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Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

Leaving us with the rival Kawasaki ZZR for the first time in 20 years, Suzuki Hayabusa has vanished from the markets of Europe. We are talking about Hayabusa was on sale and since then the demands of motorcycles have changed big time since 1999. And at that time, the Busa 173bhp 1299cc fuel-injected engine was right at the cutting edge which had more power to give with excellent performance. It was more prominent than other superbikes like Yamaha R1, but it was also noticed for its straight-line performance with the extra size too including with smooth comfort. Last three eras we’ve been unsuccessful for many options when talking about such bikes, and while they’re a near-dead class now, these are our Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World.

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World – Top Rated

10: BMW K1200S (2004-2008)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

It had only 167hp 2004-2008 when it came out it was about a day late and around a dollar less with straight-line performance quality, but without any doubt add to the high-speed sport-tourer class. Also being the pre S1000RR BMW it has the stress to be limited towards the touring end of the envelope. The key was the shaft drive which was also the advantage in front of the rivals.

9: Kawasaki ZX-10 (1988-1990)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

Came just for a short time in our lives the ZX-10 not be confused with the ZX-10R line which has been with us since 2004 was without no drought the origin class of bikes that the Hayabusa later came as the meaning. It also intended as an out sports bikes to many opposing like Yamaha FZR1000 and the Suzuki GSX R1100, even putting on the top speed chart in the world’s highest ranks for the fastest production bike until 1990.

8: BMW K1300S (2008-2015)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

It was a clear copy of the early K1200S the 1293cc K1300S which had a similar capacity and the power to be a more definite member of this class. It had 175hp matching the real Hayabusa on power. But later the second generation Busa came ahead.

7: Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 (2002-2005)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

In 2001 it was declared that ZZ-R1100 was the old guard now. Which use to be the wold fastest bike now has thoroughly been checked out of the list by the Hayabusa its old sister model. But the newer model of the ZZ-R1200 didn’t play up in the game. It had 160hp power going higher on its ancestor but insulated behind the class leader, making sure it still makes carbs rather than injected which simply indicated that it was the machine destined for a long time.

6: Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 (1990-2001)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

A bike which was the underdog for 11 years the ZZ-R1100 went down, but it came back in 1990. It was something great to be owned. And again then it claimed to have 145bhp still which seemed a lot to offer but the confusing offer helper it manages to beat the world speed of 176mph. Also, it was cozy and childish when shown around the corner. The engine was said to be a legend type even among the four-cylinder motors which were fastened into a new breed kit car.

5: Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird (1996-2007)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

At the time of launch, a blackbird was one of the most wonderful worlds’s the machine invented. It was faster than another opposing computer at top speed. The handling game was also raised by it looking at the straight lone devices and mixing the entire typical smooth Honda feeling at once. It had 186mph and 164hp at the highest speed. Too fat enough to appear in the headlines.

4: Kawasaki ZX-12R (2000-2006)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

This bike, the Kawasaki ZX-12R, was created as a single-minded goal and became the world’s fastest producing bikes, with the adoption of last-minute 186mph agreement with a speed limit. It means it was written on paper a fraction slower than the 1999 Hayabusa which hit 194mph. It was not so valuable because of the restricted 178hp ZX-12R which was more violent and it looked more sporty than the ZZ-R1100 or the Hayabusa.

3: Suzuki Hayabusa (2nd generation – 2008-2018)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

The second generation Hayabusa, had the 1339cc and 197hp, making it clear to the original in almost every assessable way but without the magic, it had the‘fastest production bike’ record. The style has always been debated or talked about. The first generation of Hayabusa was not about the looks but it took much disapproval to heart and found comfort in a truckload of doughnuts with a puffy exaggerated look

2: Kawasaki ZZ-R1400 (2006-)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

This bike has managed to attract a good number of customers with over 1000cc hyper sports touring subcategory. And still today we have seen many launches of this bike gaining few cubes with time from 1352cc to 1441cc and the power has increased from 190hp to around 200hp mark. Attractively, for numerous years its homologated power number was advanced than its demanded number which was around 210bhp. Maybe Kawasaki didn’t want to attract any unwelcome attention from the foyers that had so positively declawed the ZX-12R a few years earlier.

1: Suzuki Hayabusa (1st generation – 1999-2007)

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World

This first-generation Busa is on number one because of its fastest speed which can go up to 190mph recorded in 1999. With the intended 186mph top speed accepted by most manufacturers in 2000, it wasn’t going to be bashed off for an extended time. Ultimately MV Agusta, not a party of the original 186mph deal, matched the 1999 Busa with F4 312in 1998, and no hesitation many current superbikes will go quicker still if unbridled from their automated regulators.

Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Speedy Sports Tourers in the World
1 BMW K1200S (2004-2008)
2 Kawasaki ZX-10 (1988-1990)
3 BMW K1300S (2008-2015)
4 Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 (2002-2005)
5 Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 (1990-2001)
6 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird (1996-2007)
7 Kawasaki ZX-12R (2000-2006)
8 Suzuki Hayabusa (2nd generation – 2008-2018)
9 Kawasaki ZZ-R1400 (2006-)
10 Suzuki Hayabusa (1st generation – 1999-2007)


The above-given list is about the top ten fast sports tourers bikes in the world. In this article, we have been cleared that Hayabusa has taken place from money bikes to become the top speed bikes in the world. Team bike has made lots of efforts to combine and collect the information for top speed sports tourer motorcycle around the globe.

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