division have been divided into two groups, we can see that we have some that are teasers for forthcoming production machines. Still, they are not concepts but a little earlier peek at something that’s already been earmarked for production. The other group is more valuable for their title because they got the sheer flights of fantasy and such bikes are slim by chances because they directly affect the production of motorcycles.

But sometimes bikes do not get the right approval to become the production machine from the latter category. If you look at the Suzuki B-King, this bike was made to be the eye candy only at the time of invention because it was the supercharged concept machine in 2001. Later on, it took six years to make this bike recognize by even seeing the huge demand which was meant to water down the production. Still, by the of those years economy changed and the creation of this bike never got the sale.

Moreover, if we go back and see the concepts and firm, even after the big break of B-King Suzuki never ran out of new ideas. If Suzuki’s production were more appreciated today Suzuki would be an indifferent place or maybe shut down.

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured – Top Rated

10. Extrigger

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

Sometimes it is too early to say that ‘that bike didn’t make it’ because the concept that was seen last year we hear the rumors that the production version it will show up. But after seven months when it showed up in the Tokyo show we didn’t find one there. It was terrible, and if talking about electric bikes than we get fun and simple cheap monkey bike style machine. Because the Extrigger was fun and toy looking scooter for a short amount of time.

9. XF425 Ugly Duck, 1991

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

In the early 90s Suzuki Ugly Duck was appeared encapsulated. It had the fantastic graffiti-style logos and the graphics where funky with tiger stripes. So how can we easily forget such a product so quickly? For example, bikes like Dizzy by Vic Reeves and the Wonder Stuff which on number one in the UK charts of single but only until when the Ugly Duck showed up, because the bodywork was hiding a layer of a two-stroke motor and two-wheel drive.

8. XF5, 1991

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

Like the Ugly Duck was stylish and made its name it has also shared the title at the 91 Tokyo Motor Shows with the amazing XF5. A two-wheel-drive machine with an uncompromising attitude and a small sophisticated system. Suzuki seriously took the production of 200cc two-stroke for output and tested the miles for full operation type and ditched the idea.

7. G-Strider, 2003

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

The style of this bike is not up to the mark of Bikes Catalog readers. Because we know the response of Honda’s new Vultus, but they are many things which are the same such as the G-Strider could be the twin brother of Vultus perhaps it showed up 11 years before back in 2003. The Specs are the same too with the big parallel-twin engine – 916cc for the Suzuki vs 745cc on the Honda combined with a gearbox that can be used with manual or auto. This bike is inspired by the famous comic book Akira. This Suzuki machine is superior and a shaft drives rather than a chain.

6. Biplane, 2007

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

Suzuki Biplane 2007 is a cruiser concept bike and it has the spectrum to show off to its average rider. The biplane is worth the spot in the charts because the V-4 powered shaft-drive and hence this is the best inventions of Suzuki. It is an extraordinary engineered bike famous among the celebrity. The right marketing strategy can achieve the production of Biplane.

5. Crosscage, 2007

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

The Cross Cage 2007 is an animal type of bike which could have been predated with electric bikes only if Suzuki took a bold step with its production plans and restrained many with technological engineering. A good looking and lightweight slightly hampered because it uses hydrogen fuel cell for power creating an ethical theory are not so availed for production in large scale. If it was charged for 8 hours and in the world you can find hydrogen fuel stop almost anywhere now, with battery been straightforward, with electric powered battery also, if Suzuki produced them in a significant amount they could have earned millions of profits.

4. Falcorustyco, 1985

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

Yes it has a strange name but this bike is the future that failed to happen about a 29-year-old vision. It came in the movie Back to the Future in 1985 made at the same time we guessed it had the technology and self-tying shoelaces, but part two of that movie had hoverboard plus a self-tying lace too in 2015. With 500cc four-stroke square four with three camshafts and with active suspension because in the 80s they were showing the future.

3. Recursion, 2013

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

We have our fingers crossed for the production Suzuki Recursion because it only appeared once only a for a year. But the reality is we could be waiting for more time before buying the turbocharged 588cc twin-engine machine. And if we talk about the technology the 2013 Recursion is very much similar to the real world 1985 Falcorustyco meaning it can be production bike of Suzuki soon.

2. Stratosphere, 2005

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

If you want to look at the illustration of the financial crisis which has changed the motorcycling industry with time than this bike can be compared at best the Suzuki Stratosphere of 2005 to the Recursion of 2013. The Stratosphere with 1100cc straight-six engine bike which can hit up to 180bhp and can go over 100 lb-ft of torque and with many other speculations filled with Suzuki own similarity like Hayabusa engine. But if this bike didn’t face the financial crises in 2007 then today you would see this bike in markets still to buy.

1. Nuda, 1987

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured

It is one of the best concept bikes that was ever manufactured by Suzuki because it was perfectly balanced between the ideas and achievability. A runner with monocoque chassis which holds he fuel-injected GSX-R 750 engine powered with both from the front and rear wheels via shaft within the hefty inner single-sided swingarm. People who used this bike said this bike was just not an idea but it has the capability of Suzuki engineers showing their skills. With heavily featured carbon fiber firstly appeared on this bike. Some different ideas were catcher in this bike like the seat that was hinged at the front. And the electric adjustable of suspension was the reality that reached and how can we forget the rim-mounter brake discs at the end.

Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Suzuki Concept Bikes that Never Manufactured
1 Nuda, 1987
2 Stratosphere, 2005
3 Recursion, 2013
4 Falcorustyco, 1985
5 Crosscage, 2007
6 Biplane, 2007
7 G-Strider, 2003
8 XF5, 1991
9 XF425 Ugly Duck, 1991
10 Extrigger


The concept of bikes which were great entirely created with a great idea but never manufactured in the Suzuki industry. These bikes, that are mentioned above are those bikes, if they were to be produced than either they would have great value in the market or some of them would not have been even mentioned in the market. We hope the team bike has correctly shown you some of the Suzuki concept bikes that never got manufactured in today’s time.

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