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Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

Adventure bikes seem to be the style that is just evergreen. The sales charts around the globe have been ruled by BMWs R1200GS, and almost every firm is trying its best to get into the niche market of adventure bikes. Well, mostly riders don’t really go on long time adventures, so these bikes usually get a trip to the shops and are used for light touring. So here is the list of Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles.

Bikes that can help you in being another Aero-clad-trend follower. And we’re not focusing on a desert crossing or out and out of able bikes. Our list is sure to be different from yours, so let us know what you think we’ve missed out. The bikes mentioned are not precisely capable like the latest GS, because we’re looking at older and obscure bikes which we’d like to have in our imaginary colossal garage.

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles – Top Rated

10: Kawasaki KLR650

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The original 1987-2007 KLR650 is the bike that has not gone through any change for almost two decades, which shows that this surely has got something unique. The only difference in its latest version is of 21st-century styling, and that is only available in the US and not the UK. The original bike is useful, but the latest one has 651cc single, which is not impressive. However the chassis is simple but still this bike is cool. Even the US marines have the M1030M1 Diesel engines KLR650 is a prove itself.

9: Triumph Tiger 900

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The Hinkey tigers are the coolest and are the closest competitors for BMW adventure bikes. Be it 1200, 1050 or 800 these bikes are good enough to stand a chance besides BMW. The motorcycle has 885cc machine that you don’t want to lose and it has the Parish Dakar 80s style which rose the bar for adventure bikes being cool. The bike was made between 1993 and 1998, and the distinctive triple makes it hard to resist. However, there’s one drawback with its replacement of 955i version which has Mr bobbly style.

8: Yamaha XTZ600 Tenere

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

This bike is one of the coolest in the market, but when it comes to the styles of adventure, the mid-80s motorcycle can’t be beaten. It has a huge fuel tank, number boards on the side, small rectangular headlight, and fork gaiters that are garish looking. The best looks are in yellow and blue. This bike has Paris Dakar style twin light, extra fuel tanks and bulging seats that make it stylish too. But if you want all these qualities, then you can surely go for 740cc twin-cylinder Super Tenere.

7: Yamaha Super Tenere

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

Super Tenere takes the 7th place on this list as well. The bike has a 750cc engine which makes it more classy, with comparison to Suzuki DR big and Honda Africa twin. If we talk about its ability and performance, then it can surely compete with the new BMW GS.

The depreciation of Super Ten is worst than the GS, so it’s probably not the best choice to buy a brand new one. But you can get a second hand one with much lower prices, which can be £4K less. This bike can help you look more relaxed than the guy with identikit BMW.

6: Honda Africa Twin

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The style of Honda Africa just proves it to be the best adventure bike, which makes it a fantastic viable everyday motorcycle. A lot of these bikes have gone through a tough time and the ones in good condition are expensive in the used market. But if you spend some money and effort with the Rothmans paint and some Bolt-ons, then you’ve got the best copy of NXR750 that ruled the 80s Dakar.

5: KTM 950 and 990 Adventure

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The bike has slab sides, Gerald Kiska, and razor-edge styling which makes this original V-twin adventure a heritage. The bike was the company’s first try at big capacity road bike which was introduced in 2003. The old ones are having a decrease in their price by £4K.

The bike now has better performance and more unique looks which start for £5k and are made since 2006. This bike is comparatively a lot better than other adventure bikes.

4: Cagiva Elefant 900

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The bike is best for every purpose except for reliability and long routes. Ducati made this bike with 650cc and 7500cc versions. The 900 is the best among every other bike like Ducati Desmon V twin. It is powered with a 900SS engine which looks pretty cool.

3: Suzuki DR Big

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

If you think that ‘adventure touring bike’ means ‘big beak sticking out of the front,’ then the Suzuki DR Big is the one best for you. Forget GSEs, the DR did the beak most significant, best, impressive and first. More importantly, it contains the biggest single-cylinder engine you’re ever likely to experience. Stick a Marlboro paint job on it, and it’s an instant rally-raid replica, but good ones are getting hard to find.

2: Honda XLV750R

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

The reason why Honda Africa is not on the top is because of the XLV750R, which is Africa Twin’s rarer, older, and more relaxed version. It has the same v twin configuration as the Honda Africa, but the other characteristics are different. It was a 750 in 1983, and now it’s air-cooled rather than being water-cooled and it has a BMW style shaft drive and not chains.

The production was less, so you will rarely see this bike and the red-painted engine and forks make it outstanding. So if the gearbox ever fails, it will be hard to find its parts. But the bike is known to be the most relaxed of them all.

1: BMW R80 G/S Paris-Dakar

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles

No other bike can take the place of BMW GA. That’s why it’s top on the list. And here, we have included the most refreshing model and that is the authentic G/S. It has a larger tank and single seat with Rarer Paris Dakar version. The prices are high for the ones with good condition and it will surely make you more relaxed.

Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Most Stylish Adventure Motorcycles
1 BMW R80 G/S Paris-Dakar
2 Honda XLV750R
3 Suzuki DR Big
4 Cagiva Elefant 900
5 KTM 950 and 990 Adventure
6 Honda Africa Twin
7 Yamaha Super Tenere
8 Yamaha XTZ600 Tenere
9 Triumph Tiger 900
10 Kawasaki KLR650


If you’re looking for adventure on the roads and fresh style so you can out-stand other bikers, here’s our list to help you out. From Honda to Yamaha to BMW we’ve got the best ones on this list.

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