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Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

There is no doubt that motorcycles since the past decade have increased in size, but right now, let’s not discuss the point that whether bigger is better or not. So, our team has created a list of Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World on the bases of their engine’s displacement.

According to our list, 1500cc Goldwing isn’t considered huge anymore because you need a 1700cc bike actually to call it huge. We’re not going to discuss the one-off machines here because we don’t want to include the list of 2000cc S&S powered customs. Secondly, we’re also not going to discuss the car engine machines. No doubt 6200cc Boss Hoses is considered to be a production motorcycle, but still, it has a Chevrolet’s car engine. We’re only going to discuss the proper bikes in showroom spec here. So here’s the list created by us, you can tell us if we have missed a masterpiece.

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World – Top Rated

10. Triumph Thunderbird Storm – 1699cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

The Thunderbird base model is too small to be discussed here even though it has a 1600cc engine. But we have included the 1699cc version in the tenth place. It is the only parallel-twin bike on this list, and secondly, it is the parallel-twin instead of V twin so it breaks the cruiser mold which makes it most prominent in productions.

9. Victory – 1731cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

The models of ‘Freedom’ victory V twin at 1731cc are included in the top 10, and it doesn’t matter because you can choose any of its models. It will be quite shocking for us if the company moves its motor higher in ranking and doesn’t make any changes in the times to come.

8. Suzuki M1800/C1800 – 1783cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

It’s only the 8th rank, and we’re already on the 1800cc bike. The M1800/C1800 is a bike that’s important in the landmark of the UK, although it’s only 1783cc. This bike of Suzuki is the first bike on this list that has a larger size than many cars on the road which has an engine of 1740cc.

7. Honda VTX1800 – 1795cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

This version of Honda was a trendsetter for the cruise market even though it’s not in the making anymore. We won’t be surprised if Honda again makes a model to compete in the cruiser battle, it is rumored that Goldwing-powered cruiser might be back on the list.

6. Harley-Davidson CVO Bikes – 1802cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

The CVO machines of Harley Davidson are the most expensive and huge machines that the firm offers. Nowadays, it comes in the form of Twin Cam 110, which means it’s 1802cc or 110 cubic inches. If you have the most significant Harley, then it means you have the biggest motorcycle in the whole world, according to a regular biker. Harley’s engine isn’t about power figures though because its size takes the lead, although it’s still on the 6th rank here.

5. Indian Chief – 1811cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

The Indian Chief just launched a few months ago along with Thunder Stroke 111 motor, and it’s the best example for One-upmanship. If we compare it with Harley’s 110, that’s 111 cubic inches. The new Indian engine is 1811cc and has a European cubic centimeter.

4. Honda Goldwing – 1832cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

Finally, we get a bike that’s neither a twin nor a cruiser after a list, which has more than have twin cylinders. The Honda would win the race with its flat-six motor with most cylinders. It has 1832cc at the launch of 2000 is considered to be the biggest production bike ever.

3. Yamaha XV1900 – 1854cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

We are back with 1854cc XV1900, which is a twin-cylinder. It’s supposed to be the star brand machines in America that have a massive range of same engine powers. For a cruiser, size doesn’t equal the energy as it only has 90bhp, which makes this bike the biggest incapacity which you can restrict to the A2 license class and 47bhp.

2. Kawasaki VN2000 – 2053cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

This bike aimed to be the biggest production bike in the whole world after its launch in 2004 although it’s not in production anymore. It is the only bike that got defeated by the number one rank in this list, which came out in the same year. This bike is the biggest twin and is pretty fabulous which copies the famous Harley design of using pushrods and not overhead cams. It only has 103bhp but still has 2053cc capacity.

1. Triumph Rocket III – 2294cc

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World

Since Honda has the most significant engine manufacturing in the world, we’re not surprised to see two engines of Honda in this list. It’s nice to see triumph as the only manufacturer that got featured twice. The biggest bike is finally here, which 146bho inline-triple has considered being the most powerful. It has 163lbftb and the most torque, with three cylinders which means this is the only engine with more than two bottles.

The bike has inline layout running longitudinally in the bike, which is most interesting and was inspired by the old Indian four cylinders machines. This bike has kept the title for the most significant engine for several years and will hold it for more years, and its performance will beat other bikes for sure.

Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Most Strongest Motorcycles in the World Engine’s Displacement
1 Triumph Rocket III 2294cc
2 Kawasaki VN2000 2053cc
3 Yamaha XV1900 1854cc
4 Honda Goldwing 1832cc
5 Indian Chief 1811cc
6 Harley-Davidson CVO Bikes 1802cc
7 Honda VTX1800 1795cc
8 Suzuki M1800/C1800 1783cc
9 Victory 1731cc
10 Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1699cc


The bikes mentioned in this list are considered to be the most powerful and most influential in the whole world. As we can see in this list that Honda has taken the lead of producing the most reliable bikes with its twin and triple cylinders. Other bikes that include Victory, Triumph, Suzuki, Harley, and Indian Chief are also strong enough; that’s why they have been involved in this bike. Their size and speed make them unique among all the other bikes on this planet.

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