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Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

Having the fastest bike in motorcycling history is not only about riding it fast. It’s about taking the engine up to 186mph top speed limit. It means not every bike can do that. So many bikes have come over each other with time by coming with better speed and more reliable engine. Over many decades now, the speed and reliability of fastest bikes have changed, below we will tell you about the Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History.

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History – Video

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Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History – Top Rated

10. 1920s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

In the 1920s, when people preferred riding on the horses for top speed and motorcycle was just important as the internet nowadays, Brough Superior was introduced with its speed and classic look. With having the fastest speed in town, the SS80, and SS100, it was stupid to ask if this bike could wonder in speed. The SS100 give 100mph over the clock even with George Brough coming over the speed 130mph in 1928.

9. 1930s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

After WW2, the production and the value of Brough got severely damaged even it could have remained the fastest bike in the 1930s. Still, a new rounder came to the roads with 50% more power during the production between SS100 in the mid-1930s, name the Crocker quickly hitting up to 130 mph.

8. 1940s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

Brough and Crocker came to an end by the end of theWW2, people waited for a new production to be created, and it was the Vincent Legendary Black Shadow. It completely satisfied the fan of the bike users because of the standards it was built. This bike still gets respect in the 70s decade to launching in 1948. It was impressively on 55bhp and 1000cc twin engine.

7. 1950s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

Even though the company shut down in 1950 of Black Shadow, no one could match the production level of that bike. Still, in 1950 so many bikes got introduced even by the crises reached by the WW2 the fastest production motorcycle became slower because of the previous production, so in the 50s the title for the fastest bike would go to the output of the past bike, but the BSA Gold Star Clubman, 110mph, was one of the famous names in those days.

6. 1960s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

At the time of Wars single-cylinder bike was still being made, but at the end 1960s, the tradition of the bikes changed into the production of Honda CB750 of 1960 was globally accepted as the modern bikes of the era. With four-cylinder, disc brakes, and with 125mph speed limit, it did become the top speed bike of those days, even though some people claim to say that the BSA Rocket was much faster than Honda, but we know the Japanese machine did take the title of all time.

5. 1970s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

In the 70s the manufacturers made the concept of fastest or top speed bike as the aerodynamics and fairing bike, meaning it was changed in many ways, the quickest production of 1970 stretched out till the end, the Dunstall Suzuki GS1000CS was in the question list, and then Legendary journalist LJK Setright awarded this bike as the fastest bike in 1979, this bike gives up to 154.2mph with Setright helm and also won the Guinness book of record award.

4. 1980s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

Suzuki GSX-R1100, Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP, and Kawasaki ZX-10 reached top speeds beyond the 165mph mark, with the EXUP’s 169mph putting it with intensely coming close to reach 170mph. However, Bimota admitted it could pass the 170mph limit, but by running some tests, it was still slower than Yamaha. ‘Fastest production bike’ title in the 1980s of Guinness world record was the Honda V65 Magna. This bike has the power to up to 173mph, which over derived top gear with speed. It took the name of Aerodynamics even if you would drop it from the cliff. It would maintain its speed up to 173mph.

3. 1990s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

In 1999 Suzuki’s Hayabusa remains one of the fastest bikes till today. Its battle begins with Kawasaki ZZR1100 with 170 mph via Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird introduced in the1996 and its time ended very severely after the launch of Busa. Because this is what happens when your rival finds 194mph against 180 mph.

2. 2000s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

In 2000 the end of top speed battle came to an end among the makers of the fastest motorcycle. But Kawasaki couldn’t stop and introduced ZX-12R with 186mph speed limit fastest and just enough got the road ride. But they didn’t manage to stay on the top of the fastest bike. They also came in political headlines for the road safety hazards where speed was not safe anymore, even that power in the engine speed limit was a must in 2000.

1. 2010s

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History

The modern engine of Busa of 197mph was created after the 186mph production, the first generation 160bph machine, but the 1000cc superbikes of all time the ZZR1400 or the Busa still does it on the speed limit of 186mph by winning many prizes. MV Agusta F4 312R, Ducati Desmosedici RR and BMW S1000RR became faster than the Hayabusa and ZZ-R, even having ‘softer’ speed. They all reach the 190mph speed. But the MV Agusta F4 312R was recorded on the top speed of 194mph at the Nardo Ring.

Top Ten Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History – Top List

Sr. # Years Fastest Bikes in Motorcycling History
1 2010s Hayabusa, ZZR1400, MV Agusta F4 312, Ducati Desmosedici RR & BMW S1000RR
2 2000s ZX-12R
3 1990s 1999 Suzuki’s Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZZR1100, Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, Hayabusa
4 1980s Suzuki GSX-R1100, Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP, Kawasaki ZX-10 & Honda V65 Magna
5 1970s Suzuki GS1000CS
6 1960s Honda CB750 & BSA Rocket
7 1950s 1950 Black Shadow & BSA Gold Star Clubman
8 1940s Vincent Legendary Black Shadow
9 1930s SS100
10 1920s Brough Superior, SS80 and SS100


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